How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan
How this border transformed a subcontinent

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The story of how a hastily-drawn line divided one people into two. This season of Borders is presented by CuriosityStream. Watch thousands of documentaries for free for 31-days: Join the Video Lab to help us make more Vox Borders! Follow the Vox Borders watch page: Follow Johnny on Instagram: Sign up for the Borders newsletter: With original music by Tom Fox: The video conferencing session between the two schools was conducted between students of Gyan Mandir Public School (Delhi, India) and Adamjee Model School (Karachi, Pakistan). The session was coordinated by Ms Anju Anand and Ms Devika Mittal from Indian side and Mr Usama Palla and Ms Suraya Islam from Pakistan. We're grateful they let us drop by! The British tasked Cyril Radcliffe with the job of drawing a line to separate Punjab and Bengal provinces from India into East and West Pakistan. Muslims and Hindus weren’t the only ones being separated from each other. Sikhs and people from other faiths were affected as well. A Sikh pilgrimage was divided because of the new border, Punjabi people of all faiths were separated from each other, and a culture was ultimately divided. This Vox Borders episode looks at how the Radcliffe line changed Punjab and how communities are affected now. Watch all the episodes of Vox Borders: India here: To learn more about the colonial history of the subcontinent, watch our explainer on the role of Great Britain in shaping the histories of India and Pakistan: For more on the present relationship between India and Pakistan, watch our explainer on the conflict in Kashmir here: Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. Start from the beginning. Watch all full episodes of Vox Borders on YouTube in one playlist: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out Watch our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Facebook: Or Twitter:


wizard680 : This dude probably took longer to make this video than that British lawyer did for making that border line.

Raju : If you blame the British on at least half of the world's geopolitical problems, you'll probably be right

Realtac : respect to all you Indians and pakistanis, us irish know your pain

Andrés Mauricio : The Sikhs taking care of the Muslim graves, with respect, with a great heart. Touching. The kids skyping in India and Pakistan, give me hope.

Aurélia Ghoussoub : Thank you Britain for ruining every civilisation then acting like nothing happened!

// : A Turkish proverb fits in here, ''When the fish are fighting in their own pond, that is when you know the British were there''

samkit shah : A 20 minute video versus 7 yrs of school education....what a joke life is

seeme seeme : There's an Indian north American proverb that says " if you saw two fish fight each other , certainly an English passed by "

GG Fan : Best one "Politicians are the one poisoning people's mind" And people are drinking that poison like rooafzaa

TheRealBattleground : It's same also in another side of India. Bangladesh-India border . Both are shared same language ,food habits an culture. Just religions are different .

Youha Kim : As a Korean, I can relate. A border drawn without the permission of the people. A border that separates families, a border that separates the same people. Edit: When I said "same people", I don't mean the Indian and Pakistani people as a whole. I was referring to the few ethnic groups on the border who were divided.

Samuel Bailey : What a great human interest story. I'm not a Sikh, but have always had the greatest respect for their humane, compassionate morality. Recently, having moved to a new town, I found that only a few houses down from me, lives an elderly Sikh gentleman, named Ram Singh. He is very old, so he has to use a walker, but he is a deeply kind person... a quality I have no doubt is common to those attracted to such a religion, characterized as it is by social justice, and caring for the poor. Our first meeting was very cool. As I was walking down the sidewalk and saw him ahead of me, I decided that I was going to greet him with folded hands, and the sacred Sikh greeting "Sat Naam" as a gesture of respect." This brought a smile to his face, and no doubt... he was interested to know who was this rare white man, who seemed to know a detail from his religion? and where had I learned it? Mr. Singh keeps a large, beautiful flower garden around his home; walking by, there is the most incredible sweet scent of jasmine flowers. I'm certain that this flower garden is a spiritual practice for this man. I also find it very interesting this dark skinned, white bearded Indian man reminds me so much of my own Father, who passed away so many years ago, and whose extreme kindness toward all people made him my role model showing that compassion is the basis of any true morality. I've never known a more decent human being... and this old Sikh grandfather reminds me of him more than anyone I've met. One more bit: Mr. Singh told me that he is an artist, and said he would like to sketch me. I've decided to take him up on his offer, not as much for the purpose of getting a nice portrait of myself, as for the opportunity to spend time with such a venerable, truly respectable elder.

Satish Vemuri : I think partition was inevitable but the way it was hastily done sowed the seeds of distrust among both the countries

Hussan Tahir : I live in a walled city of Lahore and as said by the ma’am in video walled city of amritsar looked exactly same.

TheBluePC 5 : India: Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs are living peacefully UK: Seriously?

Danie F : "the most bizzare lines drawn across a map" Africa: I can relate.

Vikash Kumar : The sun never set on British empire bcz even god couldn't trust the British in dark

DaveyJones : Thank you so much for educating us! I am ashamed as to how ignorant I was to all of this history that happened so recently even though my community in Canada has a very large Indian and Pakistani student community. Now I can honour them and their culture and their history better.

Adnaan Bheda : You've outdone yourself Mr. Harris, this was the best episode of Borders. Thank you for making this !

First Name, Surname : The British tried to divide people with this border in Kashmir The SAME PEOPLE They were afraid of us as thriving people and overtaking them And unfortunately it worked

Mateo Méndez : indian partition: just get a guy to draw a line lol it's not so hard btw you have 4 months brexit: *screams in british for 3 years*

Sumit Patil : This was a really amazing video vox....the kids part and the countries caring each other's tradition touched my heart...🥰🇮🇳🇵🇰 Love from India...

Mayur Thakor : The moment you show only Narendra Modi speaking against Pakistan...and not Imran Khan speaking against India... You lost CREDEBILITY!!! You missed the whole point... It's the politicians from both the side.

syed amer : I am South Indian and never knew India and Pakistan is having such a healthy friendship. I usually hear a Indian soldier killed by Pakistan,Bombs on Kashmir and all violent things Really Politics has poisoned our realation

hacker server : i respect the sikhs for taking care of muslim grave

marco Lucias : Moral of the story Never trust british with a map

kaliyah keita : colonialism really did us over. the colonial borders determined by european imperialist powers are the same borders we have today, they literally divided our land and determined the names and borders of countries in the global south as they pleased, this story is heartbreaking and really happened everywhere europeans colonised

Ethan D : Great content man really,you show your passion for journalism

Wahyu Joko Samudro : cry when I see this video It is very good content from VOX.. Thank you for teach us how to respect and how to appreciate "unity" .. Love to my India n Pakistan Brothers from INDONESIA

Arup Mullick : You Left out the Partition of Bengal Totally. Just spoke about the West and ignored the East. :-(

Sunny shah : Today, Indians and Pakistanis are both taking revenge against the British by filling the streets of London with Butter chicken and Kebabs

TheObserver : Muslim architecture as well as the graves are preserved well in India. Hope the same could be said of Hindu temples in Pakistan.

Ashish Vinayak : Love from Germany. I'm an Indian living here and meet Pakistanis from time to time. It is really touching how many things we share in common and I find it amazing to speak to them every time. Thank you for this video.

Fateh Gyani : I'm an indian teen living in New Delhi, and I have never been to Pakistan before... One day I was playing an online game. It randomly matched me with people from my region (Asia) I get matched with this guy a year younger to me..he spoke the same language as me.. We both won the game...and just as I was about to turn my system off, out of curiosity, I asked him where he was from.. He replied that he was from Islamabad, Pakistan I played with him several times after that and I found out about the similarities of our cultures.... he was a very warm and friendly person..... I wish could meet in person but unfortunately it is not allowed... I wish all of these political issues just end and we can start a new era of peace and friendship with our brothers and sisters across the border... If all people in Pakistan are as nice, friendly and genuine as he was, I salute you all... -a very rational thinker

TGG-Ghost : THE ISSUE OF KASHMIR aroused just because of unjust borderline drawn between them.Only if they conduct a referendum in Kashmir,everything will become peaceful.Let Kashmiris decide if they want a new country named Kashmir for themselves,they want to get annexed with Pakistan,or annexed with India....Why isn't this happening?!!

Khizar Mehmood : Ummm... Any British here reading comments?? Please go away...

Don't get me wrong but you are an asshole : I think I have find one of the best intelligent YouTube channel or YouTuber . This was very touching at the same time very informative. Love from Nepal 🇳🇵.... .

Alphaz thakur : Why dont you cover video on sikh sacrifice. to this country. how sikh religion came to existance to protect hindu and sikhs coz you already cant

Karan Balwani : The part where school students communicated with each other in India and Pakistan was truly heartwarming.

Shadowhunter : I was genuinely touched by the way in which Sikhs in that town meticulously cared for the Muslim graves. I can't think of a more powerful demonstration of respect.

Meena Kaur : This series is one of the best I've ever seen on YouTube and in general I love the graphics it's keeps you engaged

Gaurav Sharma : My forefathers came from Gujranwala to Delhi. Our Mata ji (Great Grandmother) used to tell us about her life and her village, the people, the festivities and more. I have mixed emotions. I do not think we can live with Pakistanis now, a lot has happened. Seeds of hatred were sowed a long time back. A special message to Pro Khalistanis, my Mataji used to tell us that the oldest or the youngest child used to follow Sikhism. I don't want to use the word convert. Doesn't matter If they were Brahmans or from other castes. They were all Punjabis before any religion. So before you talk about dividing India further, know that we are the same people. To the Muslims, let us live peacefully. Let's respect our differences like we did before 1947 and lived in harmony.

Karthika Devi : I am from South India.. just watching those kids communicate with each other.. so much love and innocence.. they should be playing together without these boundaries... And the old people looking longingly at their holy temple... It just rips ur heart out... 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭.. able to emotionally connect with our history which was not possible by years of education.

Salman Nasir : love breaks all beareriers , but the problem is that few humans know what love is ❤️ love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰❤️

Saanjaly Srivastava : Most world history can be covered in 4 words "And then Europe happened"

Apoorv Saxena : Britain didn't divide us ... We were a divided society from the very beginning ... !

Subhajit Dey : Thank you for making this video with such tender touch!

Sayan Tarafder : Bengalee people were similarly affected because of creation of East pakistan

Koustav Chowdhury : 17 minutes video learned me a lot. Thanks vox