This TikTok Star Is Taking Advantage Of Children (TheBudday)

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Leon Lush : That's a Y I K E S from me dawg

Raeanna Williams : He looks like the dude from human centipede 2

maritsa p : This man looking like mr crabs without his shell

Nils Emil Osmundsen : he looks like a mix between a thumb and the globglobgabgalab (no offence to the actual Globgbobgabgalab tho)

Cam : It's still sexual harassment/predatory and disgusting to do this to an OF AGE person let alone an underage one!!

Slazo : That'll have to be a yikes from me champ

—Keith Kogane— : And Calliou ended up growing up to be a pedo.

DAPHNE : Knew he was a pedophile. Some people just really have that pedo look going and he is definitely one of them. It was so obvious lmao

Carley Jae : He looks like a new born cockroach

Mariana : He looks like the thumb people from spy kids 🤢

Dolan Dark : Tiktok seems to either be people under the age of 12, or pedophiles. No middle ground

Rachel Rode : “Batman in the streets and a joker in the sheets” oh u mean a rich idiot with a savior complex who’s also an abusive psychopath? what a dream

Alicia Warren : I think the whole platform for Tiktok and musically is full of kids and predators. Normal adults - 25+ don’t find these apps interesting or amusing.

Runu : Have never seen someone that looks so old and so young at the same time

amber black : If you are underage and an adult sends you picture of their privates! Please for the love of God contact the police!!

Lydia Georgiopoulou : I can't say I didn't expect this

Ahnya Evans : *D I S C U S T A N G*

Vinny K : This is why parents should build a strong relationship with there kids, so they don't hide things like this from them, I'd find this guys house and kill him if he done videos like this and talked to my daughter like that

Systematic Barometer : Uncle Fester is a child molester? 😟

Kaylees teas gone cold : Remember the good old days when musically was just plain cringey and filled with mini Jacob sartorius’s? Now we have *this.*

Clarissa Iraola : I have an idea! *Calls Luxurypranks* "Hi I have a child predator he goes by the name on tik tok: Budday" Luxury Pranks: Okay we will have our decoy actress lur him in.

Nitewulf : Grooming children, whether in person or over the internet, has the same lasting psychological effects as physical abuse and assault does. These kids are gonna struggle with this for the rest of their lives, so don't be glad nothing physical happened. The damage was already done.

SomeSourLemonZ With Raw Sauce : That guy is creepy this is why I don't have tiktok! One like = one lock on his jail cell 🔒

Hang Man : TheBudday is the thing i see in the corner of my room when i have sleep paralysis and he's probably like 34 - 40 years old not 26

Aleks Name Meme : I've been a bad boy and it's clear to see so why do I fall in love with girls who are fourteen.

Mr Tyger : Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?

King Jr : This guys looks like the victim and suspect

Clique : Who else got a tik tok ad before watching this?

Track 44 : He's the gloglogabgalab's mutated cousin

Oliver : This guy is one bad boy.

Rick Nguyen : I can already hear sirens

M8 : He looks 93 and 56 and 13 at the same time

sick as ._fudge : He looks the same age as my dad and he's is 67...😐

Beautiful Walrus : I remember seeing this guy on a cringe comp. And then I saw him on a couple of memes showing off how he was a pedo and whatnot. But, thanks for bringing this issue into light so people can stay aware of him.

Borna Japundžić : Tik Tok isn’t even a year old, and shit ALREADY hit the fan.

Ahnya Evans : 26? Wtf 26 looks 56

T rex Animations : Who knew Mr clean could be scary and creepy

Nothing matters unless the cameras are rolling : *I GOT A TIK TOK AD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO SKSJSKSJ*

Billyy : If he's 26 then I'm non existent

Vinegar Slap : Tiktok is a pedophile fever dream. I got pedo vibes from that guy the first time I saw him.

SyTheGuy :/ : I used to laugh at his posts(like that one with the belt) but after this it almost made me throw up.

Ithan0508 : He looks like a real version of Wallace from the animated movie Wallace and Gromit 😂💀

Renegade Femshep : If that guy is only one year older than I am, I must have accidentally found the fountain of youth somewhere

3VIL : Hey BionicPIG, I am so happy you made awareness of this guy. I know you seen my video because that edit in the begging was mine, I made the video to spread awareness so I'm really happy I could be of help to the community. Lots of thanks man!

Henry monçao : Captain underpants becomes a pedo

Hacker doge samurai dinossauro megazord felps : My father's over 50 and looks way younger than this man

Amber Christine : we just want vine back


Waterlogged dogs : If that guy is 26 i'm a fetus

Aterex : This man is what I see when I have sleep paralysis