Survivor: Crab Holding A Knife Fights For Its Life In The Kitchen!

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RC Play Ground : I wish I could save crab

Paulo Eusebio : Them crustaceans are evolving. Soon they will be shooting AR-15s.

Combine Soldier : he did more than france in ww2

Ad¡ _ : Top 10 anime duels

Isabela Lira : 0:28 "oh he surrendered"

Arun K : should have thrown a pokeball at it

Grim_creeper 1104 : You mess with crabo you get stabo

Cham1 : Crime is so high in Brazil that even the crabs are arming themselves.

Rextanks211 : *En guarde!*

ScareVixen : Krabby tried to HM01 him.

Sunflare Or Something : I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!

Bruno Da Silva : That guy is brazillian, north brazillian. <3

Trident33 : Think crabs could in a million years evolve to human like creatures

качаю реакцию : Вот дауны, зачем над животным издеваться.

SuperAdventure SuperJacques : This is too funny

Sgt.Derp, bolshevik pepe : *My current friends 30 years from now sitting down with their wives families. *thinks about me for the first time in those 30 years. "I wonder what he's up to rn?" ^me.

Hannah Rose : 0:27 MERCY

Star Goddess : @Ozzyman reviews

Ratio Tile : Only being that can defeat thanos

Knightfr : The new Kingdom Come Deliverance looks good !

Ezikiel Melara : Sammeri crab

TooleralusAEnima : Citizen Snips

Case D : that poor thing

policeseanandswat ahahah : Breaking news: crabs are un seemingly wielding knifes and threatening citizens of Russia. Will this world be taken over of crabs. That will need to wait, next time on CNN news.

Chester GC : I didn't expect the crab to be French

JordanCskywalker ! : 0:28 I SURRENDER I HAVE A FAMILY IM SORRY”. Me: XD

Ruth : animal abuse

Jenny _s : did he die?😂

Alex Is AWESOME Mig : It has earned its freedom

DragonFruitXVI : The prodigal son has returned! Knife crab!

Messer Morfeo : Next time fight him with a knife of the same size, coward!

Felisha : I don't know whether to laugh or be scared for the crab. Either way, it seems that crab has some smarts to pick up the knife to knife fight. And what was the guy saying? "That's not a knoife. THIS is a knoife!"

Alex Lushiku : Hahaha


Chris Reaper : I didn't Knew Krabby could learn Slash.

The Snark Knight : Noooo, don't hurt it! D:

magicdog2013 Games : R.I.P MR KRABS Last words:You, You monster!

bLablAgodzilla360 : You see how he sheathed the knife back into his waist? Crab came from Hokkaido, a true samurai!

HeroInHelp : Am I ever glad we're not the size of ants! Otherwise we'd be having an awful time against these bastards. Also, I hope we don't become some alien's food source and whatever they are hopefully won't end up filming us the way we do when we delight in eating prey.

DMANSLIDE3 : It was a fair duel

Vankata456 : -samurai crab

Beladonna McCoy : Yes, this is really sad. At least, if the man must play with the crab, he should have the same size steak knife too, so it can be equal. If the man had the same size knife, as the crab, the man probably be scare that the crab would cut him, win, and surrender.


Rich Feliz : Ya fought well crab.. ya fought well..

Harley1232006 U : MANS GOT A SHANK

Kurt Beck : In the end he gave up!

Kenneth Gafford : A fighting crab like that probably tastes the best

Vy Nguyen : Let him live!!!!

scruffles 383 : *rules of nature intensifies*

Angle : مش عبده الحنجل الا اللي يخاف من سكينة"