Sonic Forces Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 79

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A+Start : Hey guys, Andy here, Sorry its been so long since I last uploaded an episode, I’ve been real busy on other projects. Here’s Sonic Forces Glitches, an episode requested by thousands of you guys, really hope you enjoy it. More episodes to come soon :) Andy (A+Start)

David Hoyos : Loops just make Sonic LOOPY...

TwisterTH : I would LOVE to see a revisiting for this game, because, for a beautiful moments like this 14:53 c’:

Stevio Gaming : I remember less than a year ago you were in dire need of help during the 12 days of glitchmas, now look at you. Flying high again. I'm sure you're extremely happy you persevered. I sure am you did

Tanush Korde : Sonic Forces you to find gliches

Motidzuki : **Together weeeee... :D**

o7 : I honestly really liked Sonic Forces. I also love the song Fist Bump

Tyler Kolb : I feel like the only person who doesn't hate this game just for being a new sonic game. It's much MUCH cleaner than sonic 06, it's a hell of a lot better than sonic boom, and the story, FOR A SONIC GAME, is pretty decent. I watched Andy live stream while he pulled off the glitch he pulls off here when he says "THIS GAME IS SO BROKEN!" and it took about 20 minutes to execute when he knew how to do it. That's not "so broken" I feel like people just make fun of it because it's cool to make fun of.

Noah Larsen : Sonic forces wasn't that bad

shadesoina : Drinking game, Take a shot every time he says how bad forces is.

Dirty Muppie : Not a sonic game without there being glitches

Iamapotato : This game is trashy, it shouldn't be played it tries to be flashy but it's super lame. This game was a mistake, Sega should just take a break. I repeat for the second time this game is just a crime.

Communist party of Russia U.S.S.R : This video is longer than a sonic forces level

Bluey Pie : This game is more broken than sonic 06

T҉h҉i҉e҉r҉r҉y҉ ҉Z҉w҉i҉e҉r҉s҉ : Nice a new video! ❤️

mine movie maker : Glitches make every game better... tell that to sonic 06

Burgnut : The biggest glitch of all is a glitch in humanity because some people actually liked this game.Lmao

FastLikeUNO : Sonic Forces has beautiful worlds just like Sonic Generations. They just make you want to go there.

blake bartolone : Sonic forces is a sonic OC maker's dream Edit: sounds like you had way too much fun making this

Kirbylight2 : Aw yeah this is happening!

DarkFrozenDepths : jeez, a few seconds in and this game is already getting ragged on more... i'm sorry, do people like the trash that is sonic 06 and rise of lyric more than sonic forces? cause at least forces is SOMEWHAT enjoyable...

Memes. Dank : 13:09 would be a pretty cool screenshot for the Switch

MariEve : I love this game

Cardboard Box : Glitches in a sonic game?! How unheard of.

Might be Silver : While I was playing Forces, I found a glitch that you never covered. It was in Classic’s Green Hill, but it can be done anywhere with a boost pad (Is it a boost pad? Not sure). If you run towards the pad, then skid at the last second, Sonic will be thrusted forward but with no animation. It’s not that cool, but it’s still weird.

Doogle McBerry : E x p a n d O C

The Litten Guy : I thought and still think that Sonic Forces is pretty good.

Bloopiero : “Your original character character”

mart ostendorf : OC character... Original character character

ChennieBoyGames : Why are there so many skips? As if sonic forces isn't short enough already

David Hoyos : This game, was a mistake.

Arbiter1272 : By the way I think this game is better then Sonic Mania.

Gusgamer 360 : To everyone who disliked the game, IT GAVE US A FIGGIN VECTOR PLUSH!!!

CraZed Ape : DAMN IT, SEGA! (If you're confused, read my comment on A+Start's Sonic Maina video.)

The Green Grasshopper YT : Sonic colors was the last good mainstream sonic game

Juliun Gershwin : Sonic hero’s

TheVideoGameMachine : Subnautica glitches

Trevor Stagdon : Could you do Shadow the Hedgehog, or is that one going to be... you know. I don't actually want to say it.

Prototype Inheritance : the environments look impressive though

George Knight Extra : I never understand the major hate for this game. Sure it has major flaws, but I get a real kick out of the modern stages. The drill wispon is fun, and the customisation feature is addictive. My main problem is the plat forming, I always found it incredibly clunky and awkward to control. The avatar was awful to control in those sections, and the physics for Classic Sonic were like a brick. I think it’s a high mediocre to a good game at best. It’s painfully mediocre at worst. The people comparing it to 06 and ROL are fools, at least Forces is playable and actually tells a half-decent story!

Arbiter1272 : I love this game. Don't listen to the spoiled, entitled gamers and haters out there.

Sean Wilson : 3:11 "Yeah, you're not seeing things" Ha.

Zach Plummer : Moral of the story is drill breaks everything.

Kristine Que : Great now even sonic forces is now infected with the son of a glitch virus

hyper Forces : I've been waiting so long for this video

Saia-Nara : Neat episodes beside him belittling the game every 2 seconds like none of these glitches have happen in any other game before. ((Some snakes live in jungles/rainforest idk if he knows that tho.))

ScorpionRex6448 : Woops!

Lumario : 13:31 "The Drill Breaks Everything Saga"

ScorpionRex6448 : 15:30 Yeah! That's how it's done! We've got unstoppable speed and timing!

Reaper The Gamer : 0:20 (thinks about 06)