VLOG #1| EXPLORING Germany..... In Michigan?

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Suyeb Shaikh : Hey Nate Amazing Vlog😮first of all I need to say you have very deep👌voice good for narrations, and thanks for taking us for tour of that giant shop and the other not so giant shop and by seeing it I realize😌 I need to buy some stuffs which I forgot during my last shopping😅 good edit and nice background music love the video 😅✌

A x R Vlogs : Liked and subbed! Who knew that there's a piece of Germany in Michigan haha. Very interesting vlog, you have a good narration voice. Check out our vlog if you have a chance! We live in California so maybe you can see what California is all about through our vlogs!

Katherine Evans : I love this vlog!! Informative and funny! Can't wait to see your next vlog

MariNate : Take a shot every time I say “that’s neat” x

Ethan Robbins : Hey one thing I noticed about your video was that it was shot in 60fps. I don't know if that was the look you were going for but if you shoot your video in 24fps it gives it more of a classic vlog look and a look that's more similar to cinema or movies. 24fps is a way more comfortable feel to the eye if that makes any sense. That was something I learned in film school since film is my major. If you're interested in what the difference is, I shoot all of my vlogs in 24fps, compare the smoothness of the movement between one of my vlogs and your video since you shot it in 60fps. Other than that it was an entertaining video and well put together. My favorite part was the old people dancing outside lmao

TauntedToxic : Gracias

pauline cash-smith : Amazing video! As always

Natalie : Good_stuff,, visit_a_video_on_my_channel_if_you_need_a_free_music_to_add_sound_to_your_videos.