I Just Lost $2,000,000... And I Don't Care
I Just Lost 2000000 And I Dont Care

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Sam Dobie : Give it a few years. You'll have it back.

Anri Davids : After watching this video I remember what *Jim Carrey says "I hope everyone can become famous and have millions of dollars so that they can finally see it means nothing"* Very inspiring video bro, keep it up. *BUT, I totally disagree with one thing..that is I NEED FOOD to survive.*😂

kyle87t : Does anyone get a Jeff Goldblum vibe?

Tomasz Weiner : Well...its easy to not give a f#$#k if you didn't have to work for it hard and sacrifice part of yourself.

A. Cruz : I get what you're saying but... would you admit that having money in the bank makes life just a tiny bit easier?

Zam Jam : Sasha! What the BUCK!! You are....absolutely right. Our spiritual souls are more tangible than this imaginary number called money which all human beings agree exist.

Filip Slansky : Ever wanted to be a spiritual teacher? Cause you are one ! Great video. I sometimes can tap into that feeling. It´s awesome

Mcufre : Can you elaborate the part about not needing food? You sure you're not losing the plot a bit?

Dave : Good for you man. I hope someday I can get to that place as well.

warplan motivation : You didn't have 2mil in real terms. Also, you're telling us what we already know. Money doesn't buy happiness has been doing the rounds for decades. Sounds like you're giving a class to 5year Olds. Sorry, comes across as patronizing

BrunoPadilha : But would you have gotten to this level of understanding and unattachment IF you'd never had the girls, money, fame in the first place in order to realize that's not it?

Ryan Long : Same thing happened to me with crypto. Made 600k and lost it. Sucked bad. Bit moving forward.

Firuz Hatchinson : The time your video "Are You Living Your Life ?" came out , I was in Moscow, crushing the game. And as you go far , you find out that - girls , social proof and status don't make you happy. Right now, I burnt as a "taker" person. I am naked. Free of mainstream wishes. I feel happy when I share. Thats why I am travelling. Meeting new people, showing that nothing is important , but the warm vibes you give to every person you meet. I love what you do. What Russel Brand and Julien Blanc do. Some day, I wish I will have great teacher like you.

Pedro Vieira : You`re awesome man!! <3

David Matos : Beautiful Rant. Great Videos...love you.

Great Days : Thoughts familiar to what Sadhguru says ❤️ . I feel joy nearly everyday now . People at work think I got crazy 😝. Same job different attitude.

Jasen Aura : Thank you so much for sharing your experience Sasha

John Davison : Great video Sir.

Dominic Easton : Most exchanges would have let you withdraw 100,000 at a time but I guess it's too late now, it's done and over with, the past and YOU is all you need.

Curtis Nasokovski : Money is an external manifestations its a bi product from internal wealth which is health,wealth,love and happiness true power comes from the depth of your subconscious if you feel alive and value your human experience and your always grateful then you win everyday. Money is nothing but collective energy for adding value to peoples lives all you have to be is a focal point for achieving results.Real wealth comes from within the depths of your creative expression you become like a beacon of light in the end we are our passions what makes us feel alive is the true path to true value,societal contribution and problem solving business in my opinion should be based on the progressively evolution of your clients.Money also is the bound by the same patterns and trends of the universe its nothing but a river flowing anything that goes up quick falls quick the economy is a countries heart beat inflows(buy) outflows(sell) same yin and yang duality just the same as when a stock falls its the same company the only difference is the perception of value and Mass Psychology the key is finding 20companies that actually have a good business culutre set of leaders and have amazing growth potential as well as showing amazing balance sheets and income statements wealth isn't so different from spirituality its just another universal game.

joker28 Diaz : In fight club movie tyler said the thing you own will start owning you, it reminds me of my friend who bought a house now he is a slave to that house he needs to maintain and pay for that house in his whole life.

Stephan Gunville : I agree, as long as you can buy food, have a decent shelter and don't struggle for money all the time, your inner self and how you look at things will be a bigger determinant of your level of happiness than having millions in the bank. Millions in the bank does help, but it can also be a hindrance for some - because they are stressed out about losing it.

Dominik Attila : "you dont even Need Food" can you pls explain how that works haha

Morten Haugum Hake : this is good man!

Gary Lim : Awesome video Brother! We are truly spiritual beings having a human experience... when you know who you truly are, and why you are on this earth for life becomes a dream! Love and namaste! 🙏

Will Pace : Sasha, I've been following you for about 6 years now and I just want to say thankyou for the guidance. You've literally changed my life and way of thinking and I am so in love with myself more everyday because of it.

Coras : Dude, we need more of your level-headedness in this world. Keep it up pls.

Padi x : Sasha. I love you. Really,

Cau : Inspiring spirit keep it up bro, much love <3

Mike Jones : If he was able to get that money, he'll get it again

Super Saiyan 3 : what happened to you? did you turn vegan? you look so skinny now

Martin Mihal : Dude, you look super relaxed... very inspiring

Pierre Van Tonder : In the end Its all about the *meaning of the life* which can be found by developing your character and receiving genuine admiration from loved ones which will allow you to express your true self and become self-actualized. You can't get that from money. Money and power can only give you fake admiration from people because people will only admire you for what you have instead of admiring who you are. So when you look at the broader picture being spirituality fulfilled is way more meaningful.

Oliver : Really enjoying these videos more Sasha. Seems alot of youtube PUAs are moving over to deeper meaning like yourself and Roosh V

sasha mocni : I'm in my wheelchair and I'm just standing up to salute you 😂😂😂

Masoumi Esszeven : I didnt knew you were this spiritual, brother! im a new subscriber since this video.

Fahad Hamid : This is one of your best videos! Lots of subtle gems in this video.

Leader2light : I really hate this money isn't everything attitude that tends to be espoused by generally well off people. To so many, money means freedom, and not having to worry about where your next paycheck comes from could mean you get to spend the rest of your life doing the things most people will never get a chance to or even just spending more time with your loved ones. My parents have worked hard at jobs they hate their entire life to provide for our family and it kills me to hear from my mother that she probably wont get to retire until shes 70+. I'm sure when you become rich money does become something you take for granted but fucking hell, just try and look at things from the perspective of someone who will never even get close to reaching that goal before making some dumb video like this.

Spiculus : damn bro, send some cash my way, help a broke nyu student.

Corey Mills : Dude I'm super honored to know you, and slowly seeing your evolution to who you've become. I was suppose to know you for a reason, maybe to influence my actions to align with my purpose...not for what I think I wanted. Either way it's great to hear this message and to see you at peace. My goal is that same peace within my being. Thanks for what you do

Enough Said : "Personality and character are delusions of grandeur." Said every SJW safespace neo-marxist that ever lived.

Tyler Brennan : That came from the heart. God Bless you. You did your job with this one!

Alonso Isaac : "I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want." Ask and you shall recieve ;) You realize these things already though. When you realize your purpose, and what it means to live in that, being greater than all else in comparison (food, shelter, fame...etc) What you are realizing is love. Love for what you do, but also who you do it for, and the beauty is that your more than willing to do it for a complete stranger, and so by extension you are showing love to them ! I respect that.

Jay Maverick : Dude, bitcoin billionaire thing wasn't your thing. It was obvious from the getgo. Your thing is something along these lines you're doing now. And that'll bring you new riches. And that sweet ass house. Kinda cool you're just going with it.

Mars Robertson : Would you mind commissioning a piece of visionary art to your restaurant? Also lost in what sense? If you had 100 BTC and you “lost” because market went down you still have 100 BTC... Love you cosmic, would be nice to visit you sometimes 😎

Re3iRtH : You never had $2M, Sir. You are a millionaire when you have $1M in the bank liquid or $1M in real estate equity not including your personal residence. I am with you on the money thing - you need just a minimum amount to be content. After that it's up to us. Life is beautiful :)

Grow With Wesley : Hi Sasha love your work. But I wanna ask Im a spiritual person too andat the same time invole in entrepreneurial community. And Im a bit of confuse what like minded people I need to spend time with because some people said like minded people is the person who has millionaire mindset and rich or wan to be one. And if we also say money is not important and evil we'll also become broke like T harv Eker and some speaker said. And secondly I'm also curious why there are still a lot rich that achieve good financial life that is negative people and live in scarcity. Because I thought in order to be rich we must be positive but why are that negative person still be millionaire?

Brian Soto : While it's true that material items won't keep you happy for long, I'd be careful with the knowing yourself mantra. There's a famous book titled 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck', wherein the following explanation is written: "Until we change how we view ourselves, what we believe we are and are not, we cannot overcome our avoidance and anxiety. We cannot change. In this way, “knowing yourself” or “finding yourself” can be dangerous. It can cement you into a strict role and saddle you with unnecessary expectations. It can close you off to inner potential and outer opportunities. I say don’t find yourself. I say never know who you are. Because that’s what keeps you striving and discovering. And it forces you to remain humble in your judgments and accepting of the differences in others.”

James Stewart : Look at your bitcoin account again in mid 2020, you're welcome ;-)