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'Tales From the Bottle' returns to bring you the tragic tale of the Weaver family and the siege of Ruby Ridge. "Ruby Ridge was the site of an eleven-day siege near Naples, Idaho, U.S., beginning on August 21, 1992, when Randy Weaver, members of his immediate family, and family friend Kevin Harris resisted agents of the United States Marshals Service (USMS) and the Hostage Rescue Team of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI HRT). Following a Marshals Service reconnoiter of the Weaver property pursuant to a bench warrant for Weaver after his failure to appear on firearms charges, an initial encounter between six US marshals and the Weavers resulted in a shootout and the deaths of Deputy US Marshal William Francis Degan, age 42, the Weavers' son Samuel (Sammy), age 14, and Weaver's family dog (Striker). In the subsequent siege of the Weaver residence, led by the FBI, Weaver's 43-year-old wife Vicki was killed by FBI sniper fire. All casualties occurred on the first two days of the operation. The siege and stand-off were ultimately resolved by civilian negotiators, with the surrender and arrest of Kevin Harris on August 30, and the surrender of Randy Weaver and the surviving Weaver children the next day. Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris were subsequently arraigned on a variety of federal criminal charges, including first-degree murder over the death of Deputy US Marshal W.F. Degan. Harris was acquitted of all charges, and Weaver was subsequently acquitted of all charges except for the original bail condition violation for the arms charges and for having missed his original court date. Fined US$10,000 and sentenced to 18 months in prison, he was credited with time served plus an additional three months, and was then released. During the federal criminal trial of Weaver and Harris, Weaver's attorney Gerry Spence made accusations of "criminal wrongdoing" against the agencies involved in the incident, in particular, the FBI, the USMS, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and the United States Attorney's Office (USAO) for Idaho. At the completion of the trial, the Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility formed the Ruby Ridge Task Force (RRTF) to investigate Spence's charges. A redacted HTML version of the RRTF report was publicly released by Lexis Counsel Connect, an information service for attorneys, which raised questions about the conduct and policies of all of the participating agencies. A PDF version of the report was later posted by the Justice Department. Both the Weaver family and Harris brought civil suits against the government over the events of the firefight and siege, the Weavers winning a combined out-of-court settlement in August 1995 of $3.1 million, and Harris being awarded, after persistent appeals, a $380,000 settlement in September 2000. To answer public questions about Ruby Ridge, the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information held a total of 14 days of hearings between September 6 and October 19, 1995, and subsequently issued a report calling for reforms in federal law enforcement to prevent a repeat of the losses of life at Ruby Ridge, and to restore public confidence in federal law enforcement. It was noted that the Ruby Ridge incident and the 1993 Waco siege involved many of the same agencies (e.g., the FBI HRT and the ATF) and some of the same personnel (e.g., the FBI HRT commander.) The Boundary County, Idaho, prosecutor indicted FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi for manslaughter in 1997 before the statute of limitations for this charge could expire; the Idaho v Horiuchi case was moved to federal court which has jurisdiction over federal agents, where it underwent a sovereign immunity dismissal, an en banc reversal on appeal of the dismissal, and ultimately, the dropping of charges after a change in the local prosecutor." More on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_Ridge

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Laponairre : 14 year old boy gets killed by marshall: * nothing happens* Marshall is shot and killed in defense: * complete outrage*

Natural Plays : How tf do you shoot a dog and then a 14 year old WTF!!

Im not so Funny : The boy had some balls made of steel

Jack the Gestapo : Why did FBI killed innocent people? because that's their profession?

Carl Brown : Holly shit, all this for literally doing nothing.

hu1a121 : And it all started because of a snitchy neighbor. It doesn't matter who you are nor where you're from. Nobody likes a snitch.

The Wild Colonial Boy : This is why we need the 2nd Ammendment.

burnt f1ames : hey doesn't this sound too extreme boss? i mean we don't have any real evidence except some random things we herd? boss: *doesn't exist yea you’re right this all sounds believable

Greeny Gruett Gaming : I am legit scared of how stupid people can be

Fabian Krabbe : Why is it that the title says innocent women and not innocent family

GabZonY : Fact check: -While the Weavers did send a letter to President Ronald Reagan informing him that he may have recieved a letter with a forged identity, no such letter was ever found to exist. -Weaver was, while not a member, directly affiliated with the Aryan Nations, attending several of their rallies, one of which, the World Aryan Congress, is where he was approached by Faderley, the undercover ATF operative. In July of 1989, Weaver invited Faderley to his home to discuss forming a group to fight the US Government, which he called the "Zionist Organised Government." He later denied being a member of the Aryan Nations. -Whether the guns Weaver sold to the informant were originally illegally altered, or if the informant asked him to modify the guns after they were displayed to him, seems to be disputed. When Weaver's case was later transferred to the marshals, the ATF never mentioned trying to solicit Weaver into becoming an informant. -The FBI informant outed Faderley to Aryan Nations security. -Weaver was arrested by ATF agents posing as broken-down motorists and released on bail, and his court date was set to February 19, 1991. On January 22, Weaver contacted his probation officer, Karl Richins, as he has been previously instructed, but since Richins didn't have his case file at that time, he asked Weaver to leave his contact information so he could get back to him. Weaver did not leave a telephone number, but his defense attorney Everett Hofmeister sent him 3 separate letters (on Jan 19, Jan 31, and Feb 5), asking Weaver to get in contact with him. On the same day as the last letter was sent, the court date was changed to Feb 20, but this information was never passed on to Weaver, only Hofmeister. -On Feb 7, Richins sent a letter to Weaver informing him that he was now in possession of his case file and needed to go over it with him. This is the letter that erroneously had the court date set for March 20. -The following day Hofmeister sent out a letter with the correct court date and instructed Weaver to contact him ASAP. He also made calls to individuals who knew Weaver asking them to have Weaver contact him. He didn't hear from Weaver before the scheduled court date. -A warrant was placed on Weaver, but marshals agreed to not act on it until after March 20 to see if he would appear in court. However, a grand jury was called by the USAO on March 14, and Richin's letter was never presented to the jury by the USAO. -The idea that the government would take his children and his land, leaving his wife Vicky homeless should he lose the trial, was erroneously told to him by his magistrate and was never going to happen. This is believed to have increased his already great distrust for government and unwillingness to appear in court. -There are three different tellings of the events during the incident where Sammy Weaver, the US Marshal, and Weavers dog was shot and killed: 1. According to the Weaver's, the marshals didn't identify themselves, and initiated fire. 2. According to the marshals, they were fired upon as soon as they rose to identify themselves. 3. A later account by the Weaver's present the order of events as taking place pretty much as presented in the video. -The first shot fired during the siege was intended to instantly kill Weaver, but hit him in the shoulder. The second bullet struck Vicki in the face, and Harris in the chest, killing Vicki and wounding Harris. The second shot was called inexcusable, and a report regarding the shooting said the shot didn't meet the standard of "objective reasonableness" the constitution requires for a legal use of deadly force. However, the government admitted to no wrongdoing, and Harris recieved $380 000 out of court. The sniper was later charged with manslaughter for the incident, however the case was dismissed.

Joseph Hanicak : The neighbors name is Terry Kennison.

Un Possible : Sheeple: "He was a cop-killer" * said in a way that makes it sound beyond evil * Me: "As opposed to your everyday, run-of-the-mill person-killer?"

Meme : >when you tell someone to make and sell sawed off shotguns so you can blackmail him into becoming a rat for a group he isn't in only to have him refuse so you kill his son and wife

David Daivdson : That'll teach them for trying to live off grid, away from the _totally benevolent_ watchful eye of the government!

AlmostfaKe Corporation : If the goverment do this to their own citizens imagine what they'd do to... never mind

Meme Police Official : Let's just say I messed up.

Sandra Long : “You’re crazing, why don’t you trust the government?” History.

i'm a alien : Title is inaccurate. It should say "Why The FBI, ATF and US Marshalls Killed This Innocent Woman, Her Son and His Dog, Persecuted Her Husband, Destroyed Their Other Kids Lives and Wounded Their Friend." Admittedly that might be a bit long.

The real Capri-sun : The neighbor should be game ended

LiveWire Media : The tree marshals

Jan van Speyk : Something tells me they knew they had nothing, but some isolated doomsday prepper made for some good exercise.

PhoenixFires : The FBI basically just murdered half an innocent family because ONE guy refused to snitch on Neo-Nazis who he only indirectly sold weapons to? Das goo.

Kermit on weed : This is horrible, its like a cop tells you to speed up and than gives you a ticked for it.

Mark Winter : Not too long after this the fbi sniper team from ruby ridge went to Waco where the murdered over 70 men women and children.

Jack Dumpsterfire : Just want to point out that guilt by association is illegal

Jerry Whidby : Oh you would love the "Battle of Athens" tale if you found this interesting.

F.B.I : Tf .......... we did nothing of this nature they all had guns.

TheVoice OfTruth : The neighbor was the biggest troll/swatter in history

Kyer 2827 : I know they’re supposed to be bodies but I always see your characters as heads with legs😂😂

Jerry Whidby : Yep and this is why people believe in the 2A. This is the same FBI that plotted against Trump. Too much power.

dr.cheeze : why does the goverment keep "kill on sight" killing dogs???

Go commit stand in the middle of the road : The stuff that happened to the Weaver family could have lead to: The FBI getting shut down ro sued. the secret service getting shut down or sued as well. The USMS being terminated. Or a complete shutdown of the government and the directors of the departments involved with the ordeal arrested or taken into custody.

2ndLieutenantBadger : The Weaver Family: "It's not paranoia if they are actually out to get you"

Jorji Costava : Randy Could Have Just Accepted His Arrest And Show The Court His Letter That Said March

Jim Vick : There is so much crazy shit in this story its hard to know what is truth and fact from what isn't... I've heard everything from the shotguns being 1" short of legal to Weaver denying he ever cut them... Whatever the case, it all seems quit unjustified.

DanDaCarrotKing 1 : When u play swat 4 for first time

Some random Guy : * cough * cough* AMERICA * cough *

adil4918 : I’m happy they killed a marshal, they deserved it. Edit: only 2 likes but I still got it highlighted

макинтош : *That's how FBI works.*

Max Sands : Thank You ~ Wonderfully entertaining! I read the book about this & kept thinking that my mind was slipping because nothing made ANY sense. In the end it was as if the government just wanted his land for some unknown reason & didn't want to pay for it. "Extreme Malice Aforethought" is all I could honor it with. If any civilian did any part of this they would be hanged, stoned, & then beaten to death (after lethal injection) & I will bet ANYTHING that everyone involved was promoted & retired with full pensions . . . wanna bet?

Rated Are : “He knew a guy who knew a guy” Heck, that seems to be enough evidence for some people today as well 😂

P. Dillen : "It's not murder if you're wearing a badge." These Federal agencies are even worse today.

q : Yes the most important people. The pope the president and the governor of idaho

Obamaistoast2012 : I remember when this happened, weaver was eventualy cleared in court, government out of control.

exexpat11 : Just isn't fun being a Junior G Man unless you can get some trigger time on the public. Our wonderful corrupt FBI/DOJ. May they all die horribly.

TheRealLazerBlazer22 : Great video, but hearing that all of this happened really pisses me off.

Militant Goth : The ATF is a rogue agency that does whatever the hell they feel like doing, look at the Waco Texas siege and on that note, the show Waco was total BS, the ATF knew exactly what they were doing

Ali-X : God damn this pisses me off dude you don't even know