What's Okay and Not Okay in the Christian Marriage Bed?

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Bye Bye Belly : People need to ask themselves how they feel about things rather than letting other equal humans tell them what is ok and not ok, in my opinion.

Daisy : For like the first ten minutes, I thought this was some kind of home-produced SNL sketch about Christians but I think it’s real.

Keira Pattison : I’m not Christian or married so why is this in my recommendations?!? I still clicked on it tho 😂

Luca : is anyone else watching this baked

Andrea Kae : Don’t need an 18 minute video to say “anything both parties consent to and enjoy.”

fandom vids : why did I watch the whole thing

david charles smith : What about stoning your daughter If she comes home late and she knows the boy next store!

Rylan Beal : Christians: spanking your spouse isn't okay even though it brings them sexual pleasure and is completely consensual Also Christians: spank your children to save their souls even though it has the potential to harm them mentally

Cierra Mae : someone in a relationship can most definitely be raped by their significant other

gabriela munoz : I’ve never disliked a video this is the first one. Im a christian and this is seriously damaging especially for women and not correct at all to anyone watching this don’t let ppl tell you wat to do read your bible

bobo brazil : Pretty much anything is OK unless you start enjoying it....than you have to quit.

Emmi Collins : the handmaid’s tale is amazing 😍😍😍

Anna Davide : " Live out your love story together"❤️❤️

Meghan K Workman : Short answer: anything between two consenting adults that both of them willingly agree to that do no harm to either one of them. Period. Full stop.

Tim Powell : I feel like I just watched a Saturday Night Live skit!!

Samantha Du Toit : This was very helpful to me. I don't understand all the rude comments! God help you.

John Obeid : Thanks for a very good video. You deal with the issues in a very caring, sensitive and loving way. God bless your work.

Ellotus Freeholy : 'Every time God says 'don't', it's really saying 'don't hurt yourself'. That hit me profoundly, after all, it really doesn't benefit or harm God permanently for us to either follow or not follow, respectively, those guidelines. It's simply that God is happy to see us happy, just like any other loving, well balanced parent would (And it's truly astounding that God the Almighty does it all towards us without force, we are free to choose all along the way, our choices simply demonstrate our response to God's love). Thank you so much for that.

Victoria Bones : Wtf why on earth was this recommended to me? Is this satire? Is it a joke? Wtf

Dr Niko : So I clicked on this thinking it was a satirical comedy sketch about Christian sex but y'all this is fr... and... just.. wtf?

Jim Connoy : Having a Christian wife makes for a sexless marriage. Been there. Done that. I stayed sexually frustrated and nowhere to go. I'm a widower now and I don't ever want to be married again.

Juan Valdez : Who are these people and why is it their business? Remind me of Tammy and Jim...remember Jim...he lika da hookas...yeah..who are these people

amazed wanderer : A lot of you young people sneering at this video have some knuckle sandwiches coming your way, courtesy of life. You should pay attention to what these people are saying. 👊 👊

THE GAME JUNKY : 11:07 "Look, i... it's going IN the out door" I was D.e.a.d. DEAD! 🤣

Andrew Whitaker : Song of Songs 2:3 is talking about fruit of the Spirit which is gentleness kindness love peace joy and much more.

Steven S : As Gore Vidal said " Civilization was great until it was infected by Christianity".

Emily Richard : What’s ok and not ok in the Christian marriage bed? Let me answer that in two sentences. What is ok: any kind of consent or safety practices!!! What is not ok: Any kind of rape or abusive pressures!!! Super Simple! Not hard to answer! See, this video got it all wrong. I’m defending this Christian asexual man as a Christian asexual woman!!

JGT318 : I'm not married but I totally enjoyed this video! Great presentation! You guys are very transparent. 😊

Jill Dezsenyi : One you CNt judge and two the sacrifice was done god is blind to sin relentitive heart is everything gb

Suq Madiq : It's a little difficult, but I can fap to this. Seriously though, this is my new favorite YouTube video

ellie : ‘You’re Gods gal first, and then your husbands’ perhaps just be your own gal

mikesvacation gear, gun& cigar reviews : Thank you for this video. Im not sure why i watched it, but i felt it was remarkably well rounded. You two seem like very nice people. God bless. .

Mummy Michaud : Your 100% correct with what your saying don't listen to anyone who has talked their wives into the virtual or third person mental images ect.

Mummy Michaud : you know their are really some people in the world that just don't Understand LAW, GOD, and living righteously! Keep doing these. People DO get some helpful information from what your saying! Thank You!

Alan McLaughlin : "I don't think there's ever a time you'd say no to me...even if you didn't feel like it" Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's R A P E :) *sigh* religion

chloe elizabeth : For everyone being mean in the comments.. They’re not demanding anything or withholding anyone from what they wish to do in their own sex lives. They’re simply giving their opinions for those who asked. I’m not religious, but I will ALWAYS respect others’ beliefs. They did nothing wrong here. If you don’t like watching this kind of content or agree with it, then don’t watch it. If you do not like for someone to push their religion on you and be hateful toward you because you think otherwise, then do not go out of your way to do so to others. Im astonished at the lack of respect people have for each other.

Santiago Fernandez : I'm going to hell anyways🤣 because I'm gay. I don't know why I'm watching this lol

mavericksquid : Ass to mouth... how often is TOO often?

stephen phillips : Song of Solomon is the church/ bride relationship to the Christ groom. Metaphorical.

Robert Barber : God Bless you both! God's word has all the answers we need to live a happy whole life!

FredDonelson : Great talk and advice on a tough topic. Thanks for dealing with it in a staight forward manner and using Scripture as your main guide.

Jacie Walton : I'm catholic but I love you guys, such a down to earth way of communicating about God

THE GAME JUNKY : If women aren't physical about sex then why dont we talk to them without touching them until something happens 🤣

bingothemonkey : We do our stuff in front of the camera. Yeah, they do. Oh, and man she's in favor of the toys alright.

wingedeyelinerisoverrated : those emails are from trolls lol

Rodney Haltom : It is not always just the man that wants an extra partner...I know from experience!

Serve and protect My food : He’s like Dr. Phil’s voice doppelgänger.

bobo brazil : Salomon could only be with each wife or concubine once every 3 years or so....but they each rejected him ....because he couldn't remember their name.

Harry Daniels : I bet this couple is a pair of freaks behind closed doors!! Lmao!!