How to Succeed with Brunettes 1967 US Navy Dating Etiquette Training Film MN-10283C

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Jeff Quitney : If you would like to make a contribution to keep the channel going:

Pete Kuhns : Just when I thought I knew everything...

星Satori星 : Please upload their guide for big tiddy goth girls please

TLR Sexuality : haha was this really a US Navy film?

Adam Blade : Men stopped being gentlemen because women stopped being ladies. Thanks feminism.

N : The Chad Officer VS. The Virgin Private

Stormtrooper Joe : This was only recently declassified due to it's dangerous contents

Levi Paladin : This brunette seems to "succeed" with a lot of sailors.

Mat S : its nice that the army tried to help you getting laid back then...

Enforcer : 2018 version: "how to succeed with queer metrosexual gender-fluid pink-haired hasbian"

California Lewis : Chivalry died with feminism. We're splitting the bill

Southern Fun : Rumor has it this chick came back 50 years later to accuse this man of rape.

Nintendo Sucks : This doesn't work in 2018, now you gotta know if she's a man or not cause you never know, you just never know.

showlegacy619 : People in the 60’s had nice clothes

Dantick09 : I feel like a caveman for not having thought of some of these, then again I never go out on dates

Scotty : stopped at the 3 minute mark. i think i've learned enough. time to put theory into action!

Adam Blade : Unlike modern women, women in the 60's actually deserved respect.

Stewart Cornelisse : This comments section is an incel goldmine

palindrome06 : Today, modern women find these men "weak" and "boring" and they say there is no "spark" and they friendzone them.

Basement Berean : Naval Intelligence is still trying to solve "The Redhead Problem."

Chuckle Dell : Brunettes are hotter than Blondes | Change my Mind

Smug Anime Girl : 0:00 - the Chad womanizer 3:04 - the Virgin gentleman

Bruce Wayne : The secret is finally out.

greg77389 : The good ol' days... When the men were men and the women were women.

olakxx : "How to Succeed with Brunettes" me: "oh men! this is going to be good! -_First of all, be late._ *Instant gold...*

Lord Worst : .jokes aside, in germany and sweden they have videos for muslims on how to threat european (or any) woman.

Peter Rhines : Imagine all the brunettes in this time period, "I keep going out with guys from the Navy but they're always late"

T Sama : Nowadays most women get mad at both of these types of guys.

Wojciech Kapelinski : Proud culture destroyed by (((liberals)))

Boyd Seabiscuit : never realized the navy trained thot slayers back in the days.

Bellerophon2200 : 1967, 7 years after the beginning of America's transformation into a hellscape.

BJB : Don't be a SQUARE

Catana Bitia : The good old days when women had respect for men and for themselves, and men had respect for women and commanded respect by being gentlemen. The good old days when women weren't entitled to men's attention, work, and money, but recognized that they had to give back. The good old days where we didn't have ugly feminists protesting and complaining about men all the time, in the streets, in the news, in books, in the schools, in the homes... The good old days when masculinity wasn't synonymous with "rape", but something to be honored, just as femininity.

Mike Bennett : This guide only applies to brunettes manufactured in the USA in the 1940s and 50s.

FurysRage1 : this video would make modern feminists heads explode

Mike M : Anyone else like brunettes/dark haired women more than blondes? I feel like a minority, everyone goes nuts for blondes, I rarely do.

PissedOff RebelinMI : And then, hippies came along, turning Tradcons into feminists, leaving the next generation of men not knowing up or down with women.


That Boy : I knew the government was hiding how to get girlfriend secrets from me

Vdaddy : The good old days... I was born at the wrong time.

The Hero of Canton : The beginning of cuckery.

AudCavalier : I got really nostalgic watching this video, despite me being 30 y/o... as I can see, those were easier times and I got stuck in the age of extreme feminists, where I basically have to apologize for being born male, where if I am polite with a girl she'll get angry at me, where everything bad that happens is my fault while everything good that happens is thanks to these women and I should thank them (but then again if I actually thank them, they'll claim harassment...) No kidding, last dates I've got recently I basically acted like the 2nd guy (because my parents educated me that way; despite everyone in the modern world telling me to be a plain douchebag that only goes for sex), and a girl even told me when i opened the door for her "I HAVE HANDS, YOU KNOW?"

Matthew Aislabie : Don't care what modern 'feminists' say. Women NEVER want to be treated as equal. They either want to be treated as your Queen (if she has class) or as your ...mmmm ...something else all together.

Easy Peasy : "While the woman is speaking don't forget to nod and smile periodically so she believes that you are listening."

Nexven : Never show this to an incel or a MGTOW lmao

眩暈夢 : Girl is fine.

passerell : I love how they were being sarcastic back then but people do recommend things like these for real nowadays.

linux750 : Adult Swim was made to parody old videos like this.

Noontime Spender : They need to educate a sailor on how to deal with a Thai hooker.

Dextruider : *We men are willing to do these* but only if the woman is worthy. Sadly, not too many worthy women nowadays.