RIP Teen Titans

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This is the greatest web series of All Time

Comments from Youtube

lolman533 : Füćć bųttmąń

Yung Jah : When i first saw it, i thought it was a fan film...

Tullock : that lipstick really brings out the nice shape of your lips.

kirikakirikakirika : Everyone in the comments: Where's Cyborg?! Me: Starfire annihilated him. Only room for _one_ black lead in this movie.

jacksepticeye : GothiKal is my favourite persona

Agent Galahad : Looks like a PowerPoint slideshow

Liam Neeson : Starfire cant actually shoot fire

DxShadow7 : Why does robin look like idubbz?

RABtoons : So what did they do combine cyborg and starfire together?

et Han of Astora : Charlie looking like a big tiddy goth gf over here.

Gletchh : boi i used that breaking glass effect in my powerpoint presentation in 5th grade

I y a n a : *Charlie, the Hot Topic employee, enters the room*

Khiem Luong : Hot Topic employee: "so 2 pairs of spiked bracelets, black lip gloss, black nail polish and leather choker, is that all?" Cr1tiKal: "you have any blood flavored juul juices"

Samuel Mosqueda : 0:47 top 10 anime transformations

Well then. : Oh dear son, what happened to you?

Pixel Geeks : frick betmen

Noble 6 : Dc needs someone to *WAKE HIM UP!* *(WAKE HIM UP INSIDE!)*

OwenTheCloutKid : Who else heard the happy wheels spike sound in the fight scene

LunoxLies : You can find them all on your fingertits 1:58

Flame of Udûn : Where’s Charlie? *F U C K C H A R L I E*

DevaKitty : ngl edgy charlie is kinda hot 👀

The Rice Fields : Who is that fire hooker?

Irrelevant Potato : He forgot the eyeliner

kirikakirikakirika : I had to rewind because I couldn't stop laughing at his "transformation".

Thomasthe chancey : Porn parodies are more trueful to the source material...LOL

KaregoAt : That's a cute look. Some eyeliner would've balanced out the face though!

Nathanael Croy : Can't make fun of GothiKal when he's already done it better. Good golly.

Mr.ShroomyShroom : Frick Batman

A Wurtz : Damn Charlie looks good in lipstick

Questionable : That moment you realize that they could’ve used the budget for this piece of shit to continue the old Teen Titan series....

Sakuri North : You dressing up like that made this video a kajillion times better

superscatboy : Charlie wears that emo getup way too well.

Crisis99 : I looked away for a couple of seconds and looked back at 0:49 and what the fuck happened? Did Charlie just transform into Twilight fanfiction?

TAD HYDRO : Fingertits

et Han of Astora : "Everyone hated how edgy Suicide Squad was, how we made Joker and Harley Quinn into every emo 13 middle schoolers wet dreams, what do we do?" "Let's make it even edgier."

Ēriks Sadovskis : The moment Charlie's outfit changed my sexuality got shattered.

St. Haborym : The part where you dress up like a stereotypical emo/goth kid was the best laugh I've had all week. Thanks for that.

3hree4our And a half : I heard a csgo knife sound in the first 20 seconds of the trailer

N01ne : Moist meter 0.00001%

Heavenly Controller : woah that transformation scared the shit out of me LOL

justin decastro : Edgy Charlie is what I live for.

philosopher 2988 : is that jizz on his microphone

Cereal Killer : Robin is more edgier than Shadow in this reboot.

Mister M : Makes me question what else you have in ur closest. You look like a middle schooler who just tried smoking

foxotic : How much money did you spend at Hot Topic

Kool Kool : It reminded me of a SFM animation I would make as a 11yo

Electron : 2003 TT: Overrated but pretty gud TTG:🖕 this new series: 🖕

Karian Despri : Writers: "Her name is Starfire, so obviously she's a generic fire mage. Let's make her black for our diversity quota despite her literally being an alien from halfway across the galaxy. Let's also remove the already-black character from the cast." wat

ToXic : DC really need to stop with live action stuff....