Why the FBI Killed This Innocent Woman | Tales From the Bottle

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Carl Brown : Holly shit, all this for literally doing nothing.

Kermit on weed : This is horrible, its like a cop tells you to speed up and than gives you a ticked for it.

Aiden Jones : All was redeemable until the dog shooting. Then... Then I began preparations.

SavagePavich : *_"They wanted to escape what they saw as a corrupted world"_* They weren't wrong, evidently.

Jarhead Entertainment : you should do the Waco, TX siege. very similar and a lot of controversy surrounds it

2ndLieutenantBadger : The Weaver Family: "It's not paranoia if they are actually out to get you"

Philosophy Monkeys : Isn't it weird how reality kind of warped to match this guy's expectations? His crime was thinking the government was corrupt and conspiratorial. He was punished through a corrupt and conspiratorial government.

Random Guy : You want to live peacefully on your own and stay away from a corrupt government? must be hitler's biggest fan, we better be exactly the kind of corrupt government that you wanted to avoid!

RTR TRUTH MEDIA RELOADED : I was at the Bundy Ranch, Oregon Standoff and I know Randy Weaver. We thank you for keeping his story alive. Our deep state swamp of bureaucratic agencies dont need to be drained.... they need to be replaced with local Sheriffs who are accountable to the people.

TheVoice OfTruth : The neighbor was the biggest troll/swatter in history

Nolan Shettle : what a waste of manpower and other government resources. Law enforcement is supposed to protect us. Why tf are they chasing down some guy hiding in the woods who keeps to himself and wants nothing but to be left alone???

kelly shea : This should have been considered a war crime against the American public

Howard Chung : "Absolutely not one of the boys." Going to start saying that haha, cracked me up real good.

Oculosus _RBLX : *This sounds like the most unfair shit i've ever heard. I hope the neighbour who started all of this burns in the deepest part of hell.*

Pixel : sounds like a video game almost

Steven Kravitz : Why we need the second amendment.

Master Director : This is why we have the right to bear arms.

Xeneru : oops

TripoliSamson : In the 90's, the US government was angsty and was without an opponent such as the Soviet Union. It became a weird focus of the media, the government and various agencies to look at white males with right-wing/conservative inclinations. The whole thing surrounding Tim McVeigh stinks to high heaven as witnesses reported that he was with another person, experts have stated that there's no way a truck bed filled with fertilizer and diesel fuel could do the damage it did to the building, etc. Anyway, I remember several years ago when I read that the Department of Homeland Security stated that it regarded returning veterans who were white and right-wing as more dangerous than Islamic terrorists. I had to scratch my head when I read that. And not long after that, articles came out about FBI counterterrorism documents and manuals removed phrases and words such as "Islamic terrorism" and "jihad." I find that very interesting and telling. Anyway.

touofthehighplains : Basically Swatting before the internet was a thing.

lNonstop Gamerl : I cant really blame the Marshall who died, he was just doing his job. But how someone can create such a serious holdout situation over such ridiculous accusations is beyond me. The person who gave the tip is terrible, but the idiots who made the wrong calls are the ones to be blamed for this.

The War Pug : Honestly a badger in a suit would have handled that better then they did.

Daniel rogers : The snipers a psychopath

Kekistan Dept. Of Foreign Affairs : Can you believe there are people out there who are still dumbfounded as to why we wouldn't trust the government. Even after the events of Ruby Ridge and Waco

rightbehindyou973 : Fun fact: the FBI agent tried to get Randy to cut down 2 different shotguns as part of an entrapment scheme. 1st one he refused, 2nd one was 1/4" below legal limit for shotgun length.

Darkinin : Funny, because my grandmother often referred to Bill Clinton as Satan.

Fr33zy159 : This is what our "common sense" gun laws get you. Weaver's original gun charge was brought by the ATF after a sting operation after he cut down the barrels of a double barreled shotgun to 14 inches for an ATF informant. That's literally it.

Soto : If you read all your comments, heart this

JibyJaba : "wElL yOu MiSsEd ThE cOuRt DaTe We WrOnGfUlLy GaVe YoU"

Wolf Khain : The second they'd kill my son, I would have done anything in my might to kill as many of the soldiers as possible, going down in War.

Jaminator : This might be the first biggest and most untold example of SWATING someone.

Man Like Tython : That dog analogy was brilliant! 😂😂😂

Infinite Pizzas : Randy had a dispute with his neighbor over $3,000 land deal. Weaver won the ensuing lawsuit and received an additional $2,100 in court costs and damages. his neighbor was so pissed off he wrote letters to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, the Secret Service and the County Sheriff. claiming that weaver had threatened to kill the pope, the president, and the governor of Idaho. (what a walrus lookin mf) in 1985 the FBI and Secret Service began investigations over these claims. and poor out randy and Vicky were interviewed for 2 hours. the Secret Service came to believe that randy was a member of the Aryan nations. Randy denied this and was let go. it was noted that randy associated with frank comnic who was known to associate with members of the Aryan nations. (so that's the basis of this, he knew a guy who knew a guy, very compelling evidence alright.) ME: so randy decided to be the c*nt and wrote letters to the FBI, secret service, and the county sheriff claiming that weaver threatened to kill the pope while weaver didn't threaten to kill them, yet he was shot dead and his wife was killed, also his 14 old son saw his dog die (sad) and then was shot in the arm, then shot in the chest. moment of respect........................ Rest in peace Sammy Weaver, forever remembered. also fu** the government

Jormungand13324 : In case anyone thought that government targeting people who are minding their own business doing literally nothing wrong can't happen here. The government will do this at every opportunity.

Bobsponge : The neighbors heart was probably made of pure salt, and his blood was just 100% salinity. Was the neighbor jailed or anything? I'm pretty sure it illegal to call the police and lie, saying your neighbor is going to kill the president.

Jork of Goose : Don't heart this please.

NickSims : You definitely deserve more subs, these videos are exactly what I love. Up next for me is the killdozer video which I already know about but im still looking forward to watching. Great work, keep it up bro i hope it pays off for ya.

goldfishislovely : This should seriously be in a movie

Raptor games41 : I found out about your channel today and I like the videos like this and your animations are great keep up the great work

Meme : >when you tell someone to make and sell sawed off shotguns so you can blackmail him into becoming a rat for a group he isn't in only to have him refuse so you kill his son and wife

Canadian Lobster : can't blame this guy at all for not trusting the government.

Tim pepper : This is actually making me cry.

AppleSlicesAreTasty : This would make a good movie

Nutter : You know, they were right to think the government was after them.

P. Dillen : "It's not murder if you're wearing a badge." These Federal agencies are even worse today.

AsianTurtle : I feel so bad for these people...

Chris M0 : your a funny fu@*a! keep up the stylie, its an education of humour n disbelief.

Friendly Stranger : Just subbed this was so funny (the commentary, not the useless killing of innocent people) keep up the good work Qxir :)

Steven Gorefrost : There is a documentary on Netflix that covers this along with WACO and the Oklahoma City bombing, but basically portray everything you explained here, but frames it pretty differently.

SHADYCOCK : This poor bloke. Everything that could've gone wrong for him did. Yet another example of the system failing