What's wrong with TikTok?

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Tom Harlock : seriously where is the talent (700k yay thanks xxx)

Fanny Evelina : *why is he so damn attractive when he tries not to be*

What the Heck : Love how he had no idea who sssniperwolf was😂😂😂

ohcheol : tom is oddly good at making those

Elaina Gibbs : *just casually has a bat covered in barbed wire lying around*

Menna Ahmed : but like... he actually did a great job didn’t he lol

Max King : i mean let's look on the bright side *lele pons has yet to infect it*

ToesRUs : Just admit it, you wanted an excuse to join TikTok (;

Jay M : Everyone in the comments talking about dna in the background when at the end he straight up plays idol

Life as Antonio Garza : *Omg sssniper wolf Is on TickTock I’m actually dead*

Kpop Trash : Dna in the background and idol at the end, you’re approved

Scorpionic : “Didn’t take the test, don’t have the license but I got a car and the insurance so beep beep motherf*ckers” I’m deceased this is so me buying the saddle before the horse 😂😂😂😩

Maneet S : Didn’t expect to hear DNA as the background music

Lost girl finding her way : Wow, I've the just found one of the hottest youtuber.

leahxo : the bad boy one was amazing lmaoo

nina A : im pretty good at driving havent had a lesson havent taken a test but i have a car and insurance *so beep beep motherfuckers*

Heda Falcon : Um...but why is Tik Tok actually entertaining when Tom does it??

katie h : my jaw dropped wow how are some people so attractive

Dansblackteeshirt : thanks tik tok for ruining falling in reverse for me

Ayy Bby : **Roxxxy Andrews has left the chat**

P : All the 'everything wrong with tic toc' videos are just people low-key really enjoying the app

Scorpionic : These effing apps absorb my soul like a dementor. I feel miserable after watching people do these things.

Shay Bee : Okay first off I love that DNA is playing in the background, secondly at 7:38 was homestuck and they were right, you can’t fucking leave.

Zila B. : Oof he just bombed Sniperwolf😂💀💀💀💀

Ellie R : Can we... can we just acknowledge the backwards cap and yellow glasses because its such a look and i’m a little shook right now

Acero Woodberry : You as Negan is the reason im not straight

Eva Matthews : Literally everything is wrong with it

Magic Subliminals : DNA in the background ayyyyy

go out with a bang : OMG why do so many people destroy falling in reverse😂

Phantrash,the Theorist Scrub A.R.M.Y,Wantstobattle : i keep on forgetting that ur an army lmao ALSO VINE TWO AUDITIONS PLS

Harry : The omly thing these tik tok ads have done for me is grow my ever putrid hatred for Asian thots (I currently live in Korea for work and they are cringey af. These prepubescent twinks? Amateurs)

thelaughingwitch : Dude I had to subscribe but also..you look ridiculously good in that leather jacket

Jakobi Cottom : 4:29 WHY IS TOM SO ATTRACTIVE 😍

maryama omar : Tom out here rocking his bat

Mia RA : Why are you low key good at this

8acon Queen : 7:37 is no one gonna talk about that sollux cosplayer?

fran : the nun part had me shOOK i was not expecting that

Fanny C. : Haha you’re actually very good at this, plus cute guys are successful on tiktok, a bright future for you there 🤫😅

Anthoney : Cody Ko took this idea and title structure. Unreal.

Li : Ok is it just me or is the background song... DNA???

pastel tears : i love your BTS outros everything about your channel gives me life

XO Haneefah : Idk why this was in my suggestions but I stayed, I’m not upset bout it

Remy Muah : Are you kidding😡😡😡tik tok is FILLED💥with the most talented people🙈on earth🌎. And I hear your kpop in the background 😬your opinion 💋is NOT valid🤧

Kimya T. : if I saw the first one without context, I would’ve assumed that Tom was making the actual tiktok and the other girl was being a hero and making fun of him 😂😂

Harry : Watching this cringy prepubescent twink then tiktok ad pops up. swear to Lucifer these tik tok thots and ads are PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!! I might actually hire someone to kill them.

Lauren Marie : He was low key feeling himself making the tik tocs

Jakobi Cottom : 4:29 is my favorite thing ever, Tom looks so good😍

Mikayla Patton : okay but bad boy Tommy is fine😍🤤

120% LP : Why do u even have that bat 0-0

Ben : 7:37 is that,,,,,,,,, homestuck,,,?