The Optimal Number of Arms

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rizoph : Your videos have quickly become some of my favorites. Keep going at it!

BowlsofSteal : man(?) can you talk about squids and crocodiles infinite size stat growth? It is true or myth?

Luke Farmer : It really is amazing how many different classes and builds this game has

Tiduidu : "Dude go for high INT, it's the best stat" All it gives me is chat and I need to organise PvP with a bunch of other wankers. Goddamn bullshit.

Snow : I'd like to see some bacteria builds, especially now considering multiple bacteria are adapting to the countermeasures humans have for them

Nate Kirchoff : Do the bee's. Let's see an S tier.

comotastu : don't forget to ink the area behind the spawn point, IT'S FREE REAL STATE!

TipsGalore : Using Primitive Technology as a citation for human INT, Lol

I'm Funny I Swear : The wisdom mechanic is completely broken. Human players are supposed to be a pacifist play through, not OP tanks.

Nicholas Stoll : could you talk about the so-called "immortal" builds? I know they're jellyfish, and I've seen a few things about them, but couldn't really understand how it works with so little organic complexity points

loom : will you do a guide on the jungle server?

Filip Reineholm-Hult : Please explain why objectively broken shit like Human hasn't been nerfed yet.

Krunglefuck 5000 : I don't wanna be "that guy" but you should do a vid on humans

Miriam Isler : Dude you forgot cuttlefish! Or well, you stuck then under squids. Which I kind if get? But they're arguably more intelligent, have the same stealth abilities of octopuses, and this one really specific build has toxic abilities. They're one of my favorite builds, and they always get ignored, so I'm a little touchy about it. I love you're channel tho!

Dandvadan : I really like how the game has a dynamic gameplay system that changes the starting points based on the decisions of past players.

GalaticCyrus : hey i just got to know your channel through a friend. and i absolutely love it! amazing content!

joaov2 : What about the Cuttlefish class? Do you have to pay for it or is there a way to unlock it? I heard it has cool stealth like the octopus but more DEF.

Wolf with Laces : I love your videos, love it, i needed some of these advice, i look forward to more tutorials. Do you plan to talk about the arthropod servers? I want to try out some good arachnid builds, but the pvp is insane, i was looking into it and i think the jumping class has some potential. What do you think?

Reinified - Gaming : They were engaging in an arms race.

Psychotic Gengar : Such an underrated channel, so fun to watch. Keep it up :D

Aokoen : Watchout! There is an update that trap a lot of newbies! Did you know a patch modified how we class mollusks? They removed the invertebrate category as we can't class something about what your future character don't have. Once you have chosed mollusk, arthropods or even one kind of worm, you will have to go to the previous menu to chose another "invertebrate".

Kevin Guo : 1:16 hey, isn't that a cuttlefish, not a squid?

Haidyn W : We should buff other animals weak to the squid's grab game.

Peacuch : Can we please make fun of the human build?

Jonas Kr. : This is great! I think the idea to talk about animals in the framework of a game if brilliant. I am going to go on a binge now. Here is some (constructive) criticism: - I think a higher resolution for the font in the chart shots wouldn't betray the artstyle but would make the imaginary a lot more pleasing and the text easier to read. - You seemingly do quite a bit of research (though I can't really make a call on that, my biology is on high school level), and I assume you collect your sources somewhere. You could give us a nice starting point for our own follow up research, if you linked one or two of your sources in the description, or link a read-only-access link to a google doc, where you collect the sources. -Shots showing a black silhouette of the animals on a white slate on a black background (like 2:50 or 3:00 ) might be more powerful if you inverted the colour of the images, creating clean white silhouettes on the black background without any borders. -Depending on the editing software you are using (lightworks is free and kinda works for this), it can be very easy to create basic animations for the stat-bars. There are a number of ways you could do that, a stretch, a morph, or even a scroll. This way you could transition from one genus/species/... to another with cool moving bars indicating a gradual change (as in evolution) and that there are all the different animals with all the different balances exist.

Trogdor The Burninator : 2

Jan Gabriel De Guzman : was just gonna ask about the humboldt squid packs and how intelligent they were to a point where they kill their own members if they were caught and altered by the human faction, adding synthetics like cameras and whatnot. I like cephalopods tbh. they terrify me.

Franco Carranza : I wanna main a fungi. You got a guide for the best mushroom build?

AcixCube : Man this type of explaining is such a good idea! Makes it way more entertaining and watchable than the usual education vids <3

Spetsnaz Kitten : is that, elder scrolls arena soundtrack I hear?

Connie Lacey : These videos are so cool!

Cometmoon448 : 4:14 Woah. Sorry, octopus, I know you think you're the stealthiest player around, but that fish thing had you COMPLETELY fooled.

Pencake : I am so confused. What game are you talking about

Jacob Gooding : What are some viable plant builds?

Aaron Bale : Btw you were banned from Reddit because SWJ cunts like Alexis Ohanian are the reason Aaron Swartz is dead.

TenLittleMen : I'm so happy my friends recommended this channel to me.

Eduardo Kopik : the japanese have been asking this question for a while

Atticus Lee : I love how you frame it like WoW or Runescape, like a build for a class but biology.

Tanner Barnes : Please go over sharks sometime!

salamander man : Do you mind doing one with pinniped true seals?

BC Nation : What game are we even talking about? No one ever mentioned the name of it or anything so far.

casual scarecrow : please make a video about the avian raptor classes (Owls, Falcons, Hawks, Eagles, etc.) or the broke asf Human class

Zelculo The Squid : So, when do we think cuttlefish will be added as a player class? The planned stats have already been leaked and they seem to have equal stealth to octopi, decently high speed, and some neat vision buffs.

Jonathan Morse : this is one of the most incredible channels on youtube

Erdmännelchen : What is the best Avian-Predator Class?

BluefinManta : 1:16 that's a cuttlefish, not a squid. Also, I'm surprised you didn't say anything about the cuttlefish or nautilus sub-classes: there's more to cephalopods than squids and octopodes!

DjofDeVos : you translate the logic so easly idk the since but i know whats up

JJ Greeno : I choose N'Golo Kan- oh I mean the killer whale

ThePDOG9 : Please make more of these :D

Геннадий Бесфамильный : why so much osrs