Robson & Jerome - Up On The Roof (Official Video)

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Robson & Jerome' official music video for 'Up On The Roof'. Click to listen to Robson & Jerome on Spotify: As featured on Happy Days - The Best of Robson & Jerome. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: Stream more music from Robson & Jerome here: More from Robson & Jerome What Becomes of the Broken Hearted: I Believe: If I Can Dream: More great 90's videos here: Subscribe to Robson & Jerome on YouTube: --------- Lyrics: Up on the roof Up on the roof When this old world starts getting me down And people are just too much for me to face (Up on the roof) I climb way up to the top of the stairs And all my cares just drift right into space (Up on the roof) On the roof, it's peaceful as can be And there the world below can't bother me Let me tell you now When I come home feelin' tired and beat I go up where the air is fresh and sweet (up on the roof) I get away from the hustling crowds And all that rat-race noise down in the street (up on the roof) On the roof's, the only place I know Where you just have to wish to make it so Let's go up on the roof (up on the roof) At night the stars put on a show for free And, darling, you can share it all with me I keep a-tellin' you #RobsonAndJerome #UpOnTheRoof #Vevo


donpfeff : "You don't sing with honor!" "No... Robson did."

Liquid : Fans: Where is Bronn in s6? HBO: Up On The Roof

gpitwtei : Don't say it. Don't fookin' say it.

coolhandcaleb : This was Tommen's favorite song

Lefty Guns : I think Peter Dinklage and Jerome Flynn need to start a band.

Scrooge McFuck : I bet they play this on set to piss him off

CCpolitico : You do not sing with honor.

Kris Norge : Somewhere, four years ago, someone watched this and thought to himself : "Yeah, this guy's perfect to play a ruthless amoral sellsword"

maning04 : Jaime: Remember that time when used to sing and dance on top of a roo- Bronn: Don't say it! Don't fook'n say it!

dartfrogger : Let's hope they like his singing in Dorne......

Mfbjoernsen : Fancy words for a sellsword

Charlo Nielsen : 1:47 Thumps up if Bronn and Tyrion should make the buddy dance in Game of Thrones.

M A K O : Bronn is what i call ugly handsome....the dude is technically an ugly moof, asymmetrical, wonky head, no feature is made the way its meant to be-his face looks like its been beaten into place with a fender repairman,  but somehow they fit together and it works - in unison. like a burger with the lot. with egg, onion and pineapple and beetroot. Thats what his face is, a burger with the lot. but hey, it works- and he gets the chicks... I guess girls like burgers.

EdSkywalker : Fancy words for a sellsword

Retrolution Games : It's kinda funny how so many American GOT fans are like 'I can't believe Bronn was a singer years ago!' whereas British fans be 'I can't believe Jerome from Robson and Jerome is in Game of Thrones!'

Fernando Solis : Now I know the reason why he signs very well in the Blackwater episode.

fulangator : A great song to perform if he becomes a crow

xXxZzangxXx : Came for Bronn, stayed for the whole song. Three times.

Dak Ultimak : There needs to be a mash-up of Bronn training Jaime, up on a roof.

Ellis Thomas : I wonder if this was on his CV when he auditioned for GoT

UFO Hunting Clouds : Stinkin Sellswords

Wololo l : If bronn take the black he'll be like Up On The Wallllll

UniversalHeat : I came for Bronn, but I stayed for the surprisingly fun and catchy song

Boris Jevric : An unusual talent, for a Sellsword.

Consolized : He tasted the Dornishmen's wife

Gary Cook : The Dornishmans wife is better

Sigurd Torvaldsson : You like singing, and dancing. But acting, that is what you love

Andi amo : Bronn and Greyworm should get on a track together.  I bet it would be hot fire.

Conor Showell : Someone please splice the bit where bronn is singing up on the roof and the guy he is fighting falls through the moon door


Symon2099 : Up Bronn the roof.

Lou C. Furr : If Bronn ever gets tired of being a sellsword, theres always a career in being a bard.

Real_Ski : Is it just me or does ole Bronn here bear a striking resemblance to Daniel Craig? 

UltraViolet : He then licked the Dornishmans wife

Izaias Araújo : That's explain why he sang too much hahaha

Jon Snow : Sir meryn trant disliked this video

Stern Gang : Up on the wall.  Up on the wall. When this cold world starts getting me down. And wildings are just too much for me to face.

vonskull : Bronn had a more disturbing past than I thought.

Eric Taysom : Moment I saw Bronn singing an old pop-song, my mind was blown.

Dizzy Davis : Bronn's got dem moves!

3N Productions : Someone make an MV of this with Game Of Thrones, quick!

Corrillian Euphonix : Literally the definition of old dad dancing

rafid khaldoon : thump up if u came here because of Before They Were On Game Of Thrones

Daniel Naman : Tyrion: Bronn I need you to fight someone Bronn: Who? Tyrion: The mountain Bronn: Oh look a roof!

Godot : This is what Bronn will sing when he finally gets the castle Jaime promised him

GhostRpg : up jumped cut throat, nothing more

Dynanium : He's gonna go up on the roof and proceed to kick you out of the moon door.

Matthew Golda : Now we know why Bronn didn't tell anyone about his past . . . 

Monroville : Wasn't he also the "bad cop" on RIPPER STREET?