Harrison Ford Finds Card in Orange: Real or Magic | David Blaine

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Egan Wibowo : 'It's true. All of it. The Dark Side. The Jedi. They're real.'

Busa Brown : I actually had the same reaction the first time I met Shia Labeouf, it was great. Except he wasn't showing me a magic trick, and he wasn't David Blaine. In fact there was no magic at all. It was early in the morning. Why were you in my house Shia Labeouf? Why?

KarmaKing Alex : How he did it: Blaine spent 9 months spying on Ford from a tree outside his window, he filmed 42 hours of video of Ford playing cards and learned his favourite cards, then, before this encounter, he got the top 20 cards Harrison used and put them in all in different fruits in his house, and that my friends is how the trick was done.

Hauntsy Wauntsy : Harrison with dementia alternate ending: "Get off my plane"

LM45 : he was about to have a heart attack

Pedro MR : If you think about it, "Blane" spelled backwards is "Devil"

Gene McBeats : That 'NINE OF HEARTS" from Harrison was unnecessarily intense 

Merchant Ivory : "We heard stories of David Blaine" "It's true.....all of it" ~Han Solo

Robert Smith : Harrison basically saying " begone Satan" !!! LOL

The Marine708 : Hes so high! RT podcast brought me here!

Erik C : The Force is strong is this one

IRISHINFIDEL : harrison didn't notice that the full deck was of 9 of hearts and that all of his fruit were  embedded with these cards, that's what senility does to an old man and that's what blaine preys on, i bet if blaine told harrison there was a 9 of hearts stuck up his ass then he would have looked and would have also had the same amazed and stumped reaction

Glorious4K60FPS : Does he believe in the force now?

TheMeatballMen : Mr. Ford is moved to tears here, damn

Charizard314159 : Guys this is completey explainable. Before that particular potatoe was grown fully David Blane slit a hole and placed the 9 of hearts, but because it was still on a plant root when he did it it covered it back. He managed to track the progress of the potatoes till it reached this mans house. By using super convincing subliminal messages David got him to pick the card he wanted, managed to remember where the potatoes was thanks to his ninja spying skills on this mans house before hand. So obvious guys. Come on.

B. C. : wonder if theyll switch the fruit bowl back when they leave.. or harrison ford will be haunted by that trick everytime he tries to eat healthy.....

PsychoticDreams0 : I get the feeling that these guys are all just actors......

N izh : did David Blaine trade his facial expression to the Demon?

JustElvin : the older guy is such a good actor, he could be in Hollywood!

vanishy0urself : Three possibilities: 1. Harrison is in on the trick. He's an actor, after all, so he can make it believable. OR: 2. We're not seeing a complete take. David Blaine has talked with Harrison Ford BEFORE the trick (so we don't see it) and did a psychological card force. There are various ways to "plant" a card in somebody's mind without making it obvious. I've never studied psychological forces, I just know they exist. One way is to keep mentioning "heart" and "nine" lots of times in smartly scripted lines that appear innocent. It sounds like total bullshit that would never work, but it actually does, surprisingly often. For diamonds, one way to reinforce the suggestion is to physically make a diamond shape with your hands in a subtle way, that makes it visual. 3. Blaine is using a reverse color deck. EDIT: Just noticed Blaine spreads the deck when he says "think of any card", maybe he's doing some crazy visual force? There's an old one when you riffle through the pack, but people know it nowadays, so obviously Blaine isn't doing that... EDIT 2: I've found out that visual "fan forces" exist. So it's possible.

Daskaar : The trick isn't on Harrison, it's on the viewer.

i've been bathed : And then he stabs him through the chest with a lightsaber.

vin ny : round of applause for that orange

Nighttray : This is the first time it looks like David is nervous, or at least star struck. The power of Harrison Ford.

kiyabcs : Nothin like getting an amazing actor to..act..like it's....real magic. Nice performance from Ford holy shit. See his hand go over his heart. Can't teach that shit in like acting schools or anything.

manwiththemachinegun : Harrison Ford, taking a strong stance against magicians.

BigLove101 : Awesome trick Mr. Blaine. Very nice kitchen Mr. Ford.

komoyodo : If all of you in the YouTube comments are so clever then you should take up magic. Apparently you can see through all these tricks with ease like some kind of grandmaster Dumbledalf

Jesus Henriquez : you're a wizard harry

Dino Sabalić : Best acting from Harrison since the first few indies. :)


Dustin Hoffart : Harrison Ford is intense!

Parker Peters : Harrison didn't get an oscar for this? Absurd!

bulbadox : its a shame he is not very inviting even in the movies..."get out of my plane".

Regen Syscronos : You need to get out or Ford might get a heart attack

AAD : I know how he put the card in the orange without cutting it but what I dont is: 1) How did he know Harrison would choose the orange 2) How did he which card Harrison is going to choose 3) Did the card really left the deck or he stopped him before he can check all the cards I still believe Harrison was not in on it.

Raymundo11 : ah i see mr. Ford is still a good actor

Xait : 1:10 look at the speed of middle finger.

Brainbuster : I'm amazed at how many ppl are so stupid that they think Ford is playing along.  What lazy thinkers you are!  You comfort yourselves in an easy explanation that a 10 year old could come up with.  Many other magicians do this classic trick, including Michael Ammar and Doc Eason.  It's a classic, like cups&balls or linking rings.  There are many variations of it.  I've even done it (not necessarily using an orange...but having a thought of card appear inside the lining of a spectator's coat (Max Malini did that in the 1800's), having a thought-of-card OR signed card appear in your wallet, in a sealed envelope, etc.).  Idiots can't figure out the real method to a simple magic trick, so they instantly cry, "Paid actors!"

Joe Momma : He realized boy was doing some demon shit ain't want no demons in his place

TheSmilodon85 : ROLMFAO that's the same shit i would of said LOL

illricky : What's Han so impressed about, he helped save the galaxy from the empire.

saveangel : David Blaine is creepy.

sam irani : the super crazy trick aside, Harrison ford's reaction was even better than black people's

Jeremiah Smith : You heard him! Get off his pla- I mean house.

Ed Syed : Actually no, he planted the orange there. Look how hes looking at it when harrison is about to pick a fruit, plus he points to it before hand.

Steven Aguiar : Turns out... Harrison Ford was just high af. Forgot how they set up the trick before the cameras rolled aaaaand... That. *source* Rooster teeth podcast #494 Time stamp is about 50 minutes.

CTM : To address everyone on here saying that Harrison was in on it: he most likely wasn't. This trick is very possible, it isn't incredibly difficult, and there are many many variations of it, so many that you've probably seen nearly the same trick, just with the reveal a different way. To everyone saying that they need an explination of the trick to believe Harrison wasn't in on it: why? There is a reason that no one is telling you, and that is because, as the famous quote goes, "a magician never reveals his secrets." It is in very bad taste for someone to explain a trick, especially someone else's trick. Don't get upset because someone won't tell you how the trick is done; no self-respecting magician will. And to anyone who HAS revealed how the trick is done: screw you. You are one of the worst type of person (who hasn't done anything illegal).

Johnny R : Devil be gone!

Heather Spoonheim : Kid, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe there's one all-powerful force controlling everything. There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.  9 of hearts!!! Get the F*)$ out of my house!