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Brace Brooks : I don't know why this scene got so much hate and criticism. I was quite entertained by it and that's the best job of acting I've seen Tobey Maguire do in the Spiderman series.

Monkey Plays Madden : 12 year old face, 14 year old frame, 40 year old hands.

Arkham Knight : 0:50 when you're on your way to see spider-man homecoming

SpiderTron575 channel : 2:13 to 2:16 made spidey fans around the world cringe laugh cry angry and pass out

shafi uddin : Best fucking scene ever.. It thrills me whenever I watch it

Ryan Andrea : what is that song. supposed me

Giygas_95 : 0:09 That face gets me every time. XD

Andres Valle : He should have kept the black suite for Fridays only 😎🤘

MegaBoss987 : Peter Parker is high on venom.

josh anderson : Jk

Master Roshi : Emo in town

Kang Mas Aldi : 2:07 me : *knock* *knock* let's go outside, peter peter : *okaeeeyyy let's gooo!*

Luke Tube : What song is this called?😨😱😱😱

Drake Horning : what's the name of the jazz song ?

Big Smoke : 0:09 Thank you

Dj Chivas : you would get bullied now if you did this shit

David Smith : Have y'all watched it without music? It's the most awkward thing ever😂😂

Audrey Cole : I laughed so hard at the people on the street's reaction!

เดวิทย์ แฝงจันทร์ : what music ?

Prankedy : 1:43 lol xD

Pere Parellada Gràcia : *sigh....*

Yash Goyal : Peter Parker is cool and suavè in this scene unlike wearing his boring and geeky usual image he had !

RafaelTM : That's my favorite scene

BrysontheGhost Gaming : Lol I don't give a fudge the symbiotic spider man was freakin awesooooome and funny asf.

Jordan Zambrana : it sucks that they blamed the movie on him like it was fault the movie sucked

RedRose Riven : The best spiderman actor ever!!!

TheRebecablack : I tried to be like him when I was younger 😂

Jimmy Hudson : You didn't just name it that..

Donald Whitehead JR : favorite part of the movie when he do the walk and the Dancing awesome part

The prime Master03 : Jj and Robbie are all like what is going on here while everything else is just crazy

Diego Graciano : Greatest moments in cinema history right here!

Master Gamer : Damn i wish i was like this in highschool i was the exact opposite lol

The Worst Channel TV : Best scene in spider man 3

Gosh Jomie : Dude I've always loved this fricken scene!!! Heck, I love this movie! It's an ok movie and this is the best to laugh at.

Conservative Analysis : 2:10 me when shift ends at work

gamermanx9000 : Best scene of the movie.

robin [demon lord] : man i understand his anger he's tired of everyone bullshit so he treats them the same way but he was trying to get them chicks tho

Gasparagus Productions : His fringe is so annoying that I unconsciously tried to push my own hair back to fix it

SS God : Robbie must've lost all respect for this dickwad cocksucker. That must have really killed him later on. When he realised what he'd become.

PR NT : This is me in my school... 😏

reymart christian Cruz : I enjoy this scene now but the bar scebe was going too far.

Zombiekiller970 : "Cool"

Innershine 16 : I love this scene so much its hilarious and people are just hating on this too much and its stupid i was having a good time watching this in the theater everybody was in there was a good time as well. I still love it to this day its a genius scene. Spiderman 3 was great movie people are just labeling this movie to bad which isn't true considering it did amazingly well at the box office being one of the biggest movies of all time.

gunfighter : Me: Maybe Spider man 3 wasn't that bad. I mean I always quit 5 minutes into the movie. Pulls up this scene. Me: Nope! Kicks cell phone across the room.

Kağan Tek : Damn Tobey Maguire is hilarious. I'm addicted to this clip lol.

Brandon Jimenez : I remember laughing so hard at this scene when this came out 10 YEARS AGO 😭

Brandon Cable : I absolutely love this scene!

Just a Magikarp : It's not that bad It's not that bad 2:10 shit it's bad it's bad

nadrahel : "cool" Peter Parker -_-

Kailash Br : Tobey spiderman best