Why I'm Losing Faith in Youtube

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Taiwan Explorer : Who said you NEED to be paid for your content? I used to love Youtube when creators did it because they had fun doing it, and it was a hobby. Then money came into play and we got click bait thumbnails and fluff content. You're also part of that trend. If making money on Youtube is so important to you now, then I have no sympathy for you and I appload Google to demonetize you and all the other previously awesome channels that got destroyed because of money.

Conran Thomas : While I do think the automatic demonetization system needs work, the only ones you can really blame are people like PewDiePie. Come on, admit it, a guy putting a swastika in numerous videos aimed mostly at kids and giving them some bs line like "don't do this kids! *wink*" is only going to lead to problems. Whether you like it or not, companies do not want to be associated to Nazis (shocking, I know!) and YouTube makes its money through ads. Content creators then make their money through those same ads. You can't have it both ways. You can't be happy for the money one moment, then claim it's unfair when the money being given to you comes with some BASIC reasonable requests like "please don't be a Nazi". Yes, the system needs an overhaul, maybe go and talk to YouTube about how they can do that instead of dong what every other entitled millennial does, making overly simplistic videos about it while totally glossing over the actual reasons for this happening. Here's an idea, why not work on direct sponsorship of your content? But, you should be aware that this involves companies actually checking your videos to see that you suit their ethics and ideals. You know, like how it should be.

日本ジャック NihonJack : I made a video playing a Hasbro game with my sister. It got demonetized. Along with some other videos, one that had over 1 million views and was well received (and suddenly got suppressed down to 0 views). I guess they unleashed it on Japan last month/this month. I feel your pain!!! (Appeal worked, but they are not putting ads on the video anyhow, and they still are not promoting it). Since we speak Japanese in our videos, and our Japanese is non-native, I wonder if they are using voice recognition and, well, yeah....

Earl Borinaga : Man this video didn't show up in my sub box at all, I'm subscribed and everything but I only found it through the main page...

The ZA Vlogger : This is amazing! I literally aspire to reach this level of chill when it comes to reacting to things. Seriously, calm and collected is the best way to say screw you.

Thea : I love you so much

Francis Meloski : Sorry about the trouble with youtube.

LX : I’m sad... Your (pretend) twin brother Sean Hughes died today.... Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Sad Times 😞

Andy Dispensa : Great work man. I really hope things turn around for the situation. You did a great job of explaining it all, I had no idea.

ZarlanTheGreen : I don't get why people are so shocked, that their ad-income, is at the mercy of Youtube and the advertisers. Of course it is! I could have told you that, right from the start! (and, hence, why I would have strongly argued against ever monetising the videos, in the first place) I have zero sympathy for the people complaining about this issue.

lejaders : I kind of liked the creepy pumpkin, please place him in future videos at random.

Bunny Logs : its pretty horrible for small time creators, since you cant even get a review unless the vid has 1000 views. So... if youre not ok big, your content wont ever get reviewed. So never any ad revenue. Bummer.

possessedllama : Speaking of Skittles being made from children, look up what the red colouring for red Skittles is made from :-O

Mikhail Silaev : CHRIS, your videos are amazing! Y U NO UPLOAD???

qgmlwy : This has nothing to do with some "rogue algorithm". Instead it's YouTube who is responding to earning less money and is now cutting their losses by giving out less money, and it's entirely their own fault. YouTube was also handing out money to everyone and letting everyone upload hours and hours of spam and useless content, filling up their servers with junk, which is also part of the reason we are in this mess. Many great Youtuber's have pretty much stopped uploading content because of the incompetence of YouTube to run their own business.

Xenon : I have the same problem

Glaciusor : Dang... I'm hearing this from all over the place. I follow a handful of "let's play" youtubers, some actually have pretty much left the platform because of how serious it became for them, and it is sorta draining the communities they were part of. Wasn't expecting it to hit you though... I'm also a little bitter because I was gung-ho on starting up my own channel, but if the AI is still being allowed to wreak havoc on the middling and smaller creators, it doesn't even seem viable to try.

theclaydoking : Just saying im coming to japan on the 11th of December if you reply i will bring with me witch ever cheese you like and anything else that can last a 11 hour plane trip from Australia and a bullet train ride from tokyo to sendai

Matt E. : That dancing pumpkin was horrendous. I feel like you have just violated my eyeballs.

The Crimson Fucker : I highly doubt it's a fully automatic algorithm. To begin with, it's highly inconsistent and many videos that are extremely not kosher get a free pass, likewise, some channels that have ridiculously high subscribers(that likewise make entirely vapid content like makeup tutorials and the like) that break said guidelines regularly also don't get demonetized. On the other hand, a lot of political, "geek" and historical channels seem to be on an automatic ban list where their videos will be demonetized after they've barely been up for a minute or two. On the other hand, other political channels tend to get a free pass on calling for people's deaths. Most notably, major Media networks tend to be fine reporting on wars, crimes or controversial subjects - at the same time often taking a very hardline stance - whereas smaller YouTube channels doing the same often get their videos demonetized or taken down even when being entirely neutral.. Lastly, YouTube is in the practice of showing Content Creators and Viewers different statistics, where often enough thousands of comments, likes and views can just disappear out of nowhere for both groups, and for the Content Creator but not the Viewers. If you have the time, I strongly suggest you look up Razorfist and Mr.Metokur's videos on the subject. They provide pretty clear demonstration of it happening too. Oh, and I'd strongly advise looking into an alternative venue at least as a last resort.

padam19 : Has this video been demonetized yet?

peterson shelly : Loved the video! Keep at it :) Hope no more videos get demonetized!

Baron Migs : I’ll be in Tokyo from 12/8-16. You should come drinking with me and my homie

nesslyness : Woah KevJumba what's he doing there

Lucas Mendes : Youtube may actually be another SJW safespace and we weren't warned. Im triggered.

Denis : Don't worry man, relax. We're all using uBlock anyway.

Death Discarded : youtube is takin the netflix route and just slowly demonitizing and pissing off all its major content creators because you've been deemed second class to their now established "youtube apps", they'll always take the safe profit over the good of the consumer. they take on all comers until they can use your popularity to establish their own brand meanwhile they have no idea when you all leave youtube for whatever alternative pops up, their apps they think they have established will FAIL.

SmashBrosBrawl : It appears to me that mainstream media is allowed to continue to post "offensive content" ie reporting current events while smaller people are screwed over. In an attempt for the big mega corporations to keep the cash cow flowing in a desperate attempt to survive the cord cutters.

Pedgerow : So when these videos get demonetised...does this mean no more advertising, or will the adverts still be in place but YouTube just keeps all the money for themselves? That latter possibility sounds profoundly offensive to me.

buuburn7 : Isn't stuff like this why patreon exists?

Chloe the Cat : You promised us no more dancing pumpkin! Straight out of a nightmare

Robin Sang : How about a Litecoin or Doge coin address? Great for tipping, then you can sell on an exchange for whatever currency you want. One downside is that your audience may not use the crypto currency much :/

Jacob McElroy : that cat looks like hitler :(

FreebooterFox : According to Jim Sterling apparently all you have to do is appeal demonetization claims and they just rubber stamp it for approval again.

Gold Egg Surprise : I love this channel, good sense of humor, makes me happy.

Max F : This video is so damn funny. I really hope YouTube pulls its head out of its own ass. But I’m glad you keep on pumping out the great content.

Roslyn : also try looking at your video tags they might be contributing to your videos being demonetized not sure if it will help but I remember someone on youtube saying that it can cause demonetization on videos just a thought XD (Waits patiently in hotel room for next video with ice cream just because) Good luck!

Dan Kusai : Let's just start watching videos 5 days after they have been uploaded to give full revenue

CO EH : You should open your own domain and use your youtube channel as an advertising column for it!?

Some Guy On You Tube : The truth is you're just eating crumbs from Larry Page's table. YouTube isn't a real career. Only people who sleep with him like the guy who runs Vevo get special privileges. In the old days it wasn't about income. It was just sharing real stuff advertising suits would never support.

Live Work Play Japan : Thank you for speaking out on this.

Robert Clopton : u-tube needs to be regulated like a utility, and also sued, by everyone thats been demonitized.

untseac : Why do you talk and somewhat look like Johnny Depp?

StopBugging99 : Maybe you want to have a look at steemit.com . It is a blockchain based, distributed social network where creators get paid by the readers. And you can just embed your youtube videos there. I imagine it would pay off for you quite nicely.

starcrafter13terran : I wonder if it samples words said in a video. For example, if someone in korea is vlogging and they say "naega" is it going to set off an alarm and demonetise?

James Cameron : Oddly enough, I tend to avoid Google. Except when I can't. Don't be evil... You have lost your way...

Daisuke Young : My feelings towards youtube nowadays can easily translate to having been happily masturbating to vanilla porn all my life. And all of the sudden, when you're quite certain you're about reach yet another satisfying climax, turns out into a disgusting mindfuck mix of gore and netorare.

Lee : Can some one help me :) I'm 30 years old and turn 31 in June 2018, my plan is to apply for holiday working visa before I turn 31. Once my visa comes to an end is there any chance of renewal because I'll be 31?

Maveric Ellis : Make your channel a Christian channel like pewdiepie is now😂🤣

Rockmanoki x : the sad part is i know too many channels like this