Forging a knightly dagger.

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Rick Rabjohn : You do some amazing work my friend - this turned out beautiful!

Richard Bryant : Very beautiful piece of work, will there be a sword to match it?

Sir Remington : I’ve always admired your videos for how thoroughly the footage is, demonstrating every step taken and the artistic stylings of your craft. I am especially impressed with how you create the handles of your blades, watching you work is a learning experience. But may I suggest you try making a blade of a non-Western origin? I specifically suggest that you try to create a Filipino barong with a full tang handle, as I am curious how you would construct it, as the barong is typically a blade with a “rat tail” styled handle. But this is only a suggestion from a random dude on YouTube, so do whatever you want! Keep up the good work!

rodder6 : A sidearm worthy of battle

Philip Greenawalt : 15:59 that may be the first noise you have made in one of you videos. 😀 Very nice dagger! Congrats to the new owner!

damdifido1 : you do great quality work - from a fellow metalworker

roberto l : beautiful work Freerk, big thumbs up! :)

Don't Worry : Blade smiths, you have 1 hour to finish your dagger!

Fix It : Mmmh, maybe you can make a bit more money with an auction ? Lets try it. ;)

Focalplane : A "perfect" nightly dagger. Great work!

CHARLES BRONSON : Truely a masterpiece


Art Serg : Maybe, you can forge a german two-handed sword? Sorry, my english is veeeeeery bad.

DLB Knives : Now that's a dagger!!!!

James H : As always, a work of art.

Pablo Moscato : awesome! i look almost every day one or two videos of you

Glenn Worton : I like this piece the best, so far. Would love to see something similar in Damascus, and some furniture on the scabbard.

Luiz Fernandes Nunes Novack : good night beautiful forge work, it was beautiful, what would be the value of a pair? a hug

B Burrell : Wonderful piece... what about your touchmark?

Değerli Taşlar : spectacular,,,thank you :)

white beard : Daggers are cool.

J D : As a guy new to the knife crafting realm, it’s a pleasure to watch you create your blades. I learn many things from watching your videos, and i know the video and editing part can be a pain so I’d like to thank you for your effort. Cheers mate!

Jeffrey Carigon : awesome man good work

Themistocles Souza da Silva : Wonderful job!!

Jonnathon Spencer : It's amazing how much you teach thru your videos without saying a single word. Thank you for your dedication to the craft.

Dale B : I have said it before and will say it again you make some incredible stuff, watching you make the scabbard, then the end results I am in awe. Thanks for taking the time to share what you do with the rest of us, you are amazing and these videos are outstanding.

PerfectHit : What do you do with the blowtorch at 5:20? Is it for tempering?

Bob G : Nice work

agustin aguirre : Nice job dude, very nice

كابتن الساعدي : Creator 👍👍👍

There Was An Attempt : You do beautiful work man. I've just started getting into knife making, and content like this is very motivating and educational.

John Uriniuk : Your craftsmanship is truly outstanding to create such a beautiful piece that is worthy to be in a museum that nobody would know that you made it recently. Absolutely great work thank you for sharing your work.

Kris A : Absolutely no offence Freerk, but,.. you don't seem to use much brass in your steel knives, is there a specific reason for this besides the cost?

Michael Solitro : Outstanding!

Abubakr Ismail : I am in love with look if this blade

Ross Russell : Very impressive piece. I admire your work.

Ty Kellerman : I wish I could buy every weapon you make, as always great work

Philip Dunn : Holy schamoly buddy! You knocked it out the park. Goeie genugtig. This is the stuff that drawn me to your channel. Outstanding. Ps, I think NASA should send you to Mars, you could probably build and fix anything with just and angle grinder :)

Nén Bahia Bushcraft : Show 👈👍👏👏👏👏

MrAuxiom : nice wedding between steel and wood <3

felips Souza : Nice job bro

Андрей Филатов : класс!

Abel Babel : Astoundingly beautiful, great fit and finish. One question about the handle - is it comfortable to hold tightly, with that ridge?

zaidi saad : amazing work!

Fight For Life : Always make a good piece

leonardo hernandez : MASTER !!!....

Shane K : How hard would it be to put a metal ferrel around the top with a belt mount so you could carry it?

GeninTengu : so freaking cool!

Christus vincit : A kings weapon

Osman Ali : this is amazing! I wish i had your skill with an angle grinder!