Sonic Forces Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 79

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Joel Haggis : *U N S T O P P A B L E S P E E D A N D T I M I N G !*

Stevio Gaming : I remember less than a year ago you were in dire need of help during the 12 days of glitchmas, now look at you. Flying high again. I'm sure you're extremely happy you persevered. I sure am you did

The Pokeman 52 : "Every game is better with glitches" '06 would disagree

The Litten Guy : I thought and still think that Sonic Forces is pretty good.

A+Start : Hey guys, Andy here, Sorry its been so long since I last uploaded an episode, I’ve been real busy on other projects. Here’s Sonic Forces Glitches, an episode requested by thousands of you guys, really hope you enjoy it. More episodes to come soon :) Andy (A+Start)

A Google User : Low poly Zelda! Seriously, it was announced more than a year ago and you STILL haven’t managed it!

Kor The Hedgehog : Sonic forces isn't that bad.

pecobro 64 : Sonic Forces isn't a bad game and it doesn't deserve all the its getting.

The Green Grasshopper YT : Sonic colors was the last good mainstream sonic game

Motidzuki : **Together weeeee... :D**

Sonic the Heghog : I love sonic forces

Suzanne Otstot : Thanks for doing this game but I highly disagree with the people who say it's a bad game I mean sure it's by no means perfect but I wouldn't say it's bad

SCRX6448 : 15:30 Yeah! That's how it's done! We've got unstoppable speed and timing!

AngrySonicLover : Sonic forces is my favorite sonic game

DextremeArrow : I actually like sonic forces

l555444333222 L5K : I made an OC character in an RPG game I played with my BFF forever after buying it with USD dollars I got from the ATM machine at 7:00 PM, prime meridian.

Marco Polo : Sonic forces is garbage

Gnome Warlock : Sonic simply wishes for the sweet release of death.

war wolf1207 : There's one more glitch it's on the the final level of the game with the final boss it's with the final section of it as well I accidentally discovered it I was boosting while jumping over one of the bosses attacks and I was turning to the right I went out of the map and kept on falling for I'd say about half an hour

MechtMartio : OC character... Original character character

Nidia Hernandez : Make a son of a glitch in Lego marvel avengers

Reborn Hero : A+start there was a glitch that no one found in null space. After you leave null space there this sequence where your running on a wall if you boost again on the rail you fall and the screen turns pure white

l555444333222 L5K : Stop saying "OC character!" The C in OC stands for character!

Awesomesavage Possumcabbage : "Every game is better with glitches!" *mind goes to sonic 06*

Poop Pee : Andy: Every game is better with GLITCHES Me: So you think Sonic 06 is good?! 😏

Pokecart : Can you do Sonic Colors DS? I know it's an old game but I want to try out some glitches for it.

Zaggo Gaming : 1:51 "What we need is our OC character" sooo, the original character character?

Nerd Games 864 : I think glithes made the game só much cool

SpicyMemeHoarder : Is it that hard to design a map you can't fall through?

Dan Ruch : Do granny son if a glitch please

Beamo1080 : "OC character" Original character character

gajeel foxy : 15:30 was so funny I almost lost my breath 😆😆😆😆

Benjamin Pulatov : Is there a glitch to transport you to a world where Sonic Forces lived up to the hype :( ?

David Gaming & Stuff : *Do sonic forces low poly*

Sam Hope : I really don't mind modern Sonic games, I really don't, in fact I had a lot of fun in a good majority of them, but sadly I found Sonic Forces to be a flop. I really haven't played any of the modern games after Sonic Generations, (which I guess can be both classic and modern) but I was super excited for Forces and was really let down. Maybe it was my fault for over hyping it too much, idk. My love for the franchise still remains though even though I was severly disappointed.

pixel girl : Is this game really a bad one? It looks kinda fun 😊

Sam Hamilton : U can't use d pad for CLASSIC sonic lol

Sonicrunn3r : Sonic Forces you to fall through the floor

Philip Grantham : Here's a glitch I found on my own which was not listed here. Essentially you need to turn super sonic the second you touch a boost pad. What will happen is sonic will clip through the pad.

DA SUNKY CHANNEL : Am I normal if I want this game for PS3

Nagishik -.- : I'm still waiting for the "Low Poly" of Link from The Legend of Zelda

Vicstone GR1 : 10:25 Sonic '06??

Succulent Turnip : Glitches in a sonic game?! How unheard of.

AshtonYoGames : A game isn't a game without glitches

bonnie castro : You know the one where is the characters get messed up when you tried to take a spin and you try to change your character you will fly out the map

koopayoshi07 : 0:20 *cough* *cough* sonic 06 *cough* *cough*

NitsuaGamer : I held off on watching on this video for a while, but thankfully was not as painful to watch as I thought it was going to be knowing he despised the game which is more polarized than actually hated like he thinks. Not as cringy as I thought it was going to be, so good video A+ Start!

Zach Plummer : Moral of the story is drill breaks everything.

Hunter X05 : *Oh no*

Joseph Rodriguez : I found a glitch but it's hard to explain