Early Access | EmuVR | Retro Emulation in Virtual Reality!

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P. A. : Is there a mom yelling at you to stop playing this stupid game and go outside as well?

The Baron : Love it! It would be great if you could customize the room too, choose toys and posters, etc.

The Goof : I'm crying... So much.. I kinda wish it was a complete neighborhood, complete with friends.. I wanna relive those times a bit more than just games. Someone needs to create a complete VR experience of being a kid back then.. or as close as possible.

Groucho : Right in the nostalgia

Ausgefuchst : I think it's funny to see, how we have a VR-simulation of a time, in which we hoped to have VR one day. :D

Lucas Vaughn : Black Mirror vibes from this

Fred Flinstone : yes never leave vr again. Stay in it forever.

Dennis X : No Amiga? Then it can't be taken serious.

luistua : *Secret of Mana game!! Respect!!*

ajnode : lol the best!

AJ assassin : This is so fricking cool!

It's LouieMoo : I'm not a VR person, but I could definitely find myself losing many hours in that room.

LaggyMoo : Awesome!

Antonio Lopez : Can I place the bed where I want so I can achieve ultimate immersion and lay on my real bed?

Bob Woggle : How hard is big N gonna C&D this?

firesky16 : Ever thought of making a VCR and VHS setup? That would be so cool!

SLUGGY1990 : I'd watch through all of DBZ in that VR room.

BobaRhett13 : Can't wait to try this out. Every play New Retro Arcade Neon? They also have a SNES/GEN emulator built in for VR.

Joseph J : Online

cpt.oneeye : Its cool to be able to switch to night-time. Now i don't have to feel bad anymore because i am playing computergames while the sun is shining bright outside.

pete Kacze : I wish that for psvr... Hmmm... :)

Claudio Ireland : this is like a plot of sci fi movie

orys : So this is basically a remake of Lazy Jones? :)

Jaracz23 : Gaming incepction ? Can you play in the game and is this game in the game ?

: How gay should I be to do such a thing...