Terminator Prank by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Bummy Bam Bam : "get out" ..."just CHOKING"

Play It Loud : Arnold says to Bieber's statue who is this girl 😂😂😂

pixie production : Arnold is the best for ever , from France

gagge carlsohn : Lmao that other terminator got cucked

Piet Er : Arni ruined the fake terminators day xD

Pixelated Power : He wrecked that impostor at his T-800 speech...

My dull Vlogs : He really stole that impersonators thunder! 😂

GameplayKanal ____ : 0:45-0:48 Who is this girl ;) best part.

juanlambda27 : That impersonator sucked. Arnold's accent is so easy to spoof and he blew it 😂😂😂

Earthling1984 : 0:45 LOL awesome!

dèl Păntión : In that celebrity impersonators defense what is he supposed to do in a situation like that!?!?!?!?

Aurelian Dumitru : Best movie franchise. My childhood was awsome thanks to Arnie, Sly, Willis... Legends Never Dies.

Jesse Rubalcava : 1:09 that booty!

gimisum good : Wow its not everyday when u just see Arnold Schwarzenegger out walking the streets dress up as terminator

VideoShow App : it's so funny how he still have no emotion, even when he is joking. Edited: less than milion likes? C'mon man, give me more

Powermove Squadron : Wow Arnold just came and stole all of fake Arnolds clients

Alice Grey Harrison : Arnold Shcwarzenigger.

R6-D2 : 0:46 "Who is this girl" 😆

Blitzy : 0:47 who is this girl😂😂

jitterball : Poor guy thinks I'm gonna go out there make couple of bucks by impersonating T800, then the real one shows up...

Kung Fu Vampire : Love Arnold.

hallobre : Get out... just choking

RecklessLife76 : Two minutes is not long enough. To funny

milton pirsos : XD ruined that fake Arnold’s mojo

Percy K : "He look real!" "Because I am."

LeanPlayzYTRB : Legend has it that the real Terminator and the ghetto Terminator re still saying “I’ll be back!!!!"

MAGNUM : who is this Girl 😂😂😂😂

Ram Laska : Arnold is a class act

liftheavy211 : That one dude sounds nothing like arnold lol

Soham Makwana : 0:45 who is this girl.. points at Justin Bieber

Bruce Bane : 3k beliebers disliked this 😂😂. who's this girl😋

harleybynature : I would vote for him in 2020.. Regardless of where he was born.. (Hey, Obama got to do it)

Tyler Mcay : I love Arnold Schwarzenegger but he probably shouldn't have scared the woman with a baby in her arm :)

flying indians : 0:45 😂😁😆🤣🤣😂😁😁

Javier Charlier : 0:51 "who are you?" "I'm the terminator, who are you?" "I'm the terminator" When you get two Siri's to talk to each other

Damnit Bobby : He actually came back.

Neo_the_Hybrid : "You look real." "Because I am." "*screams*" 😆

Autopia Alana Lewis : I'LL BE BLACK!😂

Spookpy : Arnold is such a legend

Poppa Pump : GET OUT! dude proceeds to put hands up and and get out of the truck hahaha

Kanha Emraan Hashmi : 0:44 who is this girl , epic 😂😂😂😂😂

Livereater00 : Arnold is the best!

Yuri Kostin : amazing vid !!! :))

TooShortToTurn SS3 : 1:04 nice cakes

Daily Dom : He made that other terminator look bad

Yuan T : “who‘s this girl???”

uncle featherpimp : Meeting Arnie would make my year

Kimokeo Keahi : He was governor of California. And now he's doing this? Why didn't he take Franken's seat? C'mon, Arnie... "Get to the chopper!"

hayesman76 : This is what The Gropinator is reduced to, walking the streets of Hollyweird Boulevard dressed as a character he played over 30 years ago, while President Donald Trump meets with world leaders and thousands of French protestors demand that Trump become their leader. LOL That Gropinator imposter looked more authentic and healthier than the original, incidentally.

ChillerKiller88 : Fake terminator is probaly going insane.