Most Delusional Scene from My 600 lb life Schenee, FULL god scene

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shammy dammy : "You're not the only doctor..." Well, good. Nice to have met you, go find another doctor, I'm done.

Shadowghost : Looks like she’s been on a diet..... of small planets and mattresses

Bromius : This is natural selection, I'd like to think there is a god or place after life that we can't comprehend. Someone like her won't be there. You couldn't ask for a better doctor and she just doesn't see that

Bromius : is she dead yet?

Lalaforreal Forrealforreal : People use God to excuse their bad behavior.

miclazy : that dude needs to run.

peblezQ : The poor guy on the bed, though. He looks so upset that she just doesn't listen to the doctor at all.

Random-Animezing : "Do you believe in GAHH?" *God facepalms*

Leon Zane : how is she 28

Brenda Anderson : Who watches this when they want to eat the fridge 😂

TheFinnishBolshevik : The real problem with her is not her body but her personality

Lady W : Dr. Now has more patience than anyone.

Larry Wesley : HE PUT ME ON THIS “EARF” , PSYCHLOGICI? “ALLUSIONAL STATE”Jesus Christ did she eat her ENGLISH teacher

Maksym Radionov : water??the only way, that would be water, if she ate a water mattress

Joyce J / ASouthernWriter : It doesn’t matter if she sees 10 additional doctors, they are going to tell her the same thing! God is giving you a chance to get your life together. It’s up to you to make the move!

Rich Lux : I can tell this is hard for her but lashing out at the dr was uncalled for he is just trying to help you

meidei 84 : her hair though

はなRose : She thinks she sooo smart

BJ G : I would have hung up long time ago. Poor guy is just trying to help her.

Larry Wesley : “ DO YOH BELIVE IN GAHHHH” wtf

Jake Branthe : 0:21 Dude looks like he's been dead inside for years

BrandanGuru : How don't you have TIME TO EAT HEALTHY

Lilliana Tachiquin : Shes like the obese version of Hey Arnold. Just part that hair and put a blue baseball cap in there 😂😂

Brent Taylor : The better question would be, do you believe in lasagna?

DisneySNiper : Pysckilogic evale r sumthin lik dat!🙃

The Queen : She's 28😱

Jay Drought : Imagine being a time traveler from 200+ years ago and seeing this blob.

Black Beauty : Omg!!!😎😎😎😎

WizZz FizZz : 3:50 "If you jump from a bridge you won't see gods hand magically reach down to save you" "OH YES HE WILL, YES HE WILL" You can seriously hear the cameraman chuckling at her and she gives him a greasy look ROFLMAO

Ryder Nigaa : Milestone completed:New Planet discovered: Scheneegian system.

R R : "I haven't had time to start eating healthy" lmfao.

Navraj Gill : She has the time to talk faith with everyone but no time to eat healthy. It takes longer to mash your face in with nutrition as opposed to calories.

Nathan Figueroa : I ain’t gotta do nuthin god’s gonna figure it out

Eck Centrique : Her body is most probably in constant pain. I understand why she's lashing out, but the doctor simply wants to help and there are no easy solutions and substitutions when it comes to things that are worthwhile. Food addiction is especially difficult to overcome because you're always going to need food. But this woman shows no sign of wanting to change her lifestyle and at this rate she's going, she's going to eat herself to death.

jasmin seraphin : I don't even know what to say

Master Chief : "You're not eating heal---" "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?????"

Aya : 'This is your life, but your not handling it very well' *OOF*

KRIS2323 : 00:48 She clearly doesn't even have time to do something w/that head full of hair of hers & that hideous tent that she intentionally chose to wear; w/her knowing full well that millions of ppl all over the U.S. & beyond would somehow probably eventually end up watching this & o/c we would also all be able to see just how lazy, foolish, mentally unstable, etc she truly is (esp'ly with her being a mere 28-29 y/o @ the time). Smh :-<.........

Katerina Tourlitis : She don't eat that much ummmm Wtf it's water gain lol ok

Sweet_Sukeban : God’s gonna take her heavy ass to the morgue.

Naho Saenoki : this reminds me of the story of the sinking ship, where a man's drowning in the water and says "god help me". A lifeboat comes past and offers to save him, but he says "nah, god will rescue me." Then a second boat comes past and he says "it's okay, god will rescue me." Then a coast guard helicopter comes past and he refuses, saying "god will save me". He drowns, gets to heaven, and demands to know why god didn't save him. "I sent two life boats and a helicopter you moron." This woman doesn't realise, God or no God, that she's got a wonderful opportunity and she won't take it.

Margert Thomas : I've only been in this new place for a few weeks, I haven't had time to eat healthy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂water gain😂😂😂😂😂😊

alex herridge : black at it again

MyTwell : Have you been a doctor for 28 years? Just look in a mirror, and you will surely see bad behavior my dear.

Akemi Raeri : They better be paying Dr. Now a helluva amount of money for putting up with these people kinda people.

Tatyana White : She really Sittin here arguing w a doctor like he didn’t go to school for this 😂

Christina coles : Girl you dont have a drop💧 of water in you😂😂😂😂

SelphieFairy : Bad allusion state, psyche logiky valve

The Prophet : Damn she is delusional af

Kishan Jadeja : Relax people, she's still a human being...... She doesn't understand from the doctors point of view..