Most Delusional Scene from My 600 lb life Schenee, FULL god scene

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TheFinnishBolshevik : The real problem with her is not her body but her personality

Athlynne : "Psych-ee--logic."

Screwedup4Life : Her blood type is gravy

luvrgrl32 : “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?” *God has left the chat*

Plant Face : "I don't eat that much" Honey you are 600 pounds. You clearly do.

R R : "I haven't had time to start eating healthy" lmfao.

G for Jeep : My dude sitting on the bed contemplating the entirety of his life decisions that ended him up in a room by this crazy person's side.

Venus. Tea : I’m Christian, but I swear people pull the “god card” so much for any excuse, or any argument Like uhhh pretty sure that’s not the only answer hun

Night Star : Isn't Gluttony one of the seven deadly sins?

Keeewl : “How are you” “Tired doctor, tired” Yea tired from sitting, eating and farting the whole day

Master Chief : "You're not eating heal---" "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?????"

Clocked Out Kony : My recommended section just keeps getting worse and worse😭😭😭

imikke08 : How in the hell she going to get mad at the doctor because she didn’t lose 30 pounds 15 seconds in the video in her big ass already rolled her eyes 🤦🏾‍♂️

Bartrail Blockett : You can't help those who don't want to be helped. It's so sad. 28? Sheesh

Andrew Bracker : He put me on this earf.

Jon Patterson : She's retaining water ... like the Hoover dam lol

Shartinaiya Alizaiya : *I'm glad she believes in God..because she is going to see him soon...with that attitude she might not though*

Arnav Shah : Honey if you jump off of a building god won't have enough strength to save you

Pedro Paiva : " God isn't going to just remove the consequences of your bad behavior." I don't believe in gods and spirits but this is a great phrase and is real true in every aspects of your life!

Stella Flierl : There iz a lot of doctors that duhhzz

shammy dammy : "You're not the only doctor..." Well, good. Nice to have met you, go find another doctor, I'm done.

Cadavius Casey : People in African need that water she retaining

Penny LoveLane : "Theres a aaaalot of doctorrrrs that doze". #soDisrespectful (at 3:05 min)

Tina's baby : why do these people even go to the doctor in the first place?

Ze Netrix : "Do you believe in ga'ah?" Yes but do you believe in the flying spaghetti monster?

Everything Bothers My Bipolar : If she's retaining water then it's the Pacific ocean in her body!

Emerson Valle : Quick update she was retaining liquid it was grape koolaid pepsi orange soda sprite mountain dew she also needs blood her blood type is Crisco please donate

Nikki H : Her pillow is a dog bed

Sarah Armstrong : God doesnt help those who refuse to help themselves. That's not the way religion and Christianity work. You don't just pray to be thin and healthy or for anything and it just miraculously happen. You've gotta put work into it and make it happen too. People are ridiculous to try to appear holy than thou when offended because they are being called out.

Kennedy Rice : Doctor: If you jump off of a building you’re not going to see God’s hand magically come out to save you. Lady: Oh yes he will! Oh yes he will! Doctor: Why don’t we test that theory?

The Queen : She's 28😱

patrick vernon : by far the most unlikable person on the show.... arrogant, liar and fake christian.

InTheEnd75 : Scehenee: “I believe God is going to take me as far as he wants me to” God: “um. Sure?”

Slenderman : "doctor do you believe in gaahh?"

Stone Harper : I would have hung up as soon as she asked if I believed in God..

Jessi James : *God rolls his eyes*

Sneaker Freak 92 : Who sticks the d in that

Christian : God has left chat

שגהש : She's right everybody it's the water that made her fat, water has a ton of calories. Did you know that 1000 litres of water have almost as many calories as a grain of salt?

AR 15 : When she said “I don’t eat that much” I cringed 😬

Judy Hopps : this reminds me of the story of the sinking ship, where a man's drowning in the water and says "god help me". A lifeboat comes past and offers to save him, but he says "nah, god will rescue me." Then a second boat comes past and he says "it's okay, god will rescue me." Then a coast guard helicopter comes past and he refuses, saying "god will save me". He drowns, gets to heaven, and demands to know why god didn't save him. "I sent two life boats and a helicopter you moron." This woman doesn't realise, God or no God, that she's got a wonderful opportunity and she won't take it.

Colleen : What an ungrateful slob.

)jimjackyeye( : she has a childs mind. poor guy in the red

iFruiT9iiX - : This the kind of lady to say "my fries are cold" at McDonald's and then ask for another one LMAO

Michael Da coata : Ladies and gentleman this is what happens when people are deluded and are religious nut jobs... instead of following the FACTS, adjectively verifiable data. They wanna follow "God" hahaha

Cristian Martinez : Y'all she quit the show after 5 months and started a gofundme because she says they "misrepresented" her story lmao

שגהש : *Do you ... believe in GAUDDDD.*

WillyB : I bet she doesn't tip because God told her not to.

Eld3s blu313 : "I don't believe in God, I believe in science's" -Nacho

Vince Marquez : All these obese people with terrible attitudes makes me want to leave them on their couch, pull up a chair across from them, and not bring any food to the person until they go through ALL 5 STAGES OF DENIAL ending up with a total emotional breakdown that will hopefully knock sense into their thick-skulled, empty ass heads