This TikTok Star Is Taking Advantage Of Children (TheBudday)

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Dolan Dark : Tiktok seems to either be people under the age of 12, or pedophiles. No middle ground

H Zaragoza : i bet he smells like hot dog water💀

kaylah : Okay I’m going to do it... If he is 26, then I’m a sperm cell.

William Lewis : Where’s Chris Hansen at? We need a Tik Tok edition of To Catch A Predator.

Rekxzy : cauilou really let him self go

Slazo : That'll have to be a yikes from me champ

The A Guy : Omg caillou grew up and got tik tok...

Melody Dorton : Not denying his creepiness. Cause yea. He creepy dawg. Glad he’s in jail. But I’m the “obviously underaged girl” who’s finger he bit off... I’m 23 😂 and it was mildly embarrassing to have my friends discover my secret hobby this way 😂

The Umbrella Corporation : He's legit gross af. Why would anyone wanna talk to such a creepy egg in the first place? He looks like an adult baby. I need to take 30 showers after watching this...

multifandom exo-l : I REFUSE to believe he's not over 60

Leon Lush : That's a Y I K E S from me dawg

Bella Harte : Wait... 26? I thought he was like 57. What a creep 😳

Gacha Rose : he made a duet with my best friend. she's 11.

Bored Nerd : >chris hansen has entered the chat

Gustavo Villela Izaguire : How can this Jabba the Hut Chinese bootleg be 26 years old ??? My 61 years old grandpa looks way waay younger.

Lo Lo : 26??? He WAS 26... about 26 years ago.

alice c-m : Honestly, I am not surprised. He 100% looks like a nonce.

*SugaKookies* ;3 : If he’s 26, then I’m dating BTS.

Ethan Taddicken : *Chris Hansen Intensifies*

Melanie Anne : Imagine if he was a good looking 26 year old, popular Tik tok star. They probably would get away with stuff for a while at least.

Lydia Georgiopoulou : I can't say I didn't expect this

Professor Pika : If hes 26 Im a *sperm*

SUgA KoOkIe : imagine seeing a human wrinkley egg just sitting in your room, I would scream and set him on fire

miya Watson : When I look at him I smell boiled bologna water🤢

Alberto Esperanza : The gene pool drowned him

Cloe C : How’d a blob fish get onto tik tok?

marilyn : Logan Paul is big but BionicPIG isn’t? You’re honestly one of the most woke YouTubers out here.

Milliardo5 : He is 26? I thought he's way older than that, seems more like around 40.

kylie Ann : He looks like one of the ogres from Ella enchanted.

Unicorn Lover : “Oh he got the cuffs he got the cuffs everyone”—Slazo 2018

xiaorishu : He's 26?! o.o He's younger than me, wth. xD

Sir Sherlocking : I’m Chris Hansen, have a seat over there.

Ayari Orellana : My eyes ... oh no my eyes!!! The horror !!😭😭🤢🤮

LeviGacha : he's 26 in dog days (age)

Lydia Memes : Okay remaking this to hopefully avoid hate I received last time, my face was used at the timestamp 4:53 and i would like to ask if i can get it removed from the video. It makes me genuinely uncomfortable and upset especially in the context that it is about a pedophile. I have been trying to get my face out of as many of these videos as i can find. I dmed him already trying to address the matter but have not gotten a response yet and i think that if i comment it might show him again idrk. Just please take my face out.

Hannah Walker : The whole 50 Shades Of Gray clip didn't bother me too much. I mean, it was cringy. But, everyone does sorta creepy 50 Shades Of Gray clips on there. Even kids do them. But, once I saw the texts he sent girls, I was like, "Oh, he's nasty."

goth : If he is 26 i'm James Charles

RockyGarlic 8375 : 9:07 - 9:24 *D I S G U S T A N G*

kalena kien : i like how his name is budday. *bc it sounds like bidet and that..seems about accurate.*

Hype_ Gamer : In Soviet Russia, *GIRL STALK PREDATOR*

I'm. not. Famous. : He looks like the Globglogabgalab

TRYING TO GET 100 SUBSCRIBERS WITH NO UPLOADS : there needs to be a age restriction for tik tok


Katelyn Alexandre : *he'll be comin after danielle cohn*

Madeline McNamara : I'm calling Chis Hanson

SS S : Tiktok ad before this

Jaylen Byrne : just found your channel! binge watching your vids now cuz you're super dope

ni ni : THAT "charlie bit me" ONE MADE ME SO SO SO UNCOMFORTABLE

Micro Doink : i knew he was a creep the first time I saw him, his face disturbs me. he looks young and really old at the same time

Whalelord12 4 : 10:59 The fact that this child predator have the Fortnite theme song playing in the background makes it even worse