This TikTok Star Is Taking Advantage Of Children (TheBudday)

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Comments from Youtube

PastelMilkパステルミルク : I’m sorry but no normal 26 year old looks like that *I refuse to believe that he’s under the age of 40 or 50*

Cianna Wilkins : He looks like an obese peanut.

Fastgrow Gaming : He looks 26 Minutes away from dying

Layla ThePanda : Things are getting crazy at Caillous house.

Nalaway Galaxy : Puberty was not nice to Caillou..

miya Watson : When I look at him I smell boiled bologna water🤢

Professor Pika : If hes 26 Im a *sperm* (Wew 573 likes! Well new record! This is 2 months after btw)

ni ni : THAT "charlie bit me" ONE MADE ME SO SO SO UNCOMFORTABLE

MqryAnn : He’s probably a virgin who tries to hook up with girls on tinder but no one ever swipes right

Waterlogged dogs : If that guy is 26 i'm a fetus

Shelley Johnson : You look like ninja and Jeffers stars boyfriend put together

kylie Ann : He looks like one of the ogres from Ella enchanted.

Leslie Rican : I think the zoo lost an animal

LeviGacha : he's 26 in dog days (age)

Hubble Tea : Why does he look like he smells like ham?

Alex B. : I had a growth removed 26 years ago. I named it 'buddy'. When the doctor asked if he could keep it, I had no idea he was going to raise it and teach it to use the internet. My bad. =\

Ella G. : What he's 26? More like 62 wtf...

star pup : This is who he is Egg x globglogabgalab *_EGGLOBGLOGABGALAB_*

Kylie Ward : Puberty hasn’t been nice to Cailliou I guess🤷🏽‍♀️

maritsa p : This man looking like mr crabs without his shell


CaptainOverkill : In Soviet Russia, *GIRL STALK PREDATOR*

b e c k e r : you sound a little like hiccup from how to train your it :))

Lindsay Dunlap : I feel wrong for liking this video, because the dudes a creep, and wrong for disliking it, because then that appears I don't agree he's a creep. Can we just have a puke face?

ifrnks : Why does he look like a turtle

Wh Y : *He can date Satan*

Shadow Wolf755 : If he's 26 Then I'm in my previous life right now and waiting for my present life

Elichu : I don't mean to point fingers but he is _EXACTLY_ what I picture when someone says "pedophile".

mall cop : Keke, are you fourteen?

TINY MAN WHO SCREAMS A LOT : if hes 26 then my dad isnt even born yet

Monkey vane : Batman on the streets. Joker in the sheets. And the penguin the rest of the time.


I am A furry : He’s an Oompa Loompa from Charlie’s chocolate factory with his bald head

maddiemainer : So sad the naked mole rat from Kim possible turned out to be such a perv ://

RageReaperX the3rd : Ladies and gentlemen... We got him FBI OPEN UP

the best gamer : Caillou turns into American Horror Story

kalena kien : i like how his name is budday. *bc it sounds like bidet and that..seems about accurate.*

_____ _____ : If he's 26, then I was never born

I y a n a : When he said he was a *_bad boy_* he really meant it I guess

KittieDrama : *he looks like he’s 57* *Edit:he’s disgusting* *Edit:thx for the likes😭*

[IP]Agent 7 : Things Are Getting Wild At Tik Tok's Place

sarah_ dah_zebra : The kissing one really got to me😐

XxGacha_Pink_GamerXx Pacatang : That pillow looks like budday tbh 0.0

Nyaanee : He looks 93 and 56 and 13 at the same time

bob duncan : This ain’t it chief

Yeee Yee : Did anyone else hear the fortnite music @ 11:11 😂

rach ash : living proof that humpty dumpty got put back together again

chenderhan : I legit had a nightmare the other morning about him.

Lydia Georgiopoulou : I can't say I didn't expect this