The bird that just won't quit

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ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ : "2008 Dennis" man time flies...

forman208 : Completely expected the video to be about Dee

Officer Flat Foot : unfortunately it's no longer legit.

Crixus : "I'm a stallion" "OOH , UGH DENNIS, this is messy"

superfunkmonker : Macs early signs of gayness

Matt Williams : Rex is laughing when Mac says that.

jjensen15 : "Your bird quit" Mac would be the expert on body mass...

Kim House : I like the other take when mac says a sweaty hog that wont quit

Edmund Herrera : This grade a prime hilarity lol 👌 My bird is too legit to quit son!

JJ K : There is a Dee in his pants?

Vick Vinegar : I find myself using this reference with my friends very often.

The Walk Of King Luey : Was it just in the bloopers where Mac says "I bet if he popped those pants off you're going to find a big sweaty hog That just won't quit either"? LOL

811chelseafc : Look at Mac's face when Rex takes off his shirt. And notice he really steps up the gay after this episode. God I love this sow.

MarklarsonTube : Who else thought this was going to be about Dee?

rwest1833_MGTOW : Months, and months I've watched IASIP clips.......... Ive yet to find one I didn't watch again...literally the ONLY reason I miss having a TV....(although I LOVE no longer owning a

Nicolas Rios : What episode is this?

Kirill P90 : tss FAWK YEAH they're talking about his PECKA!

William Schaeffer : sweaty hog

Kyle Strom : 0:45 Careful what you say, day the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl and Rex’s bird will quit and cultivate mass.

chickenonanapkin : “Ladies, I’m gonna need all the A cups to please head for the back door”

Cathair 929 : Back before fagmac emerged

Don Arturo : Uhh uhh Dennis Ughhh!! Hahahahaha

The Drunken Coward : I want Rex to take off his pants and then there's just Dee's face staring at Dennis. The bird that just won't quit.