Why the FBI Killed This Innocent Woman | Tales From the Bottle

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Carl Brown : Holly shit, all this for literally doing nothing.

Pixel : sounds like a video game almost

Leo Storm : great way of getting the message across.....although its a sad thing to watch, still thanks for making it bearable and educational at the same time

Zaire : I just realised that this video was one of yours, and it's been in my recommended for ages. I only found your channel today btw.

Jarhead Entertainment : you should do the Waco, TX siege. very similar and a lot of controversy surrounds it

TheVoice OfTruth : The neighbor was the biggest troll/swatter in history

Tetrahydrocannibinol : When I went to sub I was expecting you to have at least 150k subs. This channel is put together so well, everything looks professional. Awesome channel dude

Sam The Shark : Very Informative! I discovered this channel today and can rightfully say you have earned a sub.

SamBskate : Holy shit. This is so fucked up. You made it really easy to see it through his eyes instead of just telling what happened. U actually gave him character and relatability and i love that. Great videos man keep it up.

Diego Rios : Just found your randomly channel great video, definitely subbing.

Red Bussnis Man : Damn these storys are insane love the vid though

Argimiro Sotelo : so they blackmailed and extorted him right off the bat, which are both crimes?

a person with controversial opinions : you just got a new sub. congrats, man, i love your content already!

MtheOP : Dude i just found your channel and i love your drawing style and the way you tell the stories. Keep up the good work!

Bulby : I had heard that the atf basically entrapped him into cutting the shotgun barrels down to 17.25 inches when the legal barrel length requirement is 18 inches.

TheBlueChamaleon Plays : Seems like he put lots of effort into this. I’ll sub

Raul Gomez : I love this video the art style is amazing and keep on doing what you do because it is great Edit: why do i have 18 likes >_<

John Ratko : A few years after the Feds' murders and acts of animal cruelty at Ruby Ridge, Idaho - while fighting forest fires in the Northwest US, I met Randy Weaver at a rural pub/trading post. This everyone there who knew him much better than myself testified; he's one of the most decent, laid back and honest men there is.

Athala Naufal : Idk how i got here, but I'm totally staying. Your video is very intresting. I hope you get bigger someday :D

Nate Higgers : >when you tell someone to make and sell sawed off shotguns so you can blackmail him into becoming a rat for a group he isn't in only to have him refuse so you kill his son and wife

Rey Maturino : Amazing channel <3

John Roxton : Amazing great story telling skill

RTR TRUTH MEDIA RELOADED : I was at the Bundy Ranch, Oregon Standoff and I know Randy Weaver. We thank you for keeping his story alive. Our deep state swamp of bureaucratic agencies dont need to be drained.... they need to be replaced with local Sheriffs who are accountable to the people.

Jesus Chavez : Subbed... That's how good this was! 😍

Peter Dillenbeck : "It's not murder if you're wearing a badge." These Federal agencies are even worse today.

Senato_X : amazing video, you deserve my sub good sir

Pohorex : Honestly, the son kinda had it coming when he shot at the state marshals, I mean, yea they killed his dog, but why in the hell would you think that’d Itd be smart to shoot at them. Not pinning the blame on him entirely, but he did directly help cause his own death. Also the sniper shouldn’t be charged with anything, as he was doing his job. It should be the people who gave the orders to shoot on site. They are the ones who should’ve been imprisioned

Jork of Goose : Don't heart this please.

Howard Chung : "Absolutely not one of the boys." Going to start saying that haha, cracked me up real good.

Van Zan Siegfried : It was actually far worse than this. After the sniper killed his wife a couple days went by and they continue to try and contact him by loudspeaker trying to convince him to come out. But they changed tactics and kept trying to contact and call for his wife not knowing that they had f***** up and killed her. This drove him into a darker mental state because he and his surviving family felt they were deliberately being toyed with since the mother was the one the police were trying to communicate with and she had been the very nice and reasonable one I suppose in that situation. An old friend was sent up to talk to them that I believe had old military connections from Vietnam or something and I can't quite recall, but I believe when he spoke to Randy on behalf of the police he told his friend that they killed his wife. He then walked down the hill and met with the police who had armored personnel carriers and things of that nature actually in position, and he literally told the police and the FBI how badly they have f***** up. He was not nice about it. The guy had been up in his cabin and feels as if he's been taunted because they shot and killed his wife and have been trying to reach out to her for a couple days. Eventually this mental stress can bind with the impending assault drove him to surrender.

Farting Sheep : Brilliant video keep it up man 👍

Dick Artist : this channel deserves a much larger audience.

Raul Gomez : Great video you have an extra sub now

HighScore : I heard this story multiple times before but when he tells it it's always so much more satisfying

Tyler Campbell : How do you not have more subs?

PLΔGUΣ DΩҜTΩR : Second of your videos I watched love them and since I first commented u gained 4k more subs really shows how good your videos are

Giovanni Cambranes : wish i could give you 2 thumbs up you magical leprechaun.

Jared Alonge : this was a great video that i had o clue about. you sir, won a sub for your efforts.

Crystal Eula : lmao your hilarious!! I feel awful about Randy's family... poor guy.

Austin Knowlton : Your illustrations are epic, do you do them yourself? Brilliant job.

Biggest Boye : absolutely horrific. these people are meant to be the best of the best, yet it's clear this was a mixture of corruption and fuck ups. gj. also, how do you not have like 100k subs? this is fantastic!

Ace : Great Video man. I enjoyed it.

NickSims : You definitely deserve more subs, these videos are exactly what I love. Up next for me is the killdozer video which I already know about but im still looking forward to watching. Great work, keep it up bro i hope it pays off for ya.

Man Like Tython : That dog analogy was brilliant! 😂😂😂

Gunslinger 11B : Randy Weaver has become a folk hero here in Idaho. The State of Idaho filed murder charges against FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, but the feds put a stop to it.

Clark Dylan : #1.your commentary is hilarious #2.this story is incredibly messed up (as in an unsettling way) #3.I subscribed

Raptor games41 : I found out about your channel today and I like the videos like this and your animations are great keep up the great work

OutsideRougue 86 : This is the first video I watched on you're channel it looks gr8

Monica Wallis : When you say they were innocent and did NOTHING... that's just an outright lie... Randy Weaver was an extremist & militant... illegal gun collecting lunatic! He broke MANY laws and HE PUT HIS OWN FAMILY IN DANGER BY HIS BELIEFS AND ACTIONS.... I am NOT excusing the FBI... they fucked up big time... killing the kid & wife was completely unnecessary and wrong on every level... but to claim Randy Weaver was an innocent law abiding citizen is a BOLD FACE LIE!

Scotty Thornton : bureaucracy is the enemy of freedom