buffalo jumps on trampilene00370

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Peter has blue legs : What a noob, he cant even do a front flip

ArattaTube : Bison: I see something there.. Let me try this.. (Climbs on it) Uhh.. dont know how they play with this damn thing.. let me give a another try.. (Stumbles again..) Uhh.. Noo.. (Hears laughter..).. what?.. whos there..? omg they watching me.. wait what? they also filmed it.. what a shame.. am off..

JasminLeblanc : 7 years later. The author still hasnt changed the title.

Chandrashekar Nagaraja : 8 years.. Still the title hasn't changed...

Rasul : Lmao was I the only who thougt the Buffalo would be hopping on the trampoline?

lego friends : It is a bison not a buffalo

ManicMindTrick : That's a voice of a nice lady I can tell.

GerbilEssences : Buffalo, spring, field.

Dilo22 : Well, he tried.

Alex Bratcher : Awwww, he's just like a giant dog :-D

Bepis Schultz : wish I had a trampilene00370

Phyankord : pet buffalo, i never thought ide see the day.

trefod : Jumps on, is a bit of a stretch.

callen5469 : What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? -Bison 

boysovereign : So when exactly does that buffalo jump

theproducerspart2 : Buffalo is like "AWESOME TRAMPOLINE!' tries to get on and can't. "THIS THING SUCKS!"

Raine Coleman : the Buffalo did not jump on the trampoline so why would you title it that!!!! boyyyy!!!!!!

T.W.94 : more like awkward fall bounce

Christel Vinot : that's a hippo

Diamond Stackz : umm thats a Bison not a Buffalo

Jessie McNichols : i love how he wags his tail, that's one happy buffalo

MrMasabi100 : Trampilene.. How very american.

Lord Proteus : Silly moo-cow thing.

Ben Adryl : If your Buffalo is your bestman, you just might be a redneck.

Alwey Wong : correction.......bison

Navneet : Bison jumps on trampoline

merio : This is a nice trampoline ad, where can i get one of those?

Daisy Phreekshow : Kinda makes me wish there were Buffalo sized trampolines :3

Jennifer Armstrong : It's cruel to deprive a buffalo of its trampoline.

ipay youtube : Buffalo...meet your enemy.

Bluroh : thats not a buffalo its a bison

Martin Male : It's not a buffalo, it's a bison. Different species. Why would you want to keep this magnificent wild animal in a small area?

Joeys Father : It's a Bison ......

JOHN DAVIS : Where do you live where you got buffaloes in your backyard? Probably Buffalo, New York!

GTTeancum : Relevant: search for "Guy on a Buffalo"

Mandy Nolan : "What is this interesting terrain"????...lol

Yung Piss : cutest buffalo attack ever

jon Doe : It's wagging it's tail so it's in a friendly or playful mood

JanssenX : Do 800 people consider this animal cruelty or something?

fag mcdick : I wanted to see it go BOING right up into space.

jack gonzals : Dam. So that's how they make buffalo wings. Try to make them fly.

Rasul : That trampol ine is a bit small for him....

HotCuppaCoffee : Pesky Buffaloes! They're always on my kid's swing set!

Lachie Sea : That classic old lady American accent laugh

lilb1190 : Bruh, you didn't finish assembling the trampoline.

killersolid01 : jumps??????????????????????????????

Alexandra Riquelme : .....I guess he's trying to be like Appa and fly

GeorgiZplay : Can anybody explain what a trampilence00370 is?

Lauri Nyrhilä : i wish i had a trampilene