THE TIKTOK PREDATOR (TheBudday Allegations)

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Selma Rizvic : i actually miss musically at moments like these. do u think that God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created?

That Russian Guy : If he is 26 I am a toe

Degeneration Nation : hes gotta be way older than 26.. atleast 40

Esequiel Trindade : Why in america they don't kill phedos?

lilpeepz : The world record egg didn’t age well

Legiiit 2torials : My grandpa looked younger at 98

DAT DOGE DATS DOWN DA STREET : Not even joking he got arrested for "driving slow in a school zone" if you're picking up what I'm putting down lol

Ryan White : Why is his nose going left, and his face is going right?

Mark Intengan-Quintos : Seeing these clips of underage girls acting sexual and grown are just as cringy and disturbing as seeing that man's tiktok videos and even more disturbing seeing him duet with the underage girls acting sexual and grown 😞

But Daddy : "If shes old enough to pee shes old enough for me" ~~Budday

Daniel Boswell : Where is Chris Hansen when you need him? We need a To Catch A TikTok Predator sting operation...

Mr Neddlemouse: The legendary Sanic Master : Top ten scariest horror movie monsters

Eggs With Legs : If he's 26 than my parents haven't been born yet

Abigail Newell : I have a very, very serious question. How many times has this man been dropped on his head? Like, there is no way that a human can be born looking like a blob fish.


Teon Quant : I'm not the one to jump at making fun of someone's appearance, but I feel like if you looked at him for too long you'd get pink eye

kufl : ok youtube, i watched the video on the pedo, now let me be

SpongeBob SquarePants : Don't compare him to the great and powerful globglogagalab!!!!!!!!!!!

Sambakidd : Why do all these pedos have to be bald. Thats it i am getting a hair transplant tomorrow

Marie Cruz : My dads 43 and he looks younger than this man🤦‍♀️

CherryRibble MyButt : An egg took over Instagram and now it's taking over TikTok

Alee13Soul : i feel physically ill watching this guy

Cianna Thompson : **Law & Order SVU has entered the chat** **Chris Hansen has entered the chat**

Eva Tsabodhmoy : Y'all talkin about "he's 26" and not about the fact that he likes children and teenagers and also that he's DISGUSTAAANG

Riley Vogt : isnt a budday one a those water toilet jets that replace toilet paper

ɥɐǝʎ ̅ɥo : If he's 26,I'm still in the womb

white_shadow.exe : 😂 if he was attractive ppl wouldnt care.

Pillow269 : Send him to the ranch

Chev That’s it : *His face is like a pair of conjoined twins, where the nose wants to go left, but the rest of his face wants to go right*

shiningsolo lo : I had a dream where i went to college and the "Budday" was my history teacher. In the first lesson he started talking about a "Frozen" book, that was written in 1950 and he said: don't read this shit because it's very sad; watch the Disney version instead. And then he started hitting the book with rage.

Redstone tea : I don’t see a problem...I see fifty nine hundred problems

I’m Kpop Trash : I’d rather have a Batman in the streets and the sheets, have you seen his abs like damnnnn

MedicineWoman Channel : Theres no got damned way he is 26. See my profile picture??? I am about to turn 34 and literally just took that pic. The budday is prob closer to 45 or 50.

A e s t h e t i c P a s t e l P a i n t : *I Am VERY UnCoMfOrTaBlE*

Kodama : The budday looks like that turtle dinosaur in The Land Before Time Edit: I apologize for disrespecting Spike like that

CommanderX : "The Sexual Predator Vs Underaged Aliens" Coming July 18, 2020

Angel Rose : *Budday has left the chat*

Day full Of dream : When I saw those videos I actually got cancer ;-;

RiveNight : He looks like vin diesels downy brother

Lady.Whatever : Who's this egg looking man

GerardWaysBabyGirl : *26 year old slug monster* that's only the beginning of his description my friend

gayboywhoisntmature69 : if hes 26, then im a toilet bowl

i hate everything : if he's 26 then jake paul isn't cringe

JustMike : The Bidet

lilly whispers : If he's 26 then my crush actually likes me

Glowing Kirby : "I am the Eggman." "It's what I am."

tina young : If he's 26 I'm Dumbledore.

stan got7 : my dad’s 58 and he looks wayy younger than this “26 year old”💀💀

Aamani Lol : If he's 26, I'm Park Jimin

No Name : Being honest, he is sloppy. He will get caught for sure XD Sure the evidence isnt big enough to arrest him atm, but he will mess up soon without a doubt.