Forging a knightly dagger.

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Philip Greenawalt : 15:59 that may be the first noise you have made in one of you videos. 😀 Very nice dagger! Congrats to the new owner!

Art Serg : Maybe, you can forge a german two-handed sword? Sorry, my english is veeeeeery bad.

Rick Rabjohn : You do some amazing work my friend - this turned out beautiful!

Daddy #53 : Man, that’s worthy of having a master engraver go at!

Richard Bryant : Very beautiful piece of work, will there be a sword to match it?

Злой Чешир : Дааа... У нас за изготовление такой игрушки присядешь моментально...

CHARLES BRONSON : Truely a masterpiece

Sir Remington : I’ve always admired your videos for how thoroughly the footage is, demonstrating every step taken and the artistic stylings of your craft. I am especially impressed with how you create the handles of your blades, watching you work is a learning experience. But may I suggest you try making a blade of a non-Western origin? I specifically suggest that you try to create a Filipino barong with a full tang handle, as I am curious how you would construct it, as the barong is typically a blade with a “rat tail” styled handle. But this is only a suggestion from a random dude on YouTube, so do whatever you want! Keep up the good work!

damdifido1 : you do great quality work - from a fellow metalworker

siranubis92 : Nicely done

Bob G : Nice work

roberto l : beautiful work Freerk, big thumbs up! :)

J D : As a guy new to the knife crafting realm, it’s a pleasure to watch you create your blades. I learn many things from watching your videos, and i know the video and editing part can be a pain so I’d like to thank you for your effort. Cheers mate!

Pablo Moscato : awesome! i look almost every day one or two videos of you

rodder6 : A sidearm worthy of battle

Apentogo : if you wanted to shape the sheath to the same shape as the blade ,one way to do that wouldve been: to oil the blade up, clamp the sheath together and stick the blade into it. then the high spots of the ridge wouldve stained the wood with oil and shown you where to carve away wood. continuing this process would lead to a form perfect fit between blade and sheath


Değerli Taşlar : spectacular,,,thank you :)

Fix It : Mmmh, maybe you can make a bit more money with an auction ? Lets try it. ;)

white beard : Daggers are cool.

B Burrell : Wonderful piece... what about your touchmark?

Luiz Fernandes Nunes Novack : good night beautiful forge work, it was beautiful, what would be the value of a pair? a hug

allan harville : Beautiful!! -- I would make some suggestion about your workings, though. No.1- wear leather gauntlets over your long sleeves and sweaters. They will keep your garments from catching in your power tools. They will also protect your wrist from hot sparks. No. 2 - you did not show (in this video) how it would be attached to a belt. How would you make a "frog" for this sidearm? -- One note that I have read in the past; Quite a few daggers of this type were made from broken swords. A swordsman would have a weapon that he particularly like, but it breaks, so what to do, make a dagger to go along with his new sword.  But this is a very BEAUTIFUL dagger, and well made, Thank you for sharing the build!

Don't Worry : Blade smiths, you have 1 hour to finish your dagger!

Christus vincit : A kings weapon

Андрей Филатов : класс!

Focalplane : A "perfect" nightly dagger. Great work!

John Uriniuk : Your craftsmanship is truly outstanding to create such a beautiful piece that is worthy to be in a museum that nobody would know that you made it recently. Absolutely great work thank you for sharing your work.

James H : As always, a work of art.

Dionismar Pererek : 🇧🇷

eliprince1 : Awesome! Is the robot all done?

Ross Russell : Very impressive piece. I admire your work.

Raivkka : Total length, blade length and weight Freerk? As usual, really nice work!

Diogo Padilha : Excelente👍👏😆

DLB Knives : Now that's a dagger!!!!

Dale B : I have said it before and will say it again you make some incredible stuff, watching you make the scabbard, then the end results I am in awe. Thanks for taking the time to share what you do with the rest of us, you are amazing and these videos are outstanding.

felips Souza : Nice job bro

MrAuxiom : nice wedding between steel and wood <3

Michael Solitro : Outstanding!

Ty Kellerman : I wish I could buy every weapon you make, as always great work

Philip Dunn : Holy schamoly buddy! You knocked it out the park. Goeie genugtig. This is the stuff that drawn me to your channel. Outstanding. Ps, I think NASA should send you to Mars, you could probably build and fix anything with just and angle grinder :)

Glenn Worton : I like this piece the best, so far. Would love to see something similar in Damascus, and some furniture on the scabbard.

Jeffrey Carigon : awesome man good work

Nen Bahia Bushcraft : Show 👈👍👏👏👏👏

There Was An Attempt : You do beautiful work man. I've just started getting into knife making, and content like this is very motivating and educational.

Jamie Parnell : Truly beautiful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

agustin aguirre : Nice job dude, very nice

Kamil B : Epic work!!! 💪💪💪

Abel Babel : Astoundingly beautiful, great fit and finish. One question about the handle - is it comfortable to hold tightly, with that ridge?

zaidi saad : amazing work!