Sonic Forces Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 79

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A+Start : Hey guys, Andy here, Sorry its been so long since I last uploaded an episode, I’ve been real busy on other projects. Here’s Sonic Forces Glitches, an episode requested by thousands of you guys, really hope you enjoy it. More episodes to come soon :) Andy (A+Start)

Joel Haggis : *U N S T O P P A B L E S P E E D A N D T I M I N G !*

The Pokeman 52 : "Every game is better with glitches" '06 would disagree

Stevio Gaming : I remember less than a year ago you were in dire need of help during the 12 days of glitchmas, now look at you. Flying high again. I'm sure you're extremely happy you persevered. I sure am you did

shadesoina : Drinking game, Take a shot every time he says how bad forces is.

DextremeArrow : I actually like sonic forces

The Litten Guy : I thought and still think that Sonic Forces is pretty good.

o7 : I honestly really liked Sonic Forces. I also love the song Fist Bump

Kor The Hedgehog : Sonic forces isn't that bad.

Might be Silver : While I was playing Forces, I found a glitch that you never covered. It was in Classic’s Green Hill, but it can be done anywhere with a boost pad (Is it a boost pad? Not sure). If you run towards the pad, then skid at the last second, Sonic will be thrusted forward but with no animation. It’s not that cool, but it’s still weird.

Motidzuki : **Together weeeee... :D**

George Knight Extra : I never understand the major hate for this game. Sure it has major flaws, but I get a real kick out of the modern stages. The drill wispon is fun, and the customisation feature is addictive. My main problem is the plat forming, I always found it incredibly clunky and awkward to control. The avatar was awful to control in those sections, and the physics for Classic Sonic were like a brick. I think it’s a high mediocre to a good game at best. It’s painfully mediocre at worst. The people comparing it to 06 and ROL are fools, at least Forces is playable and actually tells a half-decent story!

A Google User : Low poly Zelda! Seriously, it was announced more than a year ago and you STILL haven’t managed it!

FastLikeUNO : Sonic Forces has beautiful worlds just like Sonic Generations. They just make you want to go there.

Arbiter1272 : I love this game. Don't listen to the spoiled, entitled gamers and haters out there.

pecobro 64 : Sonic Forces isn't a bad game and it doesn't deserve all the its getting.

Sonic the Heghog : I love sonic forces

Suzanne Otstot : Thanks for doing this game but I highly disagree with the people who say it's a bad game I mean sure it's by no means perfect but I wouldn't say it's bad

ANGRY SONIC LOVER : Sonic forces is my favorite sonic game

Gusgamer 360 : To everyone who disliked the game, IT GAVE US A FIGGIN VECTOR PLUSH!!!

BrenX1 : 13:27 if that doesn't explain this game, I don't know what does

Gnome Warlock : Sonic simply wishes for the sweet release of death.

SCRX6448 : 15:30 Yeah! That's how it's done! We've got unstoppable speed and timing!

MechtMartio : OC character... Original character character

The Green Grasshopper YT : Sonic colors was the last good mainstream sonic game

Arbiter1272 : By the way I think this game is better then Sonic Mania.

Pokecart : Can you do Sonic Colors DS? I know it's an old game but I want to try out some glitches for it.

Bluey Pie : This game is more broken than sonic 06

Succulent Turnip : Glitches in a sonic game?! How unheard of.

Kaboom Komics Official : I FOUND SOMETHING 1. Do the double boost skip 2. Make it to where you are supposed to quickstep left and boost while left 3. Do that and if you make it to the skydiving part there will be a audio glitch for the rest of the level. The music goes away lol

ssspookies : I don't understand the hate for this game! Lol honestly I love it. Maybe it's coz I haven't came accross any glitches?

Marco Polo : Sonic forces is garbage

Joseph Rodriguez : I found a glitch but it's hard to explain

Benjamin Pulatov : Is there a glitch to transport you to a world where Sonic Forces lived up to the hype :( ?

pixel girl : Is this game really a bad one? It looks kinda fun 😊

Beardogbunny : new botw glitch you search for barta and fight modugla, then you place a bomb close to a rock and wait for modugla, then modugla should come up without the bomb, then before he goes into the sand you detonate the bomb, he should land on top of the rock and on top of link. then it should push you into the rock.

TheVideoGameMachine : Subnautica glitches

Vicstone GR1 : 10:25 Sonic '06??

Sonicrunn3r : Sonic Forces you to fall through the floor

Zomagedon : Do “son of a glitch Spyro trilogy”

Philip Grantham : Here's a glitch I found on my own which was not listed here. Essentially you need to turn super sonic the second you touch a boost pad. What will happen is sonic will clip through the pad.

war wolf1207 : There's one more glitch it's on the the final level of the game with the final boss it's with the final section of it as well I accidentally discovered it I was boosting while jumping over one of the bosses attacks and I was turning to the right I went out of the map and kept on falling for I'd say about half an hour

Zaggo Gaming : 1:51 "What we need is our OC character" sooo, the original character character?


Gamer studios 415 : A+start there was a glitch that no one found in null space. After you leave null space there this sequence where your running on a wall if you boost again on the rail you fall and the screen turns pure white

Red The Ladybug : you're accidentally saying prison lane instead of prison hall

Thomas Strohl : you missed the chemical plant out of bounds for classic sonic. was really tempting to find a way to contact you about it to tell you before this episode lol

Zach Plummer : Moral of the story is drill breaks everything.

Samsays Greetings my tribe : I wonder where he has gone it’s been another two months and no uploads I wonder where he went

squishy squish : Hay Andy have you done a son of a glitch on sonic classic collection and I have it so when I played it the were some glitches in it plus it's on ds , so ya your welcome :) Squishy :)