How this border transformed a subcontinent | India & Pakistan
How this border transformed a subcontinent India Pakistan

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The story of how a hastily-drawn line divided one people into two. This season of Borders is presented by CuriosityStream. Watch thousands of documentaries for free for 31-days: Join the Video Lab to help us make more Vox Borders! Follow the Vox Borders watch page: Follow Johnny on Instagram: Sign up for the Borders newsletter: With original music by Tom Fox: The video conferencing session between the two schools was conducted between students of Gyan Mandir Public School (Delhi, India) and Adamjee Model School (Karachi, Pakistan). The session was coordinated by Ms Anju Anand and Ms Devika Mittal from Indian side and Mr Usama Palla and Ms Suraya Islam from Pakistan. We're grateful they let us drop by! The British tasked Cyril Radcliffe with the job of drawing a line to separate Punjab and Bengal provinces from India into East and West Pakistan. Muslims and Hindus weren’t the only ones being separated from each other. Sikhs and people from other faiths were affected as well. A Sikh pilgrimage was divided because of the new border, Punjabi people of all faiths were separated from each other, and a culture was ultimately divided. This Vox Borders episode looks at how the Radcliffe line changed Punjab and how communities are affected now. Watch all the episodes of Vox Borders: India here: To learn more about the colonial history of the subcontinent, watch our explainer on the role of Great Britain in shaping the histories of India and Pakistan: For more on the present relationship between India and Pakistan, watch our explainer on the conflict in Kashmir here: Vox Borders is an international documentary series by Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris exploring life at the edge of nations. Start from the beginning. Watch all full episodes of Vox Borders on YouTube in one playlist: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out Watch our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Facebook: Or Twitter:


wizard680 : This dude probably took longer to make this video than that British lawyer did for making that border line.

Raju : If you blame the British on at least half of the world's geopolitical problems, you'll probably be right

Niket Shukla : Strange how Britishers are taking years to finalize a Brexit deal but created two different countries in just months!

md shahparan : My grandfather born in India...❤ My father born in Pakistan...❤ I born in Bangladesh ❤ One place but 3 name..ha ha ha😍😍

Fateh Gyani : I'm an indian teen living in New Delhi, and I have never been to Pakistan before... One day I was playing an online game. It randomly matched me with people from my region (Asia) I get matched with this guy a year younger to me..he spoke the same language as me.. We both won the game...and just as I was about to turn my system off, out of curiosity, I asked him where he was from.. He replied that he was from Islamabad, Pakistan I played with him several times after that and I found out about the similarities of our cultures.... he was a very warm and friendly person..... I wish could meet in person but unfortunately it is not allowed... I wish all of these political issues just end and we can start a new era of peace and friendship with our brothers and sisters across the border... If all people in Pakistan are as nice, friendly and genuine as he was, I salute you all... -a very rational thinker

// : A Turkish proverb fits in here, ''When the fish are fighting in their own pond, that is when you know the British were there''

hacker server : i respect the sikhs for taking care of muslim grave

Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV : Safe to say that most agree that Britain should never be a global power again?

seeme seeme : There's an Indian north American proverb that says " if you saw two fish fight each other , certainly an English passed by "

TheBluePC 5 : India: Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs are living peacefully UK: Seriously?

The Shades End : It didn't cost the rest of India as much it cost Punjab and Bengal - the partition .

SRIHARI SS : Before 1947 Indians and Pakistanis: we are going to live like brothers Britain: hold my tea cup

Dr barkat ullah : Wow, the sikh Brothers taking care of Muslim Graves. Respect.

Brooks Carlson : The man at 11:04 is just amazing. His family receives the Muslim temple and he continues to follow and respect their traditions even though it isn't necessarily his beliefs. Humans can be wonderful creatures.

Spartan Runner : As a Korean, I can relate. A border drawn without the permission of the people. A border that separates families, a border that separates the same people. Edit: When I said "same people", I don't mean the Indian and Pakistani people as a whole. I was referring to the few ethnic groups on the border who were divided.

Annie S : As a Pakistani I want everyone to know that I love my Indian neighbours - politics shouldn’t divide us.

rashid ali : Proud to be pakistani and proud on my grandparents who took a wise decision to migrate from india to pakistan pakistan stay blessed forever love and respect for all

Adnaan Bheda : You've outdone yourself Mr. Harris, this was the best episode of Borders. Thank you for making this !

Vivian Smith : Please do africa as well because Africa was also divided recklessly especially countries like Nigeria, former Sudan etc

Kashif Hayat : Wow. Respect to Siekh brothers who are maintaining the mosque 🕌. Much love from Canadaian 🍁 Pakistani 🇵🇰

?? : Son: Dad i want to doodle but no paper! British lawyer father: Have this map...

How To : Guru Nanak followers were not given their fair share, and infact they were betrayed by the hindu leadership....else they could have nation and identity of their own 😢😢

Hungry Wolf : I think partition was inevitable but the way it was hastily done sowed the seeds of distrust among both the countries

Aurélia Ghoussoub : Thank you Britain for ruining every civilisation then acting like nothing happened!

Vincent Aurelius : Forced resettlements never go well. Just ask a Palestinian.

Usab Dhakal : Lets take a moment and appreciate this man for presenting it so beautifully. Thank you Sir!!!

uthank pettukola : So if the British took the 5 years as intended millions of lives could've been saved and india and pakistan could've been friends now?

Rayquaza the Pokémon : The British ruined India & Pakistan now there acting like nothing happened. India:Dude u made my country terrible and split lots of family British:wha?

marco Lucias : Moral of the story Never trust british with a map

Nick SINGH : This made me cry. As a daughter of a Punjabi family this video holds so much respect and honor which I cannot even express. Thank you for sharing this story it really truly makes a difference.

Rinuchristo Manuel : This is one of the best stories I have ever come across youtube, I really appreciate your work. Keep moving people.

Ste Richardsson : 10:36 That sentence almost made me cry. Sikh people taking such special care of a sacred Muslim site, it's so beautiful. I don't like the idea of collective historical guilt but it is still sad to see so many of the conflicts around the world caused by British ignorance and imperial arrogance.

Rheetam Mitra : Pakistan, love from India. ❤️ 🇵🇰🇮🇳

Mateo Méndez : indian partition: just get a guy to draw a line lol it's not so hard btw you have 4 months brexit: *screams in british for 3 years*

Coca Cola : India- we Hindus, Muslim living peacefully. UK- nah i don't believe this, let me help you.

sirwallaby : Excellent reporting by Vox ... you gaining a lot of respect of how you report your stories ... Please do not change your methods of professionalism in journalism proudly subbed into your channel.

Karthika Devi : I am from South India.. just watching those kids communicate with each other.. so much love and innocence.. they should be playing together without these boundaries... And the old people looking longingly at their holy temple... It just rips ur heart out... 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭.. able to emotionally connect with our history which was not possible by years of education.

• Vannilla seas • : Idk why but I feel offended by all these uk India Pakistan and Bangladesh coz I'm bangladeshi but I live in britain

Muhammad Iqbal Habibullah : Some British dude: let's draw a line in a map, what could go wrong? *Insert india-pakistan border, middle eastern border, Egypt-sudan border* Edit : yes, i don't include Palestine-Israel border, but i do put middle eastern border, cause basically almost every middle eastern border happened cause brits. And Palestine and Israel also located in middle east. So yeah it technically count

Afrah Khan : That was so beautifully done, I teared up.💙

Saad Keen : 13:00 This video makes me cry. Politicians are dividing one nation. We are one. Love from Pakistan to my Indian brothers and sisters

Dev Aryan : Good video, but disliked it, since you showed wrong map of India.

anurag ray : Thanks for bringing out the human side of people in this video. Appreciate it.

Shadowhunter : I was genuinely touched by the way in which Sikhs in that town meticulously cared for the Muslim graves. I can't think of a more powerful demonstration of respect.

juned ansari : Such a lovely video on India and Pakistan relationship,,, thank you so much

Priyanshu Rana : A far better video than our paid media... Thanks to the creator...

Seven Shots : Best video I ever seen on YouTube!!! Love You Brother!! Thanks for the beautiful video :) You are making a hole in my heart <3

Danish Verma : its countries like US and China that are provoking and funding for all these tentions between the two countries. like what the do most of time provoking proxy wars and civil wars in countries like syria, yamen, iraq etc

js : moral of the story: every brexit in history was a disaster