Tom Hanks' Amazing Clint Eastwood Impression - The Graham Norton Show

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Listening Point : My god Gemma Arterton is gorgeous.

lookifyouwant : if you re-arrange the letters in CLINT EASTWOOD it spells OLD WEST ACTION.... crazy ....................

قناة ماهر maher channel : Gemma Arterton.. and that's how the mannequin challenge started

SpikeXtreme : There is nothing to dislike about Tom Hanks ..

crimson gate32 : "That's enough of that"-Clint Eastwood

Mark Morrissey : Tom Hanks should be the president of the world.

nakshulmashath : Lol that was funny.But couldn't stop staring at Gemma Arterton!!!

For An Angel : No one doesn't like Tom Hanks

liquidcactus : hanks is awesome

Skip Minnow : She's sitting there like she's the Queen of the Universe. Wish she'd fart or something.

Jim Benn : Well, Clint has won two Oscars for best director, so it must be working. ;^)

Kathleen Whitcomb : Who's the woman who constantly looks like she's hyperaware that she's on camera? She's so stiff.

ramram : oh that lady! I couldn't focus on what Tom Hanks was saying AT ALL!

Pramit Chatterjee : gemma arterton is fine

Deer Lord : Everybody is talking about Tom Hanks & Gamma Arterton, but nobody talks about Joseph Gordon Levitt... Why nobody talks about Joseph Gordon Levitt?

firefighter5278 : That is one sexy, classy lady right there...

cartoonworld1000 : that woman is gorgeous, Tom Hanks is hilarious and a living legend

paul riordan : I can't concentrate on tom. Dunno why.

90S Eurodance, Eurohouse and bubblegum dance songs : Clint Eastwood is the man

Aniruddh Singh : all i could see was gemma😛

JP Aro : Tom Hanks is really a remarkable human being

Brosnahan : Gods, Gemma Arterton is a beauty.

G Mc : Did Gemma Artertons cleavage say all that?

Waleed Mohamed : I came here to watch Tom Hanks but I didn't hear a word he said.

Ian Wilson : Gemma Arterton.

Marko Petkov : I wish half of the American 'talent' talk show hosts were as funny as Graham. Instead we get bolt-heads like Jimmy Fallon.

Zulamun : That is one freaky/creepy self-centered robot next to Tom hanks O_O

lucy girl : OMG Tom Hanks is so funny here...his 'Eastwood' is spot on....

Javier Sds : I find Tom Hanks really funny, and the story was funny aswell, but I wouldn't call that an "amazing" impression.

luchinbass : wow gemma, WOW!!!!!

David Ayres : This must be simplistic of me, but I always get this warm and fuzzy feeling when the British embrace any given American. Even obviously irresistible Americans like Hanks. It's like, wow, maybe we're OK -- they truly think some of us are OK. "They like us, they really like us!"

Keith Purdue : and who is the distractorette?

Carlos Pendejo : Why is everyone hilariously orange?

R̭̪̜͜oto S̻̙̘͉copic : Came for the impression, Stayed for the Boobs!

Stefan G. Bucher : That couch really makes you sit up straight. Good on camera, but tough for an hour...

Finn McCool : And the star of this clip said nothing.  She just sat there, looking beautiful.

aionzeta : Gemma Arterton is gorgeous.

The Man With No Name : rawhide is a great show

CooManTunes : I couldn't hear anything over the sight of that stunning woman.

green koko : girl looks so uncomfortable.

Gary Anderson : A lot of people don't appreciate just how multi talented so many big stars really are. Most not only act, but many also are fine singers, dancers, and impersonators.

Ray Turner : Graham Norton.....always hiccupping when he laughs!!

Spectans1 : So sorry, Tom, I couldn't concentrate on you on this one :/ Love you.

Atripple : I'm just looking at Gemma's rack

Vipps Millennial : 0:35 Daamnnn..her jugs go way down!!

Vishesh Likhitkar : Tom hanks is awesome... We love you in India

James : Gemma is super sexy, but my god, she loves herself.

Gubba Bump : All I keep thinking is "motorboat".  Not sure why.

YourUglygod : Gemma Arterton has the same intense reactions than my inflatable doll.

Benton Xavier : Tom Hanks is todays James Stewart