YOLO 1 and 2

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AwesomeTyme : I would straight up murder a man for part 3.

Nay Wench, Thou Pudendum Fetors : Funded by the Australian Ministry of Culture.

Murraay Murraay : is this what Australia is like?

Pikapetey Animations : omg gonna get fixed after this.

Xoshi Sang : Adult Swim.... HIRE THIS MAN.

BeastBlood1996 : I'm wondering what Damo and Darren 6 will be

Dustin Ford : The ratman is my favorite character

mothafuger : *Ah bet youh toiste alroight*

Noah Cadigan : "What have you done to me?"

DirkDiggler : I don't think Michael likes humanity too much.

Shallow Mallow : 3:30 is legitmately the funniest piece of animation I've ever seen

Will Harrison : I dont blame him for the upload, why not? The title wasn't misleading, we all knew what it was and clicked it. Animation takes a long time and Youtube makes it hard for animators to make money. I'm just glad he's one of the animators who still post to Youtube.

420 Blz : I lost twice as much brain cells watching this

CypressStoned : just chuck it in the ute

ClassicRyan93 : Now I can show someone the whole entire thing without having to select part two. I usually loose people after the first one,. now they can watch all of it in one video and truly appreciate it.

Fern Gonz : Came from jazmine Garcia

Anarchon : This video is a perfect critique on modernity and the nihilism accompanying it.

fucking dumbus : It'd be so much effort animating and creating every video from scratch, being an animator on youtube would be one of the hardest things to do. Especially when others can just upload a video filming themselves literally playing a fucking video game, or even reacting to this original fucking video and get the same amount of revenue or more. I say he deserves the revenue and then some.

Midway Attitude Game : YOLO 3

PrimyFritzellz : Oh man... What a ride through emotions.

Juic3Games : For everyone freaking out watch Ross' video (RubberNinja) about animators on youtube, longer the animations the better for the creator. If y'all want new content so bad support the dude and his changes.

호주사람 : Yolo 3: Bali Trip

Jacqueline The Insane : Stacy's honesty the weirdest character in this by being the least strange

Lug : Has anyone noticed that the blonde girl is the wife of the man who shot himself?

X Sanchez : The "hAY BETch!" at the beginning killed me already

time to deliver a pizza ball : wtf is with the skirts whinging about him uploading the parts together as if he's just slipped his pinky up their mother's taint biscuit.

S M : An understated, yet poignant and insightful look at the challenges facing young, under-educated Australian females trying to survive in a shallow, male-dominated, alcohol-centric society. This is a tale of unbreakable bonds of friendship through adversity, told with a rich yet carefully selected tapestry of experience that keeps the viewer beguiled, if not a little lost oneself sometimes! Yet all said, one leaves the theatre feeling a more profound understanding of the dangers of intoxication and the tumultuous path it lays out for our young heroines, whilst at the same time leaving an aftertaste of the sense of loss; of the devastation of the human condition that has overwhelmed these young women whose potential never stood a chance of realisation. Whilst Michael Cusack returns to the disappointingly disjointed direction style of his earlier timid steps into cinematography, and the mise en scene can at times actively detract from the storytelling, the film is saved by a graceful and eloquent performance from talented newcomer Tracy Dingobollocks, who captures perfectly the unending struggle between a desire to blossom into a strong successful woman versus the baser human urge to go out and get pissed and fucked. Three and a half stars.

Brandon Muller : so this is what Australia is like

Hoss Cartwright : This is too disturbing for me. But I can't resist.

BrianD 856 : Dude congrats on the Rick and Morty episode thing lmao

Rockcake7 : 3:30 is what I came here for

Risky Business : Which Wollongong club is this based on m8? pls respond

Wubby Wub : funny because I decided to watch the yolo videos today and then this appears

sgtdanny69148 : 4:37 why does that guy on the right look so much like the kid that wouldn't take off his sunglasses on live television interview cause they're famous?

James Higgins : 4:38 Is that Cory Worthington?

Eric Jackman : The dancing sequences are all pure gold

Fern Gonz : Came from jazmine Garcia

Toaster Waffle : E R R O R

sam bi : Anyone from Jazmine's vid?

Chardazsha Miller : Chachi and Jazmine sent me here 😂

Haripi : "God isn't rea-"

angels garcia : I came bc of jazmine Garcia lmao

wheendar : someone wants some cheap ad revenue

Ton : best pro MGTOW video on youtube.

NotSoFoulOwl : 2 things: The blonde is the suicidal dude's wife so she actually caused him to kill himself, she's in the blood-splattered family photo At 2:37, a guy hung himself in his bedroom on the left side, you can see it through a window. And Michael's creepy smiley face is behind a tree near the center

Mr Rob : You deserve the $10 for making me watch it again. Good shit

Abeer Mitchell : HEYYY BITCH

Jek : Does this mean there's not gonna be 3? Or does it mean there will be?? Hmm

Belieber : Thanks jazmine and chachi 😭

The Real Drunkard Hu : Ahhh, the good ole days.