Why the FBI Killed This Innocent Woman | Tales From the Bottle

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Kermit on weed : This is horrible, its like a cop tells you to speed up and than gives you a ticked for it.

RTR TRUTH MEDIA : * One correction, they enticed Randy into sawing a few inches off a shotgun that they already had, not that he sold to them as this was a technical violation of the law. Randy never sold them a gun. But awesome video.

Pokemon Doge : That bastard neighbor has a special place in hell

i'm a alien : Title is inaccurate. It should say "Why The FBI, ATF and US Marshalls Killed This Innocent Woman, Her Son and His Dog, Persecuted Her Husband, Destroyed Their Other Kids Lives and Wounded Their Friend." Admittedly that might be a bit long.

Cønnør J : Wow wtf is wrong with our government 😒

Carl Brown : Holly shit, all this for literally doing nothing.

Yes : Image how the snipers and rangers felt after finding out all that shit was exaggerated, I mean they killed kids.

Minedude33 gaming : I don't blame the guy, his neighbor fucked him over, they got his court date wrong, ATF blamed him for wrong doing, they killed his dog and son, injured him and his friend resulting in vicky being killed, and never dropped the charges of missing a court date, who was the victim

You guessed It : He had loved ones die because of a brainless man child that couldn't deal with his neighbor

rightbehindyou973 : Fun fact: the FBI agent tried to get Randy to cut down 2 different shotguns as part of an entrapment scheme. 1st one he refused, 2nd one was 1/4" below legal limit for shotgun length.

TheVoice OfTruth : The neighbor was the biggest troll/swatter in history

Sov iet : y o u s h o t m y d o g

Macedthur : FBI open up *Wrong Person*

SasquatchyCowboy : By the way the sniper that took that shot suffer no repercussions. He's also a spokesman for HS Precision stocks so if anybody hear build Precision rifles keep that in mind. HS Precision I will die before I put one of your socks on on anything I own or allow one in my house.

404 Error Not Found : He just wanted to be alone in the woods just another example of big brother over stepping

Pixel : sounds like a video game almost

F.B.I Agent : No i didnt ._.

khatack : This is what happens when you let cowards run your law-enforcement.

Peter Resetz : That is now known that the neighbor slandered to authorities about Weaver, hasn't he been charged as a false informant. As a side note. The Paramount Network did a mini series called "Waco", and it it's first episode there is a scene were in a FBI office where the Ruby Ridge debacle is discussed and the FBI negotiated is told that the FBI needs to save face with the Branch Davidian situation.

Waylon Greger : Okay, it was a bad situation all around. But did they really have to shoot the dog. Like, really?

Aiden Jones : All was redeemable until the dog shooting. Then... Then I began preparations.

Scott Shadows : Lets say it togheter. BOY WHERE THEY WRONG!!!!

Zach cash : "ATF informant" IE a criminal who gets off their charges only by setting up others via lies, deception & outright criminal behavior. You know like the mass murderer & mobster Whitey Bulger who was allowed for years to keep killing people and running the mob because his FBI handlers knowingly concealed evidence so that he would keep feeding them false evidence.

Vladimir Putin : This is why the founding fathers wanted us to have guns.

Potato Man : And they are wondering why we don't trust them

Jarhead Entertainment : you should do the Waco, TX siege. very similar and a lot of controversy surrounds it

Edgar Garcia : Dude i love my country but thats messed up

Bo Kvarv : The crime here ws that the FBI was not held criminally accountable for premeditaed murder. It is also a shame that the brave heroes of ruby ridge didn'texecute all or more governmnet thugs. This is why when the governmnet is wrong ( if they know it or not) then their troops should be shot on sight with no negotiations. The governemnt is wrong they are wrong and must then be fought against with ALL means. No sympathy for the FBI thug that was so justfully killed

Nick Alphonso : shocking these days the US government supports nazi groups

Bl lly : F.B.I has left the chat

SavagePavich : *_"They wanted to escape what they saw as a corrupted world"_* They weren't wrong, evidently.

SnakeBerry : Never give up your guns

East Watch : i always wondered why isn't there stricter gun laws in america, now i know because of shit like this. Rip weaver dog, Kevin Harris and all family members killed, they will always be one of the bois.

icaro sousa : Dog name: Archduke Franz Ferdinand


burnt f1ames : hey doesn't this sound too extreme boss? i mean we don't have any real evidence except some random things we herd? boss: *doesn't exist yea your right this all sounds believable

yatesie : dude your videos are so damn funny

Joseph Hanicak : The neighbors name is Terry Kennison.

The real Capri-sun : The neighbor should be game ended

Waleed Gaming and More ! : How tf do you shoot a dog and then a 14 year old WTF!!

Stephen Piccini : janet reno was in charge and he was a evil man

PJMontoya : When the government realizes they’re wrong, they figure “better start killing all those involved to cover it up”.

ZangT LS : Let’s make a plan to overthrow the government (Edit) please don’t swat me

P. Dillen : "It's not murder if you're wearing a badge." These Federal agencies are even worse today.

DankMemeGang : What went through there minds when they shot the dog, “aww look at this good boy, he came to greet us! HE MUST DIE”

Sheeple Barn : it was the weasel Geraldo rivera who lied about the shooting at the helicopter in order to create a massive law enforcement response so he could get a story - the fbi though had a team on the ground who watched the chopper overfly the cabin who disputed lying ass rivera's charge against the weavers- the fbi team reported the family simply stood on the porch and watched the helicopter and nothing else

Jamesminicooper : Only in America...

RockStarDude16 : Randy Could Have Just Accepted His Arrest And Show The Court His Letter That Said March

Bulby : I had heard that the atf basically entrapped him into cutting the shotgun barrels down to 17.25 inches when the legal barrel length requirement is 18 inches.

Zack : *FBI* raids *FBI* 's house.