Why I'm Losing Faith in Youtube

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Phoebe.eloise : Where's natsuki the movie at?

Mikhail Silaev : So you're not uploading anything on Japan Perspective anymore?

DarkRoadRun : Don't let it get ya down man. Your videos are great and you're living the dream.

Blake Stovall : You should do a live Q &A.

Joseph Fellows : Thanks for the video, it made me laugh!

Tryhardgaming 13 : Anyone know the outro song to his video ??

Fishyfoo : I need more videos Chris!

Tim Squires : Hi Chris! I'm sorry but what happened to the Natsuke documentary you said you would post?

Nalikey : This is one of my favourite channels. Don't change. (I know you aren't actually implying you will, but wanted to let you know you're hilarious anyway)

Thomas Crown : Where is that 25 things that make you happy? I legit want to buy it!

Georgiie : YouTube shouldn't have to be kid friendly. Parents need to watch things before their kids do and kids shouldn't be online alone. Heaps of people upload inappropriate content without the ads... just because they want to. It's ridiculous. 🙄

Manino : I started watching your videos about a year ago because I had taken interest in a teaching profession in Japan after having taken several trips to there. I even participated in a student exchange program to Japan during high school. JET didn't select me for interview despite my bio. I don't know why... they never gave me a reason but I think it has to do with the fact I have full sleeve tats. This was last year by the way in October, and I was in Japan when I submitted the package; visiting old friends. Anyway, crazy what's happening with youtube and its a damn shame its happening to you. The channel has grown significantly, and in my opinion I find your content one of the most entertaining. **** youtube.

Ryo's Channel : Someone needs to create a new “YouTube” we are done with censorship.

Gamesquad8889 : whats funny to me is even though you get "demonetized" the videos still have adds by youtube that the creator gets no money for.

Juan Barrio : Chris, hope this gets better soon! I just watched your Ted talk and wanted to let you know that I just went to Japan and ate at Itamae sushi (twice, it was really really good) because of your videos! Keep doing great work!

rockso chris : You tube is trying to stop flat earth videos!

arealbigboss : if were you i'd get a job where ur salary won't be suddenly taken away and put this youtube thing on the side

Mandela Komba : You should check out D-Tube and steemit.com. great social media platforms and more for the people.

God of Destruction : I Like your videos but sometimes cut down on saying "fuck" other than that your good

Gwendolynn Dishman : Thank you for staying true to yourself and swear words. Seriously, love your videos, love your humor, and by god I love you too.

Shannon Knight : Mr.snuggles looks like a hello kitty hitler... lol, where can I get one?

Anaa Adrienne : you are the funniest youtuber ever! that sneaking little algorithm

Ortsa : Cant you upload videos unlisted, wait for the review then release the video to the public.

Blossom Riku : I love your youtube channel so much , also when is natsukis trip to england going to be out , sorry if you already mentioned in another video

trogsinspace : You really don´t think that YouTube could control this better if they wanted to??????

Brandi Day : Lmao I was watching this with my son and he loved your intro. (he is two)

C Delany : Your video losing ads is not because of you specifically, it is just a part of the adpocalypse when all advertisers are pulling out of YouTube having everyone make less money

whushaw : It's a sinking ship simple as that

Valerie Ng : Loved the animated dancing pumpkin at the end of the video!

ElGuapucho : Hey there old chap. I am wont to, just like the admirable rooster, remind you of the Natsuki video that we all fervently desire to view. Cheers!

biteme434 : I like the new opener tho lol . Keep the creepy pumpkin!

FreeGoro : Youtube algorithm probably has if(video.aboutJapan){deMonetize(); //just to be safe. Japan is weird}

Chandon : Maybe it's because Mr Snuggles looks more like Mr Hitler lol

TheCajunCaucAsian : That intro was just...GRAND!!!! I come back to this video just to watch it. kmsl

Meowdison : In japan can you be an English teacher with tattoos?

kazuyasu rioka : The dictatorship and censorship has been established in You tube?!

Tamaki : This had an ad on it 😂

DjCouchKing : Couldn't they simply ask the channels/creators to apply to be excluded from the de-monetization algorithm?

Evil_Dude : "What constitutes the abstract concept of "happiness" is a widely debated and highly controversial subject in some cultures. The mere mention of "happiness" can trigger some of those that don't often experience such things. Nice try brit-cuck, you can't fool us." - YouTube Demonetization Monster, 2017

Becky_ Anime_ASMR : I didn't get an ad on this video.....

Taiwan Explorer : Who said you NEED to be paid for your content? I used to love Youtube when creators did it because they had fun doing it, and it was a hobby. Then money came into play and we got click bait thumbnails and fluff content. You're also part of that trend. If making money on Youtube is so important to you now, then I have no sympathy for you and I appload Google to demonetize you and all the other previously awesome channels that got destroyed because of money.

日本ジャック NihonJack : I made a video playing a Hasbro game with my sister. It got demonetized. Along with some other videos, one that had over 1 million views and was well received (and suddenly got suppressed down to 0 views). I guess they unleashed it on Japan last month/this month. I feel your pain!!! (Appeal worked, but they are not putting ads on the video anyhow, and they still are not promoting it). Since we speak Japanese in our videos, and our Japanese is non-native, I wonder if they are using voice recognition and, well, yeah....

Earl Borinaga : Man this video didn't show up in my sub box at all, I'm subscribed and everything but I only found it through the main page...

The ZA Vlogger : This is amazing! I literally aspire to reach this level of chill when it comes to reacting to things. Seriously, calm and collected is the best way to say screw you.

Thea : I love you so much

lejaders : I kind of liked the creepy pumpkin, please place him in future videos at random.

possessedllama : Speaking of Skittles being made from children, look up what the red colouring for red Skittles is made from :-O

Defenestration : congrats on the 600k mate , you desrve it . watching your videos has always been like a magic !

qgmlwy : This has nothing to do with some "rogue algorithm". Instead it's YouTube who is responding to earning less money and is now cutting their losses by giving out less money, and it's entirely their own fault. YouTube was also handing out money to everyone and letting everyone upload hours and hours of spam and useless content, filling up their servers with junk, which is also part of the reason we are in this mess. Many great Youtuber's have pretty much stopped uploading content because of the incompetence of YouTube to run their own business.

Francis Meloski : Sorry about the trouble with youtube.