RIP Teen Titans

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Varinder Bhandal : Can we all appreciate the fact that Charlie took time out of his day to dress up as a edgy goth teenager for a single joke?

3.7M views : This is so untrue to the comics robin cares just as much about not killing people as batman

Thomas the chancey : Porn parodies are more trueful to the source material...LOL

zachanikwano : TTGO: Too childish, immature, isn't even a good comedy. Titans: Too edgy, immature, unbelievably cringey visuals and dialogue. Teen Titans (2003): Balanced action-comedy show that could tackle heavy subject matter and had great story and characters.

Agent Galahad : Looks like a PowerPoint slideshow

jacksepticeye : GothiKal is my favourite persona

kirikakirikakirika : Everyone in the comments: Where's Cyborg?! Me: Starfire annihilated him. Only room for _one_ black lead in this movie.

Camilo Cowan : Starfire cant actually shoot fire

James yang : Dude that’s not Starfire, it’s transgender Firestorm

lolman533 : Füćć bųttmąń

Heavenly Controller : woah that transformation scared the shit out of me LOL

Charlie Lean : When i first saw it, i thought it was a fan film...

FBI : We have a Taco Bell at the pentagon look it up

Holly Aurora Lavender Lilac Nova Radiant Starlight : When will they learn that being dark and edgy is not always the way to go? Teen Titans. TEEN. TITANS. The whole cartoon is colorful - a balance of action, comedy and wit combined into one great package. Be colorful, damn it!

DxShadow7 : Why does robin look like idubbz?

et Han of Astora : Charlie looking like a big tiddy goth gf over here.

OwenTheCloutKid : Who else heard the happy wheels spike sound in the fight scene

dan : starfire looks like a drag queen.

Gletchh : boi i used that breaking glass effect in my powerpoint presentation in 5th grade

d3vviL : when you don't want other people to roast you so you roast yourself

Flame of Udûn : Where’s Charlie? *F U C K C H A R L I E*

MyCareer23 : The grapple hook sound from robins fight sounded like the grapple hook sound from the Arkham series

Samuel Mosqueda : 0:47 top 10 anime transformations

The hunt for Justin Y. : That look actually suits him

East Coast California : I wanna do some bad and depraved stuff with Charlie dressed like that

et Han of Astora : "Everyone hated how edgy Suicide Squad was, how we made Joker and Harley Quinn into every emo 13 middle schoolers wet dreams, what do we do?" "Let's make it even edgier."

Tullock : that lipstick really brings out the nice shape of your lips.

I y a n a : *Charlie, the Hot Topic employee, enters the room*

Sid Lohman : Charlies outfit made me cum in Danish.

zombieaids : buck fatman

Nimr Al Nimri : *_I actually got jumpscared for a second after he becomes the fu*king edgelord._*

Not Neal : If you do end up going to a Marilyn Manson concert, make sure to change your shirt first, because he may bring you up on stage and pressure you in front of a huge crowd to change it. Yup. Why? Simply because, "it's not his band" on your shirt.. lol He litteraly did that to young teen looking kid on stage a week or so ago. A member of the audience who PAID for a ticket I might add.. lol Manson was like "Take off your shirt and wear this flag instead." Yeaaaa. Everyone next to the kid just looked awkward as heck. lol There's a video of it. Funny thing is, it was a kid wearing an Avenged Sevenfold shirt... out of ALL of the bands in the world.. Marilyn Manson chose one of the worlds most talented/loved modern day rock bands to start something with. 😅 haha Good luck to Manson.. 😂 Just thought maybe this would make for a funny, and interesting video for you to make if you want. :)

Pixel Geeks : frick betmen

Kappa : You can find them all on your fingertits 1:58

RABtoons : So what did they do combine cyborg and starfire together?

Varinder Bhandal : That moment you realize that they could’ve used the budget for this piece of shit to continue the old Teen Titan series....

Mr.ShroomyShroom : Frick Batman

Chef m8 : hey im an orphan and i never knew my parents and i have been sad my whole life, i never stop looking for my parents, and today i came to the stunning conclusion that you are my true father, i love you charlie.

kirikakirikakirika : I had to rewind because I couldn't stop laughing at his "transformation".

A Wurtz : Damn Charlie looks good in lipstick

SpoobyHD : G O T H I C C

630FF _ : im guessing the people that disliked this vid are tryhard DC nerds 😂

Sakuri North : You dressing up like that made this video a kajillion times better

DevaKitty : ngl edgy charlie is kinda hot 👀

Noble 6 : Dc needs someone to *WAKE HIM UP!* *(WAKE HIM UP INSIDE!)*

I’m Dad : Oh dear son, what happened to you?

Green Smartie : I don't get why some people are so butthurt about Starfire being played by a black woman. Like, she's an alien? You could have someone of literally any ethnicity cast as her and it would still work.

The Rice Fields : Who is that fire hooker?

Michael&Jello : I wish your videos were longer

Crisis99 : I looked away for a couple of seconds and looked back at 0:49 and what the fuck happened? Did Charlie just transform into Twilight fanfiction?