Guy Quits his Job for $2,000 at McDonalds

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L.A.G : Nice porno intro but where is the sex scene ?

Neo : Bangbus is getting weird

Will Larson : This i the last time he was seen. If you know the men driving that truck, please contact your local police. They are considered suspects in the disappearance of this young man.

Sexually Abused Mike Stoklasa : This is how all my favorite pornos start.

TheVJProduction : dude quit his job for 2 rubber bands. if he worked for an hour he could have bought himself 200 rubber bands. shame.

Psycho Mantis : Jesus, the guys in the car are such tools.

Corsair Carl : You guys comin' to Texas? Jaysus I wish this happened to me! :P

Robert Garrett : I'll quit my job for 2 bands. Right meow.

Jackle02 : Assuming after taxes you get $6/hour. Working full time, 40 hours a week, that's $240 dollars. 4 weeks, that's $960. I think anyone would quit their job for two months worth of pay like that.

Curt Is Chillin : I need a backstory on this lol. Who the hell are these guys?

Civilly Barbaric : Why didn't these guys come to my drive thru

Rawrb3rry : And then they stole his kidneys.

Zach Serdynski : prolly 2-4 months wages right there... why not quit tbh

sellingthewind : they are friends. its staged

NaRsCaRpe : SupremePatty

Ciera Smith : absofuckinglutely


Noise Pollution : calling 1k a band is not going to catch on sorry it's just cringey

E Rob : Lit bro 😂 👌

Chauncey Slánský-Dubček : confirmed fake and gay

Kennedy Ibeh : This is how you get kidnapped by serial killers on camera

onemadhungrynomad : how much do you make a week working at mcdonalds? like 300$? that's probably a couple months pay for the guy, can't blame him for hopping in the truck!

hazza3 : Good video, man. I'm lovin it.

Rich Graham : fake

TheMrZombified : Corey Haim? wtf I thought he died?

future2300 : Its either the best day of his life or his worst

Soulie : he could probably even go back in tomorrow, apologize and still keep his job.

BrightMinds : He is one stupid human being... lol

Adam Brzozowski : For some people $2,000 is nothing. Go travel through different cities. Some people are multi millionaires for just sitting on some land for 30 years. Don't believe what they tell you, don't be a slave.

Plebchok : This is like the most budget version of Taken ever.

KatyPeezy : I would bet 2000$ that this is completely fake... nobody would take the bet... but I WOULD!

kopytek36 : Must be gettin' old. How much is a "band"?

Chris Jager : The adult version of strangers in a van offering candy.

SomewhatUnderstandable : FAKE TAXI

Dremekeks : This man just LEFT. LMAO

Olof Persson : Was it two baaands?

TCar : Um not a wise choice lmaoq

dawniewow : $2000 later ...............

she77go7 : 映画みたいだ

DonRoxon : fake imo

Jeff Kingsbury : Next stop hollywood bro

Scott L : I’ll give you 2 stacks to give me two stacks if you give me four first

Jedidiah Prillaman : that wasnt real

ASFALT21 : Quitting for 2k and having ur face all over the internet, for future employers to see. IQ 50

Trikk : I'd do it just for the woods haha

John Shepard : nice fake