Bert Kreischer Robbed A Train With The Russian Mafia - CONAN on TBS

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Joshua Perry : I have heard this story well over 20 times and it still cracks me up

onjoFilms : So true. I worked 6 weeks in St Petersburg about that time. Mafia ran everything. But they didn't call themselves Mafia, they called themselves business men.

Stephen Ng : This story needs to be turned by RockStar into GTA: Russia.

Andrew Elias : I don't care how many times he tells it, it doesn't get old.

Philth- E : Ive heard the machine story many times over the years, gets better with age!

noiserrr : what the hell is wrong with the audience. that story was gold and funny as hell.

909 _ tonez : i swear this story would be a kick ass movie

Brandon Debruin : this has to be the best story ever told on CONAN

Dan Slash : He's not lying, he is waaaay too excited about it.

Stephen Tracy : Want to dislike this video.... bc he has a shirt on

Drunk Savage : Conan is gonna party with the Machine tonight

David Elkind : I've never heard of this guy, but I love him now

Bill Ratchet : Van Wilder is based off this guy

Robert Channels : He's still working this bit.

Jonas of Persia : "The Machine". Coolest nickname ever.

Blossom Russo : This story is 100% true believe it or not. His college classmates corroborated it.

Nicknotify : #BertIsFat

ahepperl : A story so crazy you couldn't make it up. Ya know what I think? Throw jokes and booze together with any two very different people....They will find a common language and mutual understanding.

Craig Young : I have only ever seen three clips of this bloke and they have all been this same story

Teemu Laine : Did he meet Oliver Queen?

Statutory Grape : That can't be Bert Kreischer, he has a shirt on while telling this story.

Atan Aklu : he just say in russian "helllo my name is Bert, I working a cat" WTF???😳😳

Jamie Williamson : No story will ever beat this one. This will be my last talk show clip.

alpaca or i'll smack ya : His russisn accent sound like a bad mexican one lmao

White Void : Sounds like Russia alright.

Fernando Candelas : Burnt Chrysler is still sort of fat

SouloHigh : How do some of you not realize that he is only telling this story because people keep asking him to? He has explained this before, he can't even do a show without telling it because people start chanting for the story, and they will be pissed if he doesn't tell it.

Jmisc Stuff : Haha the Machine story is great. Bert was just starting to pull back on telling the story so much and then it gets 20 million + Facebook views and he's back at square one. It's got a mind of its own. Lol

Metastabillity : Notice this was a 5 minute story here. Now i love Jimmy Falon, But if he was on his show. This would be 2 hours long with Jimmy constantly interrupting him

Ash bro : Hollyshit I thought this was just a joke it turns out this is actually true story damn.... that's badass

howard mckenna : My Dad lived in Moscow at the same time, managed a casino. Nothing but mafia stories.

Thomas John : You know the story is true when it can be told almost identically multiple times

Corrider 11 : Is this a true story?

Randy Monster : It's weird that that audience was fckin dead. That story was epic and true. This guy is the fckin MACHINE!

NOT YOU : how many times is he gonna coast on this story?

Jon T : My dad was in Russia around that time and saw a mob hit on a train platform so yea I believe it

Six : One of the best stories ever told.

Geronimo : I feel like the story is 60% bullshi*t, but still funny af.

Ник Ник : Ahahahaa Yep ! This could easily happen in Russia in 1990-2000 Heck. Even now, this can happen! if you're "lucky" enough.

Raymond Mgmt : The Machine!

Cazerox : greatest story on conan by faaaaar Long live the MACHINE!!!

Mark Bayman : my name is jeff

Josh Quick : He needed to tell that story over a shot of vodka!


Ignatius : Rule no. 1 about comedic storytelling. Never get more excited about telling a story than your listeners are about hearing it.

Victoria Mann : is all of Russia like this? Russian Mafias should pay themselves to stop robbing people.

Tommyr : Now THAT is a good story! LOL!

PreCode FilmFiend : I effing love Bert Kreischer. I mean, The Machine.

Edward Fowler : i feel like these stories are fake... -.-

Shady Minion : This story is so awesome, I love how Conan had to walk him through it like he hadn't already heard it.