Most Delusional Scene from My 600 lb life Schenee, FULL god scene

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Master Chief : "You're not eating heal---" "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?????"

RoughToBeBuffTV : As a wellness coach her best bet for help is therapy. There are some deeply seeded emotional issues that must be addressed in order for her to succeed.

RAT427 : 700lbs of water. She's in great shape to be arguing with a doctor. Go back to seaworld

Yolo Swaggins : HOW DOES SHE EVEN HAVE A GUY????

mai len : I love how honest this dr is..

R R : "I haven't had time to start eating healthy" lmfao.

Britanny Helms : "God made me fat so he can cure my fatness" 10/10 logic.

jacksonyan : Why is the fact that the video is 4:20 minutes long make me laugh more than anything

Brandon Michaels : "I don't want someone to work on me that I don't trust" So does his medical degree and years of experience mean nothing? Would her pastor be more qualified to perform gastric bypass surgery?

Gabe Johnson : This woman can get a boyfriend and I can't even get a text back.

Jon Patterson : She's retaining water ... like the Hoover dam lol

Kaltrina Demiri : Since she says it water weight maybe if we pop her all the “water weight” will come out.

Owen Walker : "Dis is nut no bad illusion of state, dis is nut no psychelogiceval, anything like thet. I axe you did you believe in god, and i don't wan to have someone work on me that i cannut truuuuhhhst".

Daisy Abao : I've seen this episode and I cannot stand her. She doesn't deserve any help.

Cory Chalker : Who talks to a Dr this way?!

The Queen : She's 28😱

Amelia Pond : Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins which are certainly classed as bad behaviour

lynn zo : I can't find a date. Someone tell me why these giant pigs always have a man to fulfill all their needs wtf r the dudes just there for the disability check and food stamps

Angelwitch90 GoYim : God put her on this Errrrrf?

Lucas Wismer : This is why I couldn't be a doctor, cause I'd just give up on her. Any idiot that gives me the "god has a plan for me" speech, obviously doesn't care enough about their own actions.

Grantflip : omg man,. shes one of those people that looks at her boy friend the whole time shes arguing with someone on the phone, hes just looking down,

Greg Fulton : God? You remember that sin called gluttony???

Tony 115 : That argument alone was the most exercise she’s had. Damn near made her lose her breath.

kawthar rizki : I respect the dr. For keeping his cool tho.

Kripperino Temporino : this woman probably has an iq of 70

TheFinnishBolshevik : The real problem with her is not her body but her personality

94マリオ : Do you believe in cheeseburgers

556forlunch : Literally a waste of space

Niles Talbot : "Your weight is not a result of water, it's a result of fat." SAVAGE lolol

Sykohsis : If she were to jump off a building and God were to reach out and grab her, she'd plow right through God's hand and right into the ground creating a atomic bomb sized crater.

shammy dammy : "You're not the only doctor..." Well, good. Nice to have met you, go find another doctor, I'm done.

Jordan Hubbard : Do you Believe in GAHHH

Somniatica : I honestly don't get how the hell the Dr puts up with people like this

MotoSocal PCH : *Do You Believe In Mcdonald’s??*

goku black : Oh my God she's 28

miclazy : that dude needs to run.

Doctor Lieutenant : If Gordon Ramsey had a Phd and doesn't swear on tv, this would him

Jakub Mašek : OH yaass he wuiill, yaass he wuuuilllll ......... Okay (-_-)

THEBROWNSTAIN : Where do you get a dashiki that big? I need to cover my drum set for the dust in style.

GTL5427 : “If you jump off a building he won’t magically reach down and save you.” “Yes he will” Omfg lmao let’s try it then sweetie

Rich Lux : I can tell this is hard for her but lashing out at the dr was uncalled for he is just trying to help you

L Radford : If she jumped off a cliff and Gawd reached down to catch her he would be pulled down to Earth by her weight and she would crush him.

Sir Velociraptor : "I've been practicing medicine for twice that amount of time" LMFAO

Sharraz lareau : I hope shes his sister or gtf outta there bruh

MannnyA : Doesn’t god not help those who don’t help themselves ?

Cristian Martinez : Y'all she quit the show after 5 months and started a gofundme because she says they "misrepresented" her story lmao

RISE OF MUSCLE : I will be nice today and not speak whats on my mind.😊😊😊

Your Average Alex : i love this doctor. 😂 "this isnt a matter of faith this is a matter of medicine." 😂😂😂 done.

Robert Weaver Jr : 3:44 amen

Karina The Great : This was the worst person on 600lb life.. i can't belive she open a go found me page.