Mysterious chemical changes color depending on perspective

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styropyro : first lololol also discord:

electronicsNmore : You need a lab area to film. The garage echoes too much.

WHITEFORD PIPES HANDMADE By Michael David : I’ve seen this almost exact thing when making cannabis oil using 99.8% isopropyl alcohol and finely ground cannabis boiled and you will see the same thing pretty much 😊 take care! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

stair case to heaven : can you make a laser with it tho?

timg2727 : Your videos are refreshingly unpolished and old-school, and I mean that sincerely. Never change.

Chill Bass : It looks like you just turned water into wine.

ryan breheny : it turns the frogs gay

Multi Gaming : hey this is not a dangerous lethal laser hmmm?

J Bolo : In before some a-hole reports this for absolutely nothing

M1cksta05 : It’s always a good day when styropyro uploads!

skiddadle skadoodle : 8 drops of hydrocholic acid disliked this video

Redline : The reverb is very annoying.

netme187 : You should do an anarchist cook book truth vs lies series

psygn0sis : Please, don't record in your garage. The audio was horrible. : )

Cribbs : I EAT ASSSSS!

Julius Olsen : Yay you didn't get another strike!!! 😀 Btw can you do more old science book

Trustierlamb920 : Maby time for a new mic or location? Cause i cant hear half of what your saying cause of the echo

Displayter. : Where did you get all that knowledge from? did you read a lot of books? a specific educational website?

TheUnamusedFox : Heyo! Earliest I've ever received a notification, lol.

Nutella Breadsticks : I saw that original post!

Aida Milani : U are so hot

Nixter_is_Nick : Kind of reminds me of the explanation of why the sky is blue, which reminds me, isn't the simplest explanation for the sky being blue is that oxygen is blue?

Chill Bass : Saw this on Instagram. Glad you got around to making a video.

xxxPotassium : Hey man, new to the channel and to all the stuff you do with high voltage lasers! I have to say this is AMAZING! Already love it! Being a newbie in this whole thing I’d love to see you make a “beginners guide” to getting into lasers (how they work, how eye pro works, laws and properties you should understand) I think it would be great for other ppl like me that want to learn more about this field! Keep up the work on the great vids! ✌️

Cristian Mihoc : Seen your interview at MOTHERBOARD

Meme Boi Pizza : the simulation is glitching, the textures are messing up. Call the admins!

PiercingSight : Thank you for finding the real answer! I saw so many bologna hypotheses in those threads.

Willy T : You should try to communicate data through laser light. Or perform laser eye surgery on an extracted animal eyeball, or just shoot light into an eyeball and then show the effects. The gross suggestions would be easier.

Khalifa : Every time I watch your videos I feel smarter

Zephy : lmao "i couldn't tell you where to find pumpkin seed oil."

Zuulaloo : Good to see this >5 months after Thoisoi

Its a-me : This belongs on Nile reds channel

MKFM_ HunterDrone : Saw your video on motherboard, I love your content keep it up

Pyro159 : That's very interesting

〈Clex〉 : Good to see you still alive

t4nki_car : Hmmmmmm Intresting:)

Sparkyman21 : Another awesome video. Thanks for spending time making these for us.

Zuulaloo :

The Free Ride : their are algaes that do this too when exposed to h202 .

Jeff Thompson : oh ok cool

ayporos : Styropyro, one piece of advice: The acoustics in this video is horrible. The echo makes it very difficult to follow along with what you are saying. Just a friendly tip. Love the content! :)

Varius Ways : Chemicals.

The Shwarma : Wow

xHumpty : Notification squad

LiL Jeep : You should make a literal plasma cutter from ds1

Lumlins : Noti squad

Magnus Hoem Kristiansen : Can you make more videos? Becos i love your videos! And they are so intresting!!!!

Markos Gamer : Hello

Santo Abboud : 43. Comment!😁😉

alan smithee : Do you not have a burette? Or are they not accurate enough in this case?