THE TIKTOK PREDATOR (TheBudday Allegations)

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hit or miss, i ghuess they wanna be tracetr hahahah tiktok sucks - STALK ME ON TWITTER: - MUSIC BY THE INCREDIBLE TAZ LAZULI: - AND ALSO THE AMAZING FREQUENCY: - SPECIAL THANKS TO:


Legiiit 2torials : My grandpa looked younger at 98

madi gable : This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t delete Vine.

kim firth : he looks like a thumb

Justice Warrior : He "identifies" as 26

Rebecca Hensley : I'm sorry, but there is NO WAY that man is twenty-six.

ɥɐǝʎ ̅ɥo : If he's 26,I'm still in the womb

Benji Is A Deer : *I Am VERY UnCoMfOrTaBlE*

Marie Cruz : My dads 43 and he looks younger than this man🤦‍♀️

stan got7 : my dad’s 58 and he looks wayy younger than this “26 year old”💀💀

irrelevant garbage : He looks like a blob fish

i hate everything : if he's 26 then jake paul isn't cringe

PacMonster146 : My face was scrunched up for 13 mins

Mohammed Yasir : This is how many Dick's he takes👇

kinglumenn : that’s gonna be a yikes from me dawg

Pillow269 : Send him to the ranch

Reckon The red : Hmm joker in the sheets *Sets bed on fire*

LYNX : I don’t see a problem...I see fifty nine hundred problems

Eva Tsabodhmoy : Y'all talkin about "he's 26" and not about the fact that he likes children and teenagers and also that he's DISGUSTAAANG

Rennini : If there’s anything worse than children on Tik Tok, it’s adults on Tik Tok.

yoongles :] : I watched this while eating. I threw up after.

Chev That’s it : *His face is like a pair of conjoined twins, where the nose wants to go left, but the rest of his face wants to go right*

zoeYY627 : "he looks like the villian from human centipede 2" IM DEADDDDDDDDD

Tina Young : If he's 26 I'm Dumbledore.

Just Art : If he is 26 I am a toe

jaymie johnson : since when did they let pedophelic thumbs on tik tok

ed : Okay so I’m in London for the weekend and I was by the bus stop and a bus stopped nearby and he was on the top deck by the window and I instantly recognised him, that was about 10 minutes ago

Mr. Tattoo ASMR : human centipede 2....yes thats is who he looks like!

Maelynn Osborn : Keep in mind he was a 6th grade substitute teacher😶😑 *IKR*

Kate : Where is Chris Hansen when you need him.

Ravê _Oliveira : _Am I the only one who think Tik Tok should be deleted??!!!!_ *LIKE DUDE IT NEEDS TO STOP*

TeMmie TeMmiE : If hes 26 then Vine is alive

•WilsonCM• : *He looks like the thumb in spy kids*

Jaymes elliot : hes in a quantum state of being a fetus and a 90 year old man at the same time

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : Top ten scariest horror movie monsters

Hesitant_Beanie : *26 year old slug monster* that's only the beginning of his description my friend

Tarik Walton : oh my god eww 9:07

yeehaw cowboy : Yall talking about his glasses but not the twerking fat man with a broken back that poses as his nose lmafo 😂

Ruby Williams : Wheres Chris Hanson where you need him?? Oh right, in jail. Forgot.

Chris Hansen : Boy, these online apps sure do make my job harder.

Bruce Barrett : I now feel like I need to take a shower after watching this. Clean off the filth.

Sammy : *a Batman in the streets and a joker in the sheets* *if you don’t know what that means you have a good mind*

Blahammad Ali : The Paedday

Turtle Queen : He looks like Voldemort after thanksgiving. Yes, he deserves it.

Nibs : this guy gives me the "i'm under your bed at 3AM" vibes.

CaptainStarkiller : I threw up a little in my mouth while watching this.

weave flew : if he’s 26 then t-series won the war

Srija Saha : If he's 26, then I am Sans Undertale.

Blaze Eugene : If he iz 26 im Actually pretty Im very ugly sooooo......

Pastel Sara : If hes 26 then, *Jojo Siwa has a hairline*