Why I'm Losing Faith in Youtube

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Nicolai : Best Japan youtuber without a doubt. I wish your videos wouldnt get demonetized cause I'm sure that's why you're not uploading as much :'(

My Life Japan : 7:25 So THAT'S what a successful view graph looks like.

C Casey : How can a video *not* be flagged for sexual content when Natsuki was present?

Splashy Mountain : Natsuki is the reason it's sexually inappropriate. He's too sexy.

Rizka Putri : "You little mother fffff..... rrrr.. rascal! You little rascal hahaha!" *agrresively pet the cat*

Abroad in Japan : I really didn't want to make a video on this, especially we've got far more awesome videos to get on with; but when a video as uncontroversial as me sitting in a room talking about North Korea or Natsuki eating some ramen gets flagged, it's definitely worrying - and enough people over the last month have asked me about it to justify making a video discussing it. I hope this video gives a decent overview of the situation and why it's been a step backwards for the Abroad in Japan channel (as it has been for most channels), but I plan to draw a line under it here though; I won't keep going on about this. It sucks but we'll get through it! Now back to editing the next one ;) OPERATION BREADSTICK IS A GO.

julesloveless : This is basically what YouTube is saying, "You can still work hard to create new content, it's just now we won't pay you!"

cbauch : What You Tube needs is competition to keep it honest.

watchavideoalot : keep Mr Snuggles. Best thing that happened to you in a while. :)

Abinash Basabanuja : Where the hell is Natsuki The Movie

SatanSupimpa : The only advertising friendly channels on youtube are those from famous tv shows, you know, the struggling creators that really need this.

Tron : So essentially this is a ploy by Google to decrease the amount of money they have to pay out to content creators...since most of the money they would normally earn comes early on after a video is released. There is no reason they couldn't have their algorithm analysis happen BEFORE the video goes live, and let you prevent it from going live if they deem it un-monetizable. You could then appeal and have it go live AFTER they approve it. Total BS.

slylover123 : i hate that ukelele xylophone music so much

wheeler1 : 4:26 sad thing is, even ASMR has been getting demonetized lately! smh

Arakniode : Oh, and you forgot number 5. Videos criticizing youtube

BADCompanySarge : Operation Breadstick was successful sir! All hostages eliminated.

Matt M : Hope it all gets straightened out. You should be compensated appropriately for your hard work and creativity. I really appreciate it, thanks!

Ozzy Ozburn : I'm waiting for YT's name change. It will be called Lobotomy Tube. La la la la la la la la unicorns. La la la la la la la la cotton candy. La la la la la la la la la no gender. La la la la la la la la la crayons.

death cloud : I found this channel by mistake and this channel is fun AF 😂

Root Bryce : Money > Quality content Wasn't like this back in the old days of YouTube Oh well, a bigger community is a worse one, huh.

DaveTrippin : Right there with ya man. Did a video of a Japanese mall tour... demonetized. Did a video on escapism in Japan.. demonetized. I do believe this is only temporary though. It has become such a massive issue they have to address it properly... don't they. 'Looks around hopefully' Best of luck.

fartzinwind : #bringthefucksback

By the Numbers : That same system feeds me ads for products that I do not like, want or need. Stuff way out of my price range. And for products that I am unable to use. I am legally blind, but they keep trying to sell me cars. Quite comical really. That is why it is called “artificial” intelligence. Sounds rather stupid to me.

ib07093 : Is it weird that I love the dancing pumpkin?

cerverg : Youtube is dieing anyway... It's full of SJWs.

ユーネト / Yuuneto : *I ❤️ Ms.Snuggles*

xkeepersvk : Question. If a video is demonetized do those ads still play or not? Because if they do play youtube/google might just be keeping your money.

Zanllan : I hate the new youtube. I honestly hope it dies and we get a new platform that don't have these issues.

elevatordancer : One of the best and most creative ways to criticize YouTube's idiotic demonitizing zombie. It was clever and funny. I enjoyed it, and I'm sorry that you and many wonderful creators have had to deal with this inefficient problem.

Djuntas : ...Happens for all now and its so dumb. Even my freaking tiny gaming videos...Christ, im sorry if I did a few swear words, not my intention but yea.

asianmuggle : Put your faith on Natsuki instead of Youtube.

Bonnie Moon : Just wait, it's gonna get worse. YouTube has litterally demonitized videos just because they don't agree with the views expressed. I'm not talking like isis views either, I'm talking about just opinions. And what's more, a channel (who has almost 2 million subscribers and is doing very well and even got a few viral videos) YOUTUBE DOESNT PAY THEM. Why? Because they don't agree with it. An imbecilic sjw runs YouTube. The guys name is Steven crowder btw.

Japanese Journey : Glad to see Hitler cat is back. If YouTube considers comments for its judgement, this video will be demonetized now.

Edward Willim : i think the cash me outside girl deserves demonetization

BearsAteMyCat : I think I'm going full tinfoil. If your Nestles and Cokes can control who can make money on the biggest self-expressive content platform on the net, they can practically control content itself on that entire portion of the net... and to control that content is to control ALL thought both expressed AND understood for that vertical slice of shared global consciousness. Sure, companies do have a right to choose where to advertise and so on, but these decisions are not about those rights. Look at the recent move toward partnership being mandatory for external links on videos. With this new, completely arbitrary requirement, YouTube steps a little closer in preventing you from making money through other sites like Patreon if you still don't fit into, say, Ford Motors' idea of monetizable self-expression. Add in all of the above, the new algorithms and layouts boosting sponsored and partnered content, the feigned ignorance on Google's part and you can see they're actively discouraging content creators that either: a) don't work well with corporate identities or b) aren't popular enough to draw cash in regardless. I'm not crazy, right? These videos are being demonetized because YouTube itself is being monetized.

Lazy Ryu : Dear Chris, Thank you for making this video for Youtubers everywhere. I've been watching your video's for months now and I've liked all of your videos and been spamming every ad that was available. Your video's have helped me going through some tough times, and one might say you may have even saved my life in one of my darkest hours. Your content has rekindled life onto me and has helped me learned what a wonderful and beautiful country Japan really is. You have also sparked an interest for education within me and I am aspiring to be a teacher. I hope Youtube open their eyes and see what they're doing wrong and continue to improve what they're doing right. Because without the freedom for creators to make their videos their creation can never inspire people or touch people in ways they were meant to. Don't give up on Youtube, Chris! - A thankful and loyal viewer.

八神イチロー : without Chris and Natsuki swear words, youtube will su*k. might move to a different tube all over. haha. we need Chris and Natsuki swear words in videos. I'm gonna miss great contents on the internet soon..

Jerubei : If advertisers pulled out, because their ads were shown on inappropriate videos, then the currently employed algorithm, which YouTube employees worked upon daily, wasn't good enough. So this begs the question: How is it possible that they would develop a better algorithm and do it fast? The answer is simple - they didn't develop an algorithm. At least not the one they claim they did. At the moment, they can't even transcribe voice to text efficiently, after all these years of trying to create automatic subtitles for videos, let alone create a program that understands the context of what is being said. If advertisers stopped paying, then Google surely will not pay out of its pockets all the YouTubers' paychecks. It's sufficient to randomly demonetize videos (and in particular of popular channels) - if someone complains, then surely it'll be after the peak income of the video. I would guess YouTube is frantically hiring personnel to manually screen videos, while they figure out a way to do it cheaper. Twitter had (and still has, to a much smaller degree) the very same problem with spammers and fake accounts. Great videos, btw, I've been watching your channel for the last couple of days and I'm quite impressed with your work. Although not vegan, the sheer amount of meat available in Japan makes me doubt my carnivorous nature. Keep it up! Oh, and do ask older people if they remember Bulgarian yogurt being imported in Japan daily, with planes (thirty years ago). At the end, they managed to grow the bacteria locally, in Japan :)

Pudgeotto : Chris Broad: The King of Sarcastic Comebacks

Apam Merlo : i think the demonetization is complete BS im so sad about it... what about the idiot who was it logan? cant even remeber, that went to japan and even recorded a dead body on his background when he went to the forest by mount fuji... and he was spread arround and he even got into the news... I hate this...

Adam Bradley : Chris Broad, Dream Dispenser :D

Dovah Junkan : Well now i know the reason why I like skittles so much

Gannon's Garage : I'm sorry to hear that dear leader YouTube is flexing its big brother like muscles nonsensically and is causing you trouble and a loss of revenue. If I wasn't a college student spending all of my money on food I would gladly give you a donation via patreon as I personally think your channel would be good enough for a 30-minute spot on BBC America or better yet, HBO. With that being said I do have a separate question to ask you that's for me personally is very important one and may change how I react if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you face to face: are you a Spurs fan? If not, who is your club and why? Also, how is Japanese football? Would you ever do a video on going to a match? Thanks again for your time from a college kid in Florida. #COYS


Sam Beazley : You should take inspiration from family-friendly YouTubers like Nicki Minaj and Ricegum. None of this foreign culture and inspiration nonsense!

Plinius Plinius : Isis videos are still monetized. The only people getting demonetized are centrist, libertarian or conservative channels.

CTG : Welcome to American censorship

American Gooeyduck : I’m not a YouTuber just watch I didn’t understand the whole situation so thanks for clarifying everything prior to this video I actually had more of a negative attitude towards YouTube so my opinion is a little bit different then prior to watching again thanks for clarifying for the rest of us that don’t upload videos don’t understand what goes on in the backend

Dormichigan64 : The pumpkin is my friend. His beaming smile I cannot deny. The pumpkin is always there. Even as I lay to die.

Madeleine Barnewall : If this one got demonetised it's because of that bloody scary pumpkin