buffalo jumps on trampilene00370

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on this day june9,2008 my husband and i renewed our 7th. wedding vows with our buffalo as our bestman.after words the buffalo WILDTHING had taken a jump on the kids trampilene and fell on his face.buffalo are known for killing their trainers 9 out of 10 get killed,there one of the most dangerous land animals alive.he is now 4 years and nearly 1900 pounds already bigger than other buffalo his age almost twice the size.buffalo normaly have narrow hips, not this one his hips are as wide as his head.we give this big boy birthday parties,with streamers,iceing shaped like buffalo poop with a candle on top.he loves a large roll around trashcan,he plays basketball and loves new baby animals such as baby goats,cats,dogs,horses.he's in ripley's believe it or not! and in the 2008 prepared to be shocked. ripley's book,on pages 46-47. he pulls a chairoit,plow,snowsled,skis,he dances with my husband,he's been our bestman 2 times when my husband and i renewed our 5th. and 7th. wedding vows.we have 16 contracts with animal planet,5 contracts with americas home funniest videos,1 contract with country fried home videos.news papers all over the world,famouse cutting horse chatter,and others. www.laketawakoni.com made us a webpage called [buffalo whisperer]. www.worldwidefeatures.com has a storie on us animal stories in the US.we where invited to san antonio texas to help ripley's believe it or not! with there may1,2008 grand openning to the world larges ripley's. channel 8 why guy even has our storie with our buffalo in the house.buffalogirls hotel in canton texas trades day has us bring our buffalo there every year for thier chilli cookoff and to help raise money for thier pet adoption C.L.A.W.for more info go to. www.krphotos.web.officelive.com or call 903-356-4166 the buffalo whisperer.bill envall of country fried home video named my husband rc. bridges as the [buffalo tamer]. ripley's has named him [dances with buffalo]. laketawakoni has named hime [buffalo whisperer]. rc. and sherron bridges cutting horses of quinlan texas please call us and ask questions,and please rate our videos,these are just some short clips,but i hope you all enjoy them.thank you for shareing,pale feather

Comments from Youtube

callen5469 : What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? -Bison 

Peter has blue legs : What a noob, he cant even do a front flip

Rasul : Lmao was I the only who thougt the Buffalo would be hopping on the trampoline?

Potato_Chii : When it stumbled off at 0:24 he was probably like, "YOU DARE MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MEEEE?!??" *HEAD BUTT*

Bepis Schultz : wish I had a trampilene00370

Chandrashekar Nagaraja : 8 years.. Still the title hasn't changed...

ArattaTube : Bison: I see something there.. Let me try this.. (Climbs on it) Uhh.. dont know how they play with this damn thing.. let me give a another try.. (Stumbles again..) Uhh.. Noo.. (Hears laughter..).. what?.. whos there..? omg they watching me.. wait what? they also filmed it.. what a shame.. am off..

editcetera : It wags its tail?! 

Alex Bratcher : Awwww, he's just like a giant dog :-D

merio : This is a nice trampoline ad, where can i get one of those?

ManicMindTrick : That's a voice of a nice lady I can tell.

Dilo22 : Well, he tried.

trefod : Jumps on, is a bit of a stretch.

David Curry Films : Buffalo, spring, field.

boysovereign : So when exactly does that buffalo jump

AtarahDerek : Everyone loves a trampoline.

Phyankord : pet buffalo, i never thought ide see the day.

Jennifer Armstrong : It's cruel to deprive a buffalo of its trampoline.

Opi Waran : Who else got here from the fox video?

theproducerspart2 : Buffalo is like "AWESOME TRAMPOLINE!' tries to get on and can't. "THIS THING SUCKS!"

jack gonzals : Dam. So that's how they make buffalo wings. Try to make them fly.

Raine Coleman : the Buffalo did not jump on the trampoline so why would you title it that!!!! boyyyy!!!!!!

Jessie McNichols : i love how he wags his tail, that's one happy buffalo

T.W.94 : more like awkward fall bounce

GTTeancum : Relevant: search for "Guy on a Buffalo"

lego friends : It is a bison not a buffalo

lilb1190 : Bruh, you didn't finish assembling the trampoline.

Christel Vinot : that's a hippo

rackelthejackel : I missed the part where the buffalo "jumps" on the trampoline

Rick Tomkies : I get even more amusement from all the incorrect spelling right through ALL the comments, not just the one with the buffalo (or correctly called the bison...but we won't go there!) It never ceases to amaze me how many folk really can't spell even simple words...like "thier" (their) and "listen" (should be lesson!) Don't people have spell-checks or use them?

Daisy Phreekshow : Kinda makes me wish there were Buffalo sized trampolines :3


JanssenX : Do 800 people consider this animal cruelty or something?

fluffiestbiscuit : Quality content.

Kimeryn : That trampol ine is a bit small for him....

HotCuppaCoffee : Pesky Buffaloes! They're always on my kid's swing set!

Mandy Nolan : "What is this interesting terrain"????...lol

xCinnamonCakex : Pfft, "trampilene". *Trampoline

Thomas Paine : Someone get out there and show him how to jump on the trampoline ! WOW I just read your blurb, this buffalo is famous and smart !

Laughing My Heiny Off : And for the grand finale, he takes a poop for you.

Alexandra Riquelme : .....I guess he's trying to be like Appa and fly

GeorgiZplay : Can anybody explain what a trampilence00370 is?

killersolid01 : jumps??????????????????????????????

Ken Lee : So, we need Buffalo size trampolines in all buffalo preserves?

Joeys Father : It's a Bison ......

YomYestreen : At no point did this buffalo "jump".

Psychotic Killer Pandas : I'm not even entirely sure how I got here.... This is where my phone put me.... Strange.... and I must sat I am slightly dissapointed. That was not as amusing as I thought it would be....

CJCroen1393 : Bison: This is MY trampoline now.

Martin Male : It's not a buffalo, it's a bison. Different species. Why would you want to keep this magnificent wild animal in a small area?