Queeblo 001 - Whopper and a Forty
Ive found myself re listening to this classic lately Ahead of its time

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New video. I did this. Old style. Meet Queeblo... You fuckin' feel this Queeblo T Shirt? http://creased-comics.myshopify.com/products/featured-shirt This is Queeblo. Meet him. He is new. He sings. He thinks. He tells stories. He exists in handmade videos. He lives a life I once lived. This is the first of many for him. Also, there shall be more characters, too. Thanks! Brad Neely


Patches : "The first of many new videos" I still have faith, Brad.

Jared Gunkle : he wears bandages on his neck to hide the tattoo at work thats such a neat detail

DucksExist : "Retract my Logans" Why is this line so brilliant?

capnfoo : This is my broke theme song, as long as I have 5 bucks by 6pm I can get 24oz of cheap 12% alcohol for $2.50 and two dollar burgers with the change. Have done that every day for months before.

Not_Drew_ : This is my favorite Burger King commercial.

coconuthunterlemons : Brad you gotta come back man already two years since this.

Foggy Doggy : Wait wtf, this is old and YouTube thinks I needed this. Well you know what? YouTube was right. Needs more views.

chrisherself : I haven't found a bad mood that this can't defeat.

BugPope : That feeling when I wish I'd ever been a Queeblo in real life, but I'm really a Baby Cakes...

K-Blue : Queeblo reminds me so much of me and my old high-school friend Josh. Just two shirtless, lower-middle class white kids bumming around convenience stores and a drug house in the crappy, squalor of downtown. Always scrounging loose change together to get two Big-Bites for two bucks (we got the liquor from friends). And I might not have skated, but I had a nice ass motor scooter that I bought from some rich kid for $25. Just rode all over with a hot dog in my left hand, and a flask that we shared in my right pocket. Maybe if this became a series, I'd get to watch it and just relive it all...(sigh)

SlimeQueenSupreme : Retracting one's Logans is such an elegant expression that I must find a way to integrate it into my daily life.

Hyaena hyaena : My eagerness for Queeblo 002 still hasn't dimmed. This is legit one of my favorite songs, and I usually have fairly esoteric tastes. My patience for you is forever, Brad!

Morpheus ThaOrpheus : Youtube Recommended really knows a jam when it randomly turns up at 3 AM, just like a text from your boss at 6 AM

fireflocs : "This is the first of many for him." WHERE IS THE MANY

Aztechnology : Brad we feeling you. For years. Please, episode 2.


legend : Still waiting. I'm sure it'll be here soon.

Gyozomroka : best tattoo ever

Upprorr : When you feel like Queeblo but you're really Pony

Claire Russell : A few thousand of these views are just from me, tbh. Every time I remember it exists I watch it over and over and over and over and over and... It's just so perfect. Who else besides Brad Neely could squeeze so much story into a single song?

Soft Anon : It makes me so sad that there will never be Queeblo 002

Mike Davey : Brad Neely: You must donate your brain to science. It's important.

M C : Brad why do you give us these things and then take them away. You name it Queeblo 001 - Whopper and a Forty, Does it mean episode 001... or is it just called Queeblo 001? Give us a progress report! Please. We are dying.

spawnfree :  Sometimes I like to go to Brad Neely and sing songs to Brad Neely about Brad Neely.

RoboHood : $1.69? Pretty good deal for some death traps.

Ellen C : I for real have a crush on Queeblo

Scarabic Jones : Man, I love all your stuff, Neely. But this song really shows how far you've come. Like you've always had great rhythm and creativity, and it's only advanced. This is great!

AlwaysSo XSocial : Welp...guess im a queeblo fan

Beaves460 : The saga of Queeblo must continue! Please Mr. Neely, give us moooooore!

Average Moose : Good luck getting a whopper now with just 5.45

White Hippo : Brad-  Give the people what they want... MORE QUEEBLO!!!

Carmy Carm : I hold out faith for the day our god returns. We miss you Brad.

Vlad The Inhaler : Cheap wine Equine Real fine Drink line Ursine Bovine Supine Piss line

Madsketchybakehouse : Was that a Inward Heel over the barbie at the end?

legend : I strive to be like Queeblo.

MuckDogg : 45 people didn't retract their Logans!

TeaLobster : So... this is the first, now chop chop on that whole "of many" thing.

Adoxographist : happy birthday queeblo its my birthday too

I know that's right : Game of thrones fans waited two years for the final season, but i've been waiting five years for the scond queeblo episode

Lemon ballZ : Mother: what do you want to be when you grow up? Son:just like QUEEBLO

brainman : Queeblo 002. Come on, let's go!

LVhasAIDS : Y’all talking about high school!?!! I’m in my 30s and this is still my life lol

Twarkle : I will donate money for more of this

i don't like those scary german fairy tales : New Queeblo pls.

Fishert888 : Please, somebody make a queeblo clock

Da Internet : Awesome! I had to retract my Logans to type this! I need a whopper and 40 right now!

mstinasugar : Was literally just thinking about getting Burger King and this pops up in my recommended??? Creepy

Sloppy Bro : showed up in my recommended and im really happy it did

dbungus2000 : got a whooper and a 40 for breakfast, had to come watch this