Bert Kreischer Robbed A Train With The Russian Mafia - CONAN on TBS

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Joshua Perry : I have heard this story well over 20 times and it still cracks me up

onjoFilms : So true. I worked 6 weeks in St Petersburg about that time. Mafia ran everything. But they didn't call themselves Mafia, they called themselves business men.

909 _ tonez : i swear this story would be a kick ass movie

Philth- E : Ive heard the machine story many times over the years, gets better with age!

Stephen Ng : This story needs to be turned by RockStar into GTA: Russia.

Dan Slash : He's not lying, he is waaaay too excited about it.

Statutory Grape : That can't be Bert Kreischer, he has a shirt on while telling this story.

Brandon Debruin : this has to be the best story ever told on CONAN

Drunk Savage : Conan is gonna party with the Machine tonight

Jonas of Persia : "The Machine". Coolest nickname ever.

Bill Ratchet : Van Wilder is based off this guy

ahepperl : A story so crazy you couldn't make it up. Ya know what I think? Throw jokes and booze together with any two very different people....They will find a common language and mutual understanding.

Metastabillity : Notice this was a 5 minute story here. Now i love Jimmy Falon, But if he was on his show. This would be 2 hours long with Jimmy constantly interrupting him

Stephen Tracy : Want to dislike this video.... bc he has a shirt on

SouloHigh : How do some of you not realize that he is only telling this story because people keep asking him to? He has explained this before, he can't even do a show without telling it because people start chanting for the story, and they will be pissed if he doesn't tell it.

Blossom Russo : This story is 100% true believe it or not. His college classmates corroborated it.

David Elkind : I've never heard of this guy, but I love him now

Craig Young : I have only ever seen three clips of this bloke and they have all been this same story

Teemu Laine : Did he meet Oliver Queen?

Atan Aklu : he just say in russian "helllo my name is Bert, I working a cat" WTF???😳😳

alpaca or i'll smack ya : His russisn accent sound like a bad mexican one lmao

Jamie Williamson : No story will ever beat this one. This will be my last talk show clip.

howard mckenna : My Dad lived in Moscow at the same time, managed a casino. Nothing but mafia stories.

Fernando Candelas : Burnt Chrysler is still sort of fat

noiserrr : what the hell is wrong with the audience. that story was gold and funny as hell.

White Void : Sounds like Russia alright.

Ash bro : Hollyshit I thought this was just a joke it turns out this is actually true story damn.... that's badass

Jmisc Stuff : Haha the Machine story is great. Bert was just starting to pull back on telling the story so much and then it gets 20 million + Facebook views and he's back at square one. It's got a mind of its own. Lol

Jon T : My dad was in Russia around that time and saw a mob hit on a train platform so yea I believe it

Andrew Elias : I don't care how many times he tells it, it doesn't get old.

Thomas John : You know the story is true when it can be told almost identically multiple times

Corrider 11 : Is this a true story?

Josh Quick : He needed to tell that story over a shot of vodka!

Shaboi_Mike : I believe it. 90s Russia was a joke, literally. It’s still a corrupt country but it was far more corrupt. Oligarchs and the mafia ran everything. If you wanted a T-80U tank then, you probably could have purchased one, even a Mi-8MTV helicopter gunship with spare rockets and parts. Putin basically eliminated rival oligarchs. They’re becoming America except the government runs the corporations and the corporations give nice kickbacks to the government. Whereas here it’s corporations and lobbyists running the government and government gives kickbacks to the corporations and lobbyists.

Nicknotify : #BertIsFat

NOT YOU : how many times is he gonna coast on this story?

Cazerox : greatest story on conan by faaaaar Long live the MACHINE!!!

Ник Ник : Ahahahaa Yep ! This could easily happen in Russia in 1990-2000 Heck. Even now, this can happen! if you're "lucky" enough.

Film Fan72 : I effing love Bert Kreischer. I mean, The Machine.

Tommyr : Now THAT is a good story! LOL!

Ignatius : Rule no. 1 about comedic storytelling. Never get more excited about telling a story than your listeners are about hearing it.

Greg Clarke : this is definitely 86.5% horseshit, good job though been using it for years making some coin

Geronimo : I feel like the story is 60% bullshi*t, but still funny af.

Callum Emmerson : Is he capable of going somewhere and not telling this story?

Victoria Mann : is all of Russia like this? Russian Mafias should pay themselves to stop robbing people.

ThatOneWeirdPanda : I am from Russia, and let me just say: this is *very* accurate to what happens in St. Petersburg.

Swanand Kulkarni : Like THE BEST STORY EVER!


Tau : Watch the russian film "Zhmurki" , you'll get what he's talking about