Abba - Knowing me knowing you - Official video HD HQ

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Harpazo Time : This is a very well written song !

Carolyn Kirby Dudley : Probably their best song. High praise since I think that ABBA is the most perfect group ever.

Thomas Kolde : Memories.....Good days/bad days........, They'll be with me always.......<3

William Overly : A word to Benny and Bjorn: if they had never written anything else, THIS song stands as a classic, matching the Cole Porters and Irving Berlins of the past. Anyone who thinks these guys weren't geniuses is dead wrong!

Mark Ash-Petta : I like THIS "Official" video just aas much as the other "Official" one :)

Alpha Go : When Sweden was great

John Soule : This is a fantastic composition but I don’t think the video images fit well. The guys are all smiles laughing in a sail boat singing a break-up song? The version with them in the snow is better context, plus we see Agnetha singing her parts.

TailsTheFox1990 : From the "ABBA-Dabba-Doo" TV special, a wonderful show....

pity : Lindo vídeo💖💖💖 Uma novidade pra mim,obg por postar😉

Mark Stevenson : 3:02 is Bjorn doing an impression of Rik Mayall? lol