What's Okay and Not Okay in the Christian Marriage Bed?

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Karuna Satori ASMR : So like, why is this in my recommended

Bye Bye Belly : People need to ask themselves how they feel about things rather than letting other equal humans tell them what is ok and not ok, in my opinion.

ellie : ‘You’re Gods gal first, and then your husbands’ perhaps just be your own gal

Keith MacManus : It seems that "Christians" are an emotional train wreck when it comes to letting go and enjoying sex. You gotta figure, during your young and impressionable years being told that any sexual thought or desire is labeled as sinful ....Then you get married and you have to completely learn a new behavior and enjoy sex. That shameful upbringing tends to stay with that person even after marriage. Ingredients for a dysfunctional sex life. I think it would be like marrying an iceberg.....

Daisy : For like the first ten minutes, I thought this was some kind of home-produced SNL sketch about Christians but I think it’s real.

Andrea Kae : Don’t need an 18 minute video to say “anything both parties consent to and enjoy.”

Keira Pattison : I’m not Christian or married so why is this in my recommendations?!? I still clicked on it tho 😂

Pamela Mojo Fabulous : OMG ! You know the guy has a secert porn stash.

Luca : is anyone else watching this baked

Meg Dougherty : I was gonna dislike this, but there’s 666 dislikes and I want to keep it that way

David Porter : Everything consensual is ok between a man and his wife. Everything consensual is ok between a man and woman not even married. And like it or not, everything consensual is ok between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Christianity needs to stop trying to dictate what consenting adults do behind closed doors. As long as people don't infringe on your rights, you have no business infringing on what they do in theirs. It doesn't matter what bronze age Palestinian goat herders have to say about human sexuality. They hold no sway over the modern age. You are all bigots if you think you have a right to say a single damn word about what other humans do with their own bodies in the privacy of their own homes.

SuperWhoLocked Browncoat : Look I'm sorry but I draw the line at your call on bondage. As a burgeoning domme and rope top/rigger, I find bondage to be beautiful, like art that has the added bonus of restricting someone's movement. I like restricting movement. So if I were to ever get married (not happening bc WGTOW but whatever), I would look for a Christian man that is totally cool with getting tied up. Because it's fun. Sorry not sorry.

cdefoor125 : What is right in the marriage bed, is what ever the couple consents to. It's not anyone else's business. This is cringeworthy on so many levels.

nonna's favorite : is it biblically okay for me to pee in my boyfriends mouth? were both guys also...

Brittany B : Not sure why YouTube recommended this to me but this is the strangest thing I've ever seen. I have so many questions. Does the Bible count as a third party? Do you pray during the act? Is it okay to get off while reading the Bible? Is it a sin to think of Jesus (a third person) during sex? Is pretending to be Christ and the church role playing? What is Christian dirty talk like? Does treating a husband as a metaphorical equivalent of God count as idolatry? Do just women stop being visual creatures when they become Christian? Are you allowed to co-masturbate? So many questions

fandom vids : why did I watch the whole thing

blkswansec : Ppl like this are exactly why I'm an atheist. It's like a reinforcement.

Chris From SouthAus : The Bible says shagging your slave is ok right?

Cierra Mae : someone in a relationship can most definitely be raped by their significant other

Heavy Metal Vixxen : You know the bible was written by scribes by men for men right? Did god physically write it? No

david charles smith : What about stoning your daughter If she comes home late and she knows the boy next store!

mavericksquid : Ass to mouth... how often is TOO often?

Anti Law : I stopped having imaginary friends after about the age of 10.

Menino Jake : "You need to shut up and read your bible." LOL DED.

Jimbo R : This couple is nice enough, if a bit homophobic and naive. Seems unfortunate, however, that any intelligent, loving couple would feel the need to consult an iron-age book for boundaries in expressing their love sexually.

Holly Notsojolly : why do i feel like someone is behind the camera pointing a gun at the wife

Harry Daniels : I bet this couple is a pair of freaks behind closed doors!! Lmao!!

Anna Davide : " Live out your love story together"❤️❤️

Autumn Moon : I am shocked they didn’t bring up fisting 🤜🏻 🍑. Hard. Should I email her? I must know!

Emmi Collins : the handmaid’s tale is amazing 😍😍😍

annabelle he : lmfao u think men only rape their wives when their wives aren't horny enough? y'all need to talk to a professional rape counselor. such victim blaming.

M. Hall : Remember to pin down the goat between you.

Scarlet Torres : anal is not unhealthy lol simple research. Y'all are a cute couple thats why im watching but at the same time this is a reminder to me why I don't fuck with religion, its to much. Y'all wanna please someone that is not even real. Do you but Damn this is extra af.

Christ Warrior : I would like to comment that Eric I believe your comment around the 6:29 point on naked women and a lot of naked women was inappropriate. It certainly looked like your wife was uncomfortable with you saying that and even with her response. And it's not even Biblical to think that way and you shouldn't compartmentalize all men into the category of your mind set because that's simply not true. It may be for you but you do not speak for all men. Speck and the log comes to mind as appropriate in this video and I've never seen any of your videos before. God bless you both, sometimes mentors need time with the ultimate mentor of Christ because it's hard to give advice when it clearly looks like there are some of the same underlying issues in your own marriage that need to be taken up in prayer and worked on.

Adam Scott : Let's play a game....pick a random verse from the Bible and do EXACTLY what it says. The last person not in prison wins.

randy cornwall : You think gods got nothing better to do then watch what your doing in the bedroom The bible was written by a man not god

Ellotus Freeholy : 'Every time God says 'don't', it's really saying 'don't hurt yourself'. That hit me profoundly, after all, it really doesn't benefit or harm God permanently for us to either follow or not follow, respectively, those guidelines. It's simply that God is happy to see us happy, just like any other loving, well balanced parent would (And it's truly astounding that God the Almighty does it all towards us without force, we are free to choose all along the way, our choices simply demonstrate our response to God's love). Thank you so much for that.

Jim R : What’s ok in bed? Easy, whatever you both agree is ok. What’s not ok in bed? Anything that either of you don’t want to do. Walk away from religion, they are all man-made lies.

Ken Liao : This is actually a serious video! I was sure it was going to be a comedy ..... most adults have enough brains to figure out how to do what in bed without a guidebook. It is still hilarious, even though anyone who would take is seriously must be as dumb as a post.

blackfeather moon : Christian Mingle attracts weirdoes...

Evarsito Quiroz : Not sure why, but I can’t help but picturing her in a blonde wig in a neglige. I believe she’s ok with oral. He’s probably not.

L J : So, can I have a male concubine? Concubines are biblical.

SUPER77 : I have a feeling that after they finished this video they went into the bedroom and had some fun. 😎😎👉😲👉👌✌👅

Matthew Read : Is it ok to hail odin whilst in bed?

Bro Chris Kentucky : There is no sin in having a wives or concubine.

arprewitt2000 : So you make a video about sex, then complain about getting emails regarding sex. Okay.

Scarlet Torres : Smoke a blunt and watch this.

david charles smith : How bout if all three of us get in bed and read the bible first?

Gwen : You didn't bring up scriptures for most of these though. Why should we believe you or listen to you? We want to believe and listen to God. If you are going to talk about what God's word says, then actually tell us what he says. Not what you say he says. I could do a google search and get more scriptural answers.

Jeff Speers : A weird and dry video. I was recommended to watch this video after watching 10 CollegeHumor YouTube Channel videos.