The Optimal Number of Arms

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rizoph : Your videos have quickly become some of my favorites. Keep going at it!

Dark Enforcer : Tier zoo please cover top tier support builds I am a support player and I am having a tough time finding a good build

Justin Jacobs : You passed over my favorite niche class, Cuttlefish. It takes the grabs from Squids and marrys them with the intelligence and stealth of octopus. It's Hypnosis is pretty OP.

Stingraysquad : C'mon, mimic octopus is clearly atleast low S

Lewis Cook : The RuneScape game references got me subscribe

Trey Love : I just binge watched every episode...... The addictability of this channel has been maxed out. The only thing that holds it back is the lack of content currently available. If this channel continues to grow at its current rate it will dominate the meta and trancend the cheap and often hated jake paul build.

Jacob Pisello Duga : I have no clue what I've stumbled upon but I love it.

Das LeTho : this chanel randomly appeared in my feed an DAMN was i confused what this is about.... to be honest i'm still not sure.

Robert Gavrila : Im confused, is this real life documentary? Is it a game? Or am i being a normie and not understanding this is a meme?

TipsGalore : Using Primitive Technology as a citation for human INT, Lol

Evolution : sorry to mention sharks again on a different video but even though octopuses have the highest stealth in the game sharks have an ability that negates the entire stealth stat for those who have a nervous system, electroreception

Alex Arias : Hey you should have also talked about how an octopus will pretty much die after having sex once. Or squid can't remember

Cat-ion : This is a really fun lens to view biology through. Makes good on the idea of "The Game of Life"

Corrupted Archangel : I know this is a controversial question but does the Human class need a nerf? I know the devs aren't big in nerfing but there has to be a point when you call something to OP.

Gustav : I think you got confused, the ink ability that the octpus subclass has doesnt grant the octopus a stealth buff, you might think so if you haven't played the octopus yourself but its actually an AoE DEBUFF that you place on your enemies, giving them temorary blind. It cant affect everything though as some enemies has stats or abilities that negate it and you gotta aim it properly. Hope that cleared that up! Love the vids, keep it up.

Peter G : My Octopus build just hit level 7 and unlocked the 'Terrain familiarity' feat, which gives it advantage on stealth rolls when in kelp, fine sand and coral. Needless to say, he's getting pretty damn OP...

LuckoDaStars Studios : Stop playing RuneScape music damn it you're making me nostalgic

A N O D Y N E F I X : inb4 I get hate for considering pre-alpha canonical to the current version, yes I know it's a stretch, but what human players have dug up on it, makes me think that the devs have intended on pre-alpha being still canon. There isn't too much, but we have concept art, and old human guilds were built up around their worship of pre-alpha players Watching this video about cephalopod builds reminds me about some of my favorite pre-alpha builds. I know there wouldn't be any point in making a build video on them since they're so dated, but could we at least touch briefly on either shoggoth, cthulhi, or yith builds? I know according to at least a few fairly credible human mains that there are some people crazy enough to keep those kinds of classes running even though they're out of touch with the current meta.

Dungeon Dad : 10 arm master race!

Christopher Hlass : Is this game in production tho, I kinda would actually pay a AAA quality full $60 for it. So unique, never seen anything like it on steam

Garrett McGhee Films : like, I actually learned somwthing...

VolumeHunter : You always say -player, builds and now character select screen, is this a game?

James Crean : This is a glorious gem of a channel.

Tiduidu : "Dude go for high INT, it's the best stat" All it gives me is chat and I need to organise PvP with a bunch of other wankers. Goddamn bullshit.

Tyson Renshaw : A TierZoo video randomly popped up on my feed. I've watched 3 and read many comments and have no idea what this is. What is going on? Is this a game? Help, I'm old.

Tree Hunna : This guy is the F-ing best man

Meet Lawf : The RuneScape nostalgia

Julien Fenoglio : Shoutout to flamboyant cuttlefish players! How about a video on troll builds?

Switch Bros : The mollusc guild is so convoluted, they don't even make it obvious that you should stack INT.

tiny tonic : cuttlefish

Pounce Baratheon : More marine invertebrates! I've been a Turritopsis dohrnii build for a looooong time now.

MUSIC EAT PEOPLE : Oh boy I love discovering quality new channels!

Psychotic Gengar : Such an underrated channel, so fun to watch. Keep it up :D

Remi Manzo : Domestic classes? Btw how are barn owls, they seem pretty deep into the aesthetics tree?

nccapnick6 : Do you talk like it's a video game or is this actually a game? Idk

RedTheGamer957 Rocket League, GTA, ArK & Much More! : I wish this was an actual game

Andrew Raynor : I love that you use lots of Runescape original noises and graphics!

Nate Kirchoff : Do the bee's. Let's see an S tier.

Torin : Do a video on the strange creature builds on modded servers pls. (Fictional creatures)

Nick Paulucci : You should make a game like this that is a free Rome survival game were you need to survive explore discover artifacts and more. Like if you agree

Tebrica : 1:17 is actually a cuttlefish :/

evuriday1 : What game is this?

comotastu : don't forget to ink the area behind the spawn point, IT'S FREE REAL STATE!

Evo TV : Humans

Zwish King : You say in your about page that you wish to make us care about zoology, and this one worked for me, the intelligence of the octopi works for me!

recentteen14 : I tried Bobtail Squid once. Fun class for ganking, would recommend if you don't mind the short game time.

Slaughterloo : We need to talk about omnivorous mammals. It seems like omnivores of all sizes, from lowly rodents to mighty bears, have an unfair advantage over obligate herbivores or carnivores. How is this fair?

Luke Farmer : It really is amazing how many different classes and builds this game has

Yuven : When you say pack tactics is only available to high int builds; are ants not included as pack hunters?

st0ox : can you send me a link to this game?