The Optimal Number of Arms

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rizoph : Your videos have quickly become some of my favorites. Keep going at it!

Dark Enforcer : Tier zoo please cover top tier support builds I am a support player and I am having a tough time finding a good build

Garrett McGhee Films : like, I actually learned somwthing...

Dean Natuno : *Binge watching all of his videos.*

Tebrica : 1:17 is actually a cuttlefish :/

Thicc Christian : This man said octopuses

Stingraysquad : C'mon, mimic octopus is clearly atleast low S

davoodinator : Some secret classes you forgot to mention: 1. Cuttlefish (Enchanter specialization, support AND assassin class) 2. Nautilus (Actual tank build, but horrible dps) 3. Scallop (Stealth class, garbage tier)

Original Name : Someone needs to make a wiki

masterpbk : Shit I clicked this video as I opened up RS and swore the music was lagged

Alex Abdullah : "Alright everyone, let's talk cephalopods." --me walking into a bar

Justin Jacobs : You passed over my favorite niche class, Cuttlefish. It takes the grabs from Squids and marrys them with the intelligence and stealth of octopus. It's Hypnosis is pretty OP.

Baron Thundercunt : Honestly mate im really impressed by this originality. Its funny but also genius in concept, the videos are well made and genuinely interesting. Can't say I know of many other channels with this sort of extreme type of niche originality.

Slaughterloo : We need to talk about omnivorous mammals. It seems like omnivores of all sizes, from lowly rodents to mighty bears, have an unfair advantage over obligate herbivores or carnivores. How is this fair?

Tatu Rajala : But what about the octopus armor dlc? Witch includes coconut shells

AEC Draco : You forgot to mention octopi's regenerative abilities, making then able to restore lost hp if they escape an confrontation

DjentleMÅN Rye : What kind of channel is this ?? Omg its Genius. Yes I'm a squid

Your still my friend, right Squidward? : I had no idea that squids could pack hunt until I watched this video. You are teaching me more than my biology teacher!

meanwhile elsewhere : What are the best classes pre-dinousaur expansion

Kolte leader : cuttlefish also have max stealth

Thesaurus Rex : If they ever release a balance patch that buffs Cephalopod lifespans, especially allowing overlapping Octopus generations, I have a feeling they'd quickly jump to S tier and really upset the ocean region metas. They might even start affecting continental metas.

David Rosen : I'm commenting for the sake of the YouTube metric. Just showing some love.

SizzlingFlames : I’m not comfortable with how little comments are talking about the use of runescape damage numbers

Travis : How about a map series, where some of the A and S tier favorites from the past can be analyzed in competition despite being different builds altogether. But the main purpose would be to dicuss what has made all classes there successful and what is most challenging.

Ethanotor Oculus : "Outplaced by dolphins" *WHALES*

Moorm : I would really like to see a video on the molluscs, i.e. 'The worst animals'

Steinar447 : Got here from spazies vid, your content is simply brilliant!

Gabe Dresen : You turned into one of my favorite channels in two videos

TipsGalore : Using Primitive Technology as a citation for human INT, Lol

Jesus Jesus : That primitive technology reference though

Jovic Beltran : what is this game and where can i get it?

Christian Zapien : Hope you make it

TheTachyon : Actually, the new update added the cuttlefish class, which has even higher stealth, slightly nerfing the octopus.

Dungeon Dad : 10 arm master race!

Qyiu m3 : Am interested in some kind of troll builds. I've seen this weird bird build of the Kakapu. I see it as a staple of the past of how some builds ruin specific servers and that is what makes me so intrested in the owl parrot. Could you give us more examples of a really specific build being ruined by other invasive builds?

Ethan Taylor : for humans i think that there should be intelligence stats called language and then internal dialogue as that's what gives us our incredible categorisation abilities. dolphins would have the language stat but not the internal dialogue stat.

Dylan Anderson : This channel caught me off guard when I first found it

Tofu Kingpin : I've seen enough hentai to know where this video is going...

Mushy : I will never look at an animal ever again without thinking of guilds and builds

threeleggedoctopus : Nice. Found my video. This helped me a lot in the newest patch.

Vladimir Blagoev : Imagine an MMO where you pick an animal instead of a class and you evolve instead of getting gear

Luca : This channel is brilliant 😂 greetz from sp4zie

Oxopoha : Cephalopods dominated the Beta.

Omega GX : I wish this was an actual game

Brad Schaefer : Can you do a video discussing the myth about the religion stat

Ian McCourry : So I think that the Cuttlefish would be a good mix of the 10 arm vs 8 arm classes. They have the 10 arms of a squid but the camoflauge of the octopus.

Sour Boi : Your videos are amazing, and could be even useful knowledge, and I can’t wait for a collab with someone like brave wilderness

cjoutdoors1991 : Yes! You noted Primitive Technology in one of your videos!

Lewis Cook : The RuneScape game references got me subscribe

TheRetarded Potato : I love primitive technology