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gameguy20100 : This is awful. This is embarrassing. This is cringe-inducingly hard to watch. This is perfect. I really think people miss the point of this scene yes he is acting like a complete prat, Yes this is clearly an idiots idea of what's cool, clearly this is shit that sweet lovable Peter Parker would and shouldn't do. That's the whole point

ReVolutioN : Tobey Maguire is the best spiderman.He is hilarious.

Joey Vasquez : This scene makes sense if you think of it. Peters a nerd and when a nerd thinks of being cool he thinks of someone with swag and dances and picks up girls so it's cringey but does make sense

Diet Bleach : The original cringe of all cringes.😂💀

The Doctors Hellhound : I don't see what the big deal is about this scene. People are over dramatic about it, I have no problem with it

Toon Gohan : When I was little I thought peter was such a bad ass during this clip but now I just cringe and laugh 😂

Duckox : what a legend

Spider-Man : I used to be so sexy.. I had no choice but to get rid of the black suit.

Alexander Angelus : What people don't realize about this scene is this; this is meant to be just as cringy as you people think. This is not supposed to be cool, this is supposed to be a reclusive, socially awkward dweeb's idea of cool.

Firesite : I remember this scene as a kid. I wondered to myself was I really watching a spiderman movie.

Daniel Lima : Tobey maguire the best spiderman

King X Fernando : This is Me On Friday's 😏

SuperStandard : What 365 days of NoFap does for you

gor9027 : 1:18-1:23 They should have included those scenes in the movie.

Brace Brooks : I don't know why this scene got so much hate and criticism. I was quite entertained by it and that's the best job of acting I've seen Tobey Maguire do in the Spiderman series.

jayyTeęe s : Tobey knows he looks ridiculous, but he makes the confidence look damn believable that's why he's the best

blank : Can homecoming reference this scene?

Bucky Barnes : Uncle Ben: what are you doing? Peter: dancing! Uncle Ben: ...but there's no music playing! Peter: *sudden realization*

Έφη Γολεγού : Tobey is the best Spider-Man. Love him♥♥ Peter is very funny at this scene. But he is very arrogant and evil.

Itzz_Rex : I KNOW I am not the only one who tried to recreate the part at 1:46 when they were a little kid

svclana4ever : I love this scene! Love the music, love his hair, love his facial expressions, love the dialogue, love the fact that he's so different and it's all so awkward! This is genius! And, excuse me but he's so fucking hot in this! Favorite moments: 0:07, 0:46, 0:52, 1:10, 1:24, 1:31, 1:40, 1:50 and 2:00 xD I bet he had fun shooting this :D

Ikesters : For anyone wondering, the name of the song is James Brown - get up and drive your funky soul

Sean Forrest : Greatest movie scene of all time. Up there with "You're tearing me apart Lisa" from The Room, "Oh my God" from Troll 2, "I don't like sand" from Attack of the Clones and the Bat-Credit Card. Forget the Chestburster from Alien, the climax from Back to the Future, the epilogue from Edward Scissorhands, the defibrillator from The Thing, the shower from Psycho and the reveal from Empire Strikes Back. This is the Citizen Kane of movie moments.

N8R T8R : 1:41 Jameson is literally the audience.

Hai Nguyen-Pham : The symbiote's making Peter have swaggoo!!!

MottledCrow : Damn Tobey Maguire is hilarious. I'm addicted to this clip lol.

r e m : Miss brant: "Your shots are so good" Peter: "I love to shoot you sometime" That was smooth 😂

TheNerdyBoii : This scene WAS supposed to be funny guys. Why else do you wonder that music is playing in the background? It's Spider-Man we're talking about. He is supposed to be cheesy and corny.

DetectiveGamer : 0:50 when you're on your way to see spider-man homecoming

LeGaCy ShY : You have some nuts ?? I took that the wrong way as a child .. so I used to always replay that one part ..

XXX Ethan : AT 2:11 this happened when mom made pizza rolls

JackOSans : Me on a summer break, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Andres Valle : He should have kept the black suite for Fridays only 😎🤘

rob : 1:03 those sexual references though

Adolf Hitler : That moment you get a haircut that looks almost like mine.

Blissy Chloe : Lmao this is funny

emptyskullify : WHAT ARE THOOOSSEEEE 1:41

PerfectParadox : The greatest douchebag in film history!

HOLLYWOOD TUBE 2016 : he is SEXY Peter Parker!!!!!!

PAUL 10 : Funny thing is although this may seem highly unrealistic...there are studies that show some parasites can mess with your brain, and cause certain behaviours. For example Toxoplasma Gondii is a parasite that studies have shown to alter human personality, making infected men attracted to cat urine. So the idea of this "parasite" taking over Peter and causing application of his personality "especially aggression" is actually quite a legitimate concept, especially since its an extraterrestrial being i.e it may be an advanced form of parasite.

Kev-Oh : Try Not To Cringe Compilation 2017

RemsterFTW : This sequence is great because it really shows how the venom amplifies his characteristics. Because Peter is a dork, he's just doing what he thinks "cool" is. People may have cringed but I think it was a great mix of funny, cringe and it actually meant something to the plot.

Esteban Alfau : 2:10 when your comment gets a like

Habib Ahmed : What's the name of song?

Yunus Emre Uluçay : 2:10 when I quit my company in the future

Julius Nicholson : 3 words sum up Parker in this scene: Arrogant Little Prick

Jack Budd : Put in the Deadpool music instead 😂

SJ RANKS : This and the dance scene was so important you took screen time away from venom one of the greatest spiderman villians ever

Azim Nazlen : In other scenarios where peter wears the black suit, it only made violent. This movie shows why peter liked the suit. It made him feel confident generally great.

WackyTabakee : 2:09 she changes her Facebook status to single and looking for relationship