"Do not bully people" - Ninja
Video exposing Ninja as the hypocrite that he is

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Ninja aka cuck, ninja fans owned :}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}.


Sam and Son : ㄒ卄乇 千ㄩ匚Ҝ ㄚㄖㄩ 丂卂ㄚ ㄒㄖ 爪乇 ㄚㄖㄩ ㄥ丨ㄒㄒㄥ乇 丂卄丨ㄒ

Arthur Morgan : Reported for stream sniping

Easy Fuly : (0:21) When you use echolocation to find other dolphins

KookieJung : 1:39 my mom when i tell her to buy me VBucks..

Creepyboy 75 : 0:08 When a Moped starts 0:21 When a Car finnaly starts after 50 Years 0:25 When a Jet starts

Lem : *Bully Hunter has joined the game*

Swmp Dj : 2:09 Ninja.exe has crashed

Tipul Pistolar : *0:22** how anime girls laugh*

NoItsPatrick : *What does the fox say* 0:25

Resonance Wav : Lmao back when ninja was actually funny


KILLER : 0:21 *Old cars* 0:25 *Lamborghini*

Kid Arachnid : 0:25 *when your dog meets your best friend for the first time...*

Majla here : 0:25 R.I.P head phone users

Sgt. Selim : 0:25 when you step on lego

Strigil N : Kid in the 80's gets insulted: **pulls out tongue** Kid nowdays gets insulted: *0:04*

Missfits Stillions : Ninja: don't bully Also ninja: DIE IN A FUCCIN FIRE

Otakamerd : Ninja: Don't bully guys, its not nice Also Ninja: *screams like mental patient over a video game*

Monster 11088 : OMG 0:25 I had to turn my volume down

Supreme Eric : 0:21 When Spongebob hears a joke and laughs 🧽

Creepyboy 75 : The cat goes meow The cow goes moo The dog goes 0:25

I E D B : Me: Mom can we have Burger King? Mom: 1:39

MysticMana : When ninja is on crack everyday instead of redbull Good old days

Abdulkadir Abdulkadir : I remeber when this meme was actually funny.


MoonBase : ninja 2018: *do not bully people* youtube: lets rewind!

conamus : 0:25/ my teachers when I play up in their class, they kid is like me 😂 the teachers screaming and I just die of laughter every time

Entity : 1:29 when u find some thing to lie to ur parents so that u go to a party

Cringe Tube : The most wonderfull video that i have ever seen in my life

Boba : 1:39 When your family is officially pissed off when you ask for v-bucks 24/7

n0tches : 2:01 when you can’t come up with a legit counter argument

LPS Purdy : Ninja- do not bully people Me- it's rewind time

mikiig : Spam 2 and enjoy your new pet.

My boi Chungus : 0:25 godzilla budget version if you played it at speed 0.25x

lus flores : Mom: get of your Xbox Son: no Mom: 0:04

Zeppy Brawl Stars : Ninja: can I have a skin Epic: HAL NO CREAMY: Can i have a skin? Epic: HAL YES

Cristian Montero : Man, the old Ninja was a butt hole.

Mia _Phsyco : “Do not bully people” 🤔

one shed a tear DA real : The cat goes meow The dog goes woof And ninja when angry goes 0:25

Gus : 1:39 when I ask my mom if we can stop at McDonald’s

FinNote : "You're adopted" 😂😂😂😂😂

The Golden Giraffe : 0:25 when you talk back to your teacher.

Fresh_ S4d0wᬔᬒ : The best video on internet


Elii : At 0:26 in the background you can hear a whisper that says “Successful turtle”

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : *y u bully me*

Gu Sold- : And he just recently made a clip making fun of Console players can’t build, but there isn’t a single console player who can’t build slower than ninja😂

THE PC DOCTOR : He wasn’t bullying people.... never mind 🤗

I'm Bored : 1:01 When I think I saw a bug but it was just dust