Most Delusional Scene from My 600 lb life Schenee, FULL god scene

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Jon Patterson : She's retaining water ... like the Hoover dam lol

S C : She thinks it is water weight. California drought solved.

Kelsey Lynn : *God has left the chat*

Sita Kumar : Dr Now is so great. Hes 73-74 years old. He could be retired, living the easy life. Instead hes out there working, doing complicated surgeries, training other doctors. And dealing with difficult patients. Hes totally amazing!

DP Gutierrez : Don’t bring God into this. Gluttony is one of the sins so...

R R : "I haven't had time to start eating healthy" lmfao.

Brianna Sanderlin : "Sorry ma'am, your card was declin---" Me: "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GODD?!?!"

Homer J. Simpson : This doc is a saint. How he didn't hang up on her after five seconds.

Lindsay Moss : As a christian myself, I want to smack some sense into this girl.

Paula Merizalde : I would hang up on her the doctor has so much patience

TheFinnishBolshevik : The real problem with her is not her body but her personality

xGiberish : Water weight? Did she drink a river?!

MissPecanTan89 : I love how DR.NOW doesn’t take any 💩 from these patients!

L W : My guy is sitting there ever so silently 😂

Elisheva Spolter : If she believed in god she’d listen to the doctor, god helps people by sending people to help them not by magic which is what she expects.

Master Chief : "You're not eating heal---" "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?????"

man boobs : if she believes in god she would know that gluttony is a sin i-

Velocity Izz : “I don’t eat that much” *Seems legit*

Bon Zo : 3:00-3:12 r.i.p. the English language.

Daedric Etwahl : I believe in God and I wanna slap anyone who ends a conversation with "have a blessed day" it is NEVER said in a sincere fashion xD

DeviantCringe : I feel bad for Dr. Nowzaradan for having to deal with these people lol

Iuck be a lady : Can I AxE yew a Kweshtun? Do U beeleeve in GahT?

JOONIE MACAROONIE : *God has left the group chat*

Logical Fallacy Detector : My Trainer: You ready to get in shape? Me: Do you believe in GOD?!

Alicia Anderson : This is so funny😂 Dr Now is the Gordon Ramsey of Medicine.

shammy dammy : "You're not the only doctor..." Well, good. Nice to have met you, go find another doctor, I'm done.

PPP : 2:38 Dis ee not no psycheelogical eeval 😂

Logan : Wow she is one ill person, mentally and physically

Peter Hoffmann : This is not real right? Humans cant possible be this dumb right....RIGHT?

w h i t e n o i s e : “I haven’t had time to start eating healthy” It takes more time to eat than to not eat lmao

Jessi James : *God rolls his eyes*

Navraj Gill : Honey, God left your life *28 years ago*

Kaila Williams : Lmao at her using words she can't pronounce.

dazolympia dazza : When is she going to jump off of a building? I'm waiting to see gods hand save her. Her partner is equally to blame for her size because there is no way she is getting up and making the food.

Maria Delannay : *w a t e r w e i g h t*

The Queen : Ohhhh please dont bring my Lord into this...😐 u gotta start taking responsibility 😒

Razzi Rhi : Wow! I've never heard anyone use God as an excuse for not following a diet that's gonna save their lives.

Fredward : A religious person being delusional, and interpreting things how they want regardless of science or logic. Nothing surprising here.

Red Redmon : That's the worst case of "big bone disease" I've seen in a while.

Your Ego : Ohhh I hate her personality

Everything Bothers My Bipolar : If she's retaining water then it's the Pacific ocean in her body!

sir Ferrell : God won't magically take away the consequences of your bad choices "Oh yes he will"

Lynette Dundon : Lol God gets blamed for everything!

farhad baradaran : Lol what I'm telling u is not a matter of faith its science and medicine lol hahahahaha🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Dante Falls : If she believes in God, then she believe that God gave her the miracle of life, which is the same miracle that she is throwing down the toilet. I heard people of faith were supposed to preserve life, not try to commit suicide by chicken wing...

O K : Wait one stinkin’ minute.... Water weight!? 😂🤣

Vanessa Shaw : She is genius at deflecting. Twenty eight and she looks fifty. What about the verse, "God helps those who help themselves"? She's looking for an excuse to bail and she played the "God card". What a despicable thing to do. She's not ready. I think the doctor should move on to someone who actually wants to commit to changing their eating habits and getting healthy

Andrew White : No one see her eyes roll when she realized it was Dr. Now?

theFollowerable : that's is a grade A manipulator right how did she turn the conversation from weight loss to do you believe in god? and she has the audacity to hang up. what?

Robert Bowman : If all doctors, politicians and people were as honest as the Doc on the phone. These shows are plum trash.