"Do not bully people" - Ninja

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Kayos 47 : keep the great stuff lmao <3


Martin Arevalo : 0:22 When a old car car starts up. 0:25 When a lambo starts up.

Sam and Son : ㄒ卄乇 千ㄩ匚Ҝ ㄚㄖㄩ 丂卂ㄚ ㄒㄖ 爪乇 ㄚㄖㄩ ㄥ丨ㄒㄒㄥ乇 丂卄丨ㄒ

Abraham A Kuri : One time I saw a kid getting beat up by 4 kids So I decided to step in He didn’t stand a chance against all 5 of us

S A : imagine being a grown adult that beats children at a sport/video game all day and pretends he's actually good.

FinNote : "You're adopted" 😂😂😂😂😂

Breshy Bro : 0:04 When You say "Dad Can I Use Your Credit card"

Green Dorito64 : 0:25 *_Everytime When A Dog Sees Me_*

Schmidteren : What a nice role model for all the kids to look up to.

Assassin1250 : Why you gotta make fun of a dead dude? Ligma aint a joke man.

Lem : *Bully Hunter has joined the game*

Sam Famous : I watched him speak at Twitch Con, He is easily one of the most Disingenuous person I have ever seen try to speak. Even Tony Hawk who sounded like he didn't even want to be there and knew nothing about twitch, sounded more genuine and enjoyable.

Goofy : 0:22 me pretending to laugh when someone says an offensive joke about me. 0:25 how I actually feel.

D/-\T : 0:10 to 0:24 put 0.25x speed and sounds like they are drunk

scumi : *Bullying rate drops to a whopping* *_0%_*

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : *y u bully me*

The Legend : The cat goes meow The cow goes moo The dog goes 0:25

Kareem Semakula : Ninja has left the chat *NinjasHyper has joined the chat*

Deutsches Vaterland. : 0:26 when I stepped on my dog’s tail

Limelightning 3000 : Ninja is a very abnoctious idiot. Comment=Ninja Like=Pewdiepie

lol who did this : Absolute madlad

Cornelius Humphredonkus : 1:30 O H G E E Z R I C K

Raquel Nieto-Tyler : 0:25 When A Dog Sees Me

darknategamer 06 : 0:35 when people die by me in fortnite

Ozy DaBoi : Ninja.exe has stopped working

Fewse : Curb your bullying

yaboi_ games : my cat goes MOW a bird goes chirp my dog goes 0:25

Roy Z : smash like if you are part of the nine year old army

a n x i e t y 焦慮 : Ninja is the biggest hypocrite ever. Why I avoid watching him, he is such a toxic and annoying person

The Hh : This video just sums up Ninja

fearfatch : Guy who got killed by Ninja: “you know crouch spamming is not supposed to be in the game right?” Ninja: “neither are my balls on your chin, but yet here we are..” 😂😂 I want the old ninja back

Kitsuneko Jay : We have an announcement to make STOP BULLYING!

owen o : Ninja: Fortnite, can you please make me a skin... Fortnite: We already did, *The TOXIC TROOPER*

Little Stealth : Don’t play at 0:26 at 0.25x speed. Why did you do it?

bruno x lol lk : everyone we have an announcement to make Stop bullying in fortnite!!!

Ghoul_HaVocC : Here come ninjas fanboys

Sethy _ : Play 0:08 on 0.25 speed and 0:22 aswell

ooSkarK : What does the fox say 0:25

HD TV : *I thank God each day and night for this perfect video.* *#GodBlessAmerica*

Legendary Duck : 0:25 0:25 0:25 0:25

Gabriel Barsch : ninja? more like *CRINJA* hahaha im so funny

Matous K : 0:24 😂my favourite part😂

Bordan Jelfort : 0:25 When you little brother is trying to reach for your french fries

Gankie : Im qcc crying at 00:25

AM1362-Roblox- : 1:10 look at this dude huhu

Gini e : 0:25 my fav moment

The Man In the Suit : I hate ninja too

xXDRAGON PROXx ARCHIVE : @ 0:08 put your playback speed at .25x youll love it

Salmonella Fridge : I put 0:04 in my class full volume oof