THE TIKTOK PREDATOR (TheBudday Allegations)

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Selma Rizvic : i actually miss musically at moments like these. do u think that God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created?

That Russian Guy : If he is 26 I am a toe

Esequiel Trindade : Why in america they don't kill phedos?

lilpeepz : The world record egg didn’t age well

Legiiit 2torials : My grandpa looked younger at 98

But Daddy : "If shes old enough to pee shes old enough for me" ~~Budday

DAT DOGE DATS DOWN DA STREET : Not even joking he got arrested for "driving slow in a school zone" if you're picking up what I'm putting down lol


Marie Cruz : My dads 43 and he looks younger than this man🤦‍♀️

kim firth : he looks like a thumb

ɥɐǝʎ ̅ɥo : If he's 26,I'm still in the womb

Alee13Soul : i feel physically ill watching this guy

Cianna Thompson : **Law & Order SVU has entered the chat** **Chris Hansen has entered the chat**

Sambakidd : Why do all these pedos have to be bald. Thats it i am getting a hair transplant tomorrow

Justice Warrior : He "identifies" as 26

Eva Tsabodhmoy : Y'all talkin about "he's 26" and not about the fact that he likes children and teenagers and also that he's DISGUSTAAANG

Degeneration Nation : hes gotta be way older than 26.. atleast 40

white_shadow.exe : 😂 if he was attractive ppl wouldnt care.

Riley Vogt : isnt a budday one a those water toilet jets that replace toilet paper

Pillow269 : Send him to the ranch

Redstone tea : I don’t see a problem...I see fifty nine hundred problems

kufl : ok youtube, i watched the video on the pedo, now let me be

Chev That’s it : *His face is like a pair of conjoined twins, where the nose wants to go left, but the rest of his face wants to go right*

madi gable : This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t delete Vine.

tina young : If he's 26 I'm Dumbledore.

A e s t h e t i c P a s t e l P a i n t : *I Am VERY UnCoMfOrTaBlE*

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : Top ten scariest horror movie monsters

Mohammed Yasir : This is how many Dick's he takes👇

stan got7 : my dad’s 58 and he looks wayy younger than this “26 year old”💀💀

Day full Of dream : When I saw those videos I actually got cancer ;-;

Angel Rose : *Budday has left the chat*

lilly whispers : If he's 26 then my crush actually likes me

i hate everything : if he's 26 then jake paul isn't cringe

Aamani Lol : If he's 26, I'm Park Jimin

Mr. Tattoo ASMR : human centipede 2....yes thats is who he looks like!

Ruby Williams : Wheres Chris Hanson where you need him?? Oh right, in jail. Forgot.

Kodama : The budday looks like that turtle dinosaur in The Land Before Time Edit: I apologize for disrespecting Spike like that

gayboywhoisntmature69 : if hes 26, then im a toilet bowl

Glowing Kirby : "I am the Eggman." "It's what I am."

zoeYY627 : "he looks like the villian from human centipede 2" IM DEADDDDDDDDD

𝕤𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕙𝕒♡ : *a Batman in the streets and a joker in the sheets* *if you don’t know what that means you have a good mind*

Lady.Whatever : Who's this egg looking man

irrelevant garbage : He looks like a blob fish

JustMike : The Bidet

Blahammad Ali : The Paedday

jaymie johnson : since when did they let pedophelic thumbs on tik tok

GerardWaysBabyGirl : *26 year old slug monster* that's only the beginning of his description my friend

TeMmie TeMmiE : If hes 26 then Vine is alive

Alexa Campanella : Is this what vine died for? Why not make vine 2 instead of wasting time on this Rip vine

yeehaw cowboy : Yall talking about his glasses but not the twerking fat man with a broken back that poses as his nose lmafo 😂