THE TIKTOK PREDATOR (TheBudday Allegations)

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Selma Rizvic : i actually miss musically at moments like these. do u think that God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he has created?

That Russian Guy : If he is 26 I am a toe

lilly whispers : If he's 26 then my crush actually likes me

Lawgx : Man, caillou really let himself go

Lawgx : I guess humpty dumpty wasn't fully recovered after the fall

CHARM B : This is the results of inbreeding

DAT DOGE DATS DOWN DA STREET : Not even joking he got arrested for "driving slow in a school zone" if you're picking up what I'm putting down lol

plusmeme : My grandpa is 60 and he looks way younger than him

Alex Quaesar : The Chinese ultimate weapon to destroy western society..TikTok.

Heather Johnson : My vagina has officially shriveled up and died 🤮🤮

Gabby Is Insane : If he's actually 26 im downloading fortnite

Mr Neddlemouse : Top ten scariest horror movie monsters

Little Bird : Chris Hansen needs to bake some cookies and pay this guy a visit.

Arif Azmi : If he's 26 then I'm a multi-billionaire

Yanki : There's no fucking way this dude's two years younger than me. If he's 26, then I'm closer to death than I thought.

LocalMemester oof : *The app is definitely crawling with pedophiles.. That's why I am N E V E R downloading it*

kufl : ok youtube, i watched the video on the pedo, now let me be

Windows95 Funeral : Why do i lose my appetite for water when i see him

TrackpadProductions : I never advocate judging people by the way they look, I think it's a lazy ad hominem that doesn't actually make a point or further an argument... ...but this guy's appearance is _not_ helping him.

Long live lashawn 23 : If he’s 26 then he must be born on a leap day

Adeline oofs : If hes 26 james charles is straight

S Parker : have you ever cringed so hard it made you almost cry.

too much kylie : if he’s 26 then i’m still a prepubescent fetus

Pokemon Ranger Hannah : Just watching this made me feel really uncomfortable.

Triple Steveo : Where’s thanos when you need him 🤮

Kaelyn Banks : I was honestly okay when it was musically and it was just cringy lip syncing videos because it was pretty harmless but now it is actually a terrifying app to be on with all the pedophiles etc

Jadin Graham : He Looks like some one had a m&m in their hand and it melted

Official Lyrics New And Improved : Dumpty tryna get that humpty Edit: thanks for the likes

Ana Nitu : If he is 26 i am tracer. Oh wait, i am already tracer

Lady.Whatever : Who's this egg looking man

aud : his appearance genuinely scares me it’s almost like he’s not human

Kryptonic_Icee : Yo hold up that guy looks more then 26 lmao 😂 wtf why he lying about his age for , he looks like he's in his late 50s, fckn so gross 😂

Bunny Girl : If hes 26 santas real

Rob Robson : He’s also a substitute teacher. Wrap your mind around that

Storm Ryan : This is the first video I've watched of your's but you seriously put so much work and time into your content. A+++ vid, you deserve more subs

Choloscience : 6:23 mad me really uncomfortable. Also, is no one going to mention that even though he's "26" he also looks 46 and like a giant baby at the same time?

Limp business : "But he's so cute though" said noone ever...

Warhawk : If this dude is 26... I'm God damn audie murphey

boxma'am 70 : I was creeped out by the intro... Edit: This entire VIDEO creeped me out???

Alee13Soul : i feel physically ill watching this guy

Marley Wilson : Please do a video about Natasha Gunatelake on Tik Tok shes a 40+ women that sent nudes to a 15 yr old from tik tok. I have the picture and photos to prove it. The police have already been contacted. A girl named virgodyke pretty much exposed her and Natasha's account is now private.

jimin_i_ Pabo : He looks like he smells like cheese, has 7 kids that he does'nt even know and still lives with his mother

TastyHotSauce : he looks more like a 60 yr old rather than a 26 yr old

Laura K : Oh my god that duet kiss video at 4:12 is disgusting

Kodama Boy : The budday looks like that turtle dinosaur in The Land Before Time Edit: I apologize for disrespecting Spike like that

Swizz TV : If he's 26 I have a life

Noob 24/7 : He's not tweedle Dee he's tweedle dumb

Mike Semore : We desperately need an apocalyptic asteroid impact immediately.

Fuze_Baggymomo : Shreck had a baff in bleach.

No Name : Being honest, he is sloppy. He will get caught for sure XD Sure the evidence isnt big enough to arrest him atm, but he will mess up soon without a doubt.