What's Okay and Not Okay in the Christian Marriage Bed?

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Jake V : "You need to shut up and read your bible." LOL DED.

K Julieeya : those emails are from trolls lol

Caca_ Fangirl : I've never heard a Christian podcast before and I really liked this! I'll have to check out more :)

maisiemumbles : I don't know how I got here, I'm not a believer but you two are adorable

craig hughes : I liked it when she said 'Half cocked' and he smirked.

Bipolartorecovery : is this for real??? or trolling??? this should be easy. what is ok:anything you both consent to. what's not ok:anything without the other person's consent or manipulating the other into doing something they don't want to do. simple. easy. and no one else's damn business on which flavors you are into unless there wasn't mutual consent. then its the police's business

Luca : is anyone else watching this baked

maggot boy : y’all into some freaky shit im sure of it

Jason Shirtz : Concerning why BDSM is wrong... 17-18 min mark approximately "If you just keep the picture of your marriage bed as being a representation between the love of Christ he has for the church and Vice Versa, that should just paint a beautiful picture that If I start bringing in all this other stuff, you are really convoluting a really beautiful love story." I just had to laugh out loud when I read this. because if the New Testament is to be believed, God loved the world, and the church so much that to show it, he had the following things happen to his son Jesus, in more or less this order: 1. He was falsely accused of a crime, and convicted as such after being betrayed by a kiss from one of his closest friends. 2. He was then whipped with a scourge, to the point where flesh was tearing off from his body. 3. He was forced to carry his own cross to the place of his death. 4. He was forced to wear a crown of thorns on his head. 5. He was then nailed to a cross (Immobilizing him, a EXTREME form of Bondage, as it were) 6. and then he hung there, on the cross, bleeding, pierced in his feet and hands, having been severely whipped mere hours before, wearing a crown of thorns until finally he died. If anything, given that: John 3:16 (KJV) " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. " I think I could make the argument that if one is to hold one's marriage bed as a "representation between the love of Christ and the church and vice versa" what would be a greater representation of the manner of Christ's sacrifice for the church and all of humanity, than BDSM, with it's whips, it's acceptance of your loved one inflicting bodily pain and torture upon you (with you accepting it) as Christ accepted bodily pain and torture from the ones he loved, on their behalf??

Megan Yandell : I will submit to no man

Beannie : ANAL

7777LORENZO : No rape is not accepted as a marriage is one man / woman together so why defile your own body in marriage.

JOSE ESPARZA : Very good video. The case of oral sex is kind of "what should I do". Should I do it or not? When I first came to THE LORD, I was like a teen. Like when a teen, for the first time been aware of his/her sexual drive. I knew that sex gave pleasure, but only "normal natural sex". I didn't not really knew the pleasures of the flesh, as a teen. Before CHRIST in my life I wanted to try almost everything that had to do with sexual pleasure. And my wife and I did try some off it. But after CHRIST in our marriage some stuff stoped. Why? Cause I couldn't do it anymore. Cause when CHRIST came into our lives we experienced true love in our marriage bed. Personally, I think that GOD created the parts of our bodies for it's own unique functions. And some parts have more than one function. When it comes to sodomy, the parts that are perverted with the sodomy act. They are perverted cause, those parts were not created for that function. So, when it comes to oral sex, are the sexual parts created for that function? THE LORD gave us love, but we fall or go into fleshly pleasure. Fleshly pleasure will never fill the space of love. Personally, I believe that we need to pray and listen to THE LORD, when it comes to our marriage bed. GOD bless

John Smith : I honestly think her Scriptural justification of oral sex was way out of line. I think her reference to enjoying the sweet flavour of his fruit as being oral sex was a huge distortion of a great metaphor. Be safe just keep ploughing away in the ' Missionary Position'...

Zabe Manticore : As long as there's consent between adult human beings, ANYTHING GOES. I don't know why the religious have to ruin everything, even the intimacy between a married couple.

Deborah Corona : I married a man that did not tell me he was unable to have sex at all! At first I didn't think it was a big deal because I told him well you have two hands and you can take care of me that way. As it turns out he is very lazy and just won't. I felt so betrayed and abandoned! I have spoke with him several times about it. He would get very angry and tell me all I thought about was my female counterparts putting it nicely. The first time I got a response out of him he told me that every time I brought the subject up I reminded him of his inadequacies. He's been to the doctor his hormones are perfect he's taking different medications to no avail so we talked about maybe an implant or other options and he said no. He says he has absolutely no interest in sex at all ! I was flabbergasted at the realization that I did not matter to him in a sexual way. Because of the fact he didn't want to do anything about it I finally told him I wanted to leave last year and he asked me if I wanted him to blow his brains out?! I dropped the subject right away. I realized if someone is willing to kill their selves because they're that codependent then they are to be considered a loose cannon. At the present time I am working with mental health services through depression. They have signed me up to get a Section 8 apartment and in the meantime I'm sitting here trying to get along with him until I leave. I don't know how to react. I have completely shut down. If I clean the kitchen up he'll trash it out. He's constantly belittling me rephrase and everything I say invalidating me and making me feel like a nobody. I have just had a birthday in February and decided I owe it to myself to get out of here. However I have two small dogs and I have a prescription for them they are emotional support animals. I cannot leave them behind and I don't know anyone who will treat them as good as I do they're like children to me. my husband has a short fuse and yells a lot in my dogs are terrified of him on a regular basis. otherwise I would have already went to a domestic violence shelter. I'm in the Phoenix area and if anyone reading this loves God I ask you to pray for me for guidance and direction. and please be true to yourself and true to the person you want to marry so you don't alter the other person's life.

Maya Little-Sana : 5:00 ish “ half cocked”🤔 ... no pun intended

Rachel Marie : Videos like this make me so happy I found out the truth about religion being bogus

Mama Kat's Home : Please pray for my sister and her husband, they recently separated. I want their marriage restored. There is no biblical reason for divorce and no abuse I am aware of. Thank you for doing what you guys do. I love how real you are and how you touch subjects most Christians won't.

Diaphanous Earth : I hear this guy's passion about his wife's loyalty to himself. I do not hear his passion for her experience of their union. Something amiss.

¿Do Geese See God? : "I have more important things to worry about than how ya'll are boning. Just don't rape and wash up before/after butt stuff. Cleanliness is godliness, a'ight? Peace." -God

teeduck : Everyone needs to stay a virgin their whole lives.

TheWordprophet : Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled; but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

Katie Morales : I have just one sentence for yall, STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO IN THE BEDROOM!!!

Adriana R : I would say im sorry, but im not, why does the woman need to be submissive to the man? Is this onky during sex or in general? I am a young teen girl, educated on christianity, and even though i used to believe in the bible and god, i now see how completely messed up the bible morals are, and how people including priests and people of the church as well as christian use religion as a way to hate people. For example, no where in the bible does it clearly state that 2 men cant jave sexual relations, it says 2 men cant lie in the same bed, and the same goes for women, yet people say "i hate gay because of my religion." or "the bible said so." People are people with their own minds, and i do agree that everyone should have freedom of religion, but in a religion as hypocritical and complicated as christianity, the bible should be, for lack of better terms, fixed, in a way that women are equal to men, gay and lesbian marriage is legal, and people are people with freedom who shouldnt have to follow what is right and what is wrong when they could just do what they want, abiding by the laws of their country. I shouldnt be a sin to have sex with the same gender, it shouldnt be a sin to eat as much as you want, it shoukdnt be a sin for a woman to be above a man. Im sorry but this is human nature and it shoukdnt be a sin to be who you are. P.s.a. i am NOT trying to change you or anyone elses religion, just expressing my right ti freedom of speech and whoukd honestly like your honest answers on my questions. Thank you.

classy me : I feel a toy is somewhat a third party much like a physical or digital or virtual person. And for those who are saying "don't tell people what to do in the bedroom", people literally reach out to them with these questions so obviously there's a demand for their opinion as adverse to it as you may be. You are the same ones who get the opinion of cosmopolitan, buzzfeed, etc etc on your sex life & once you hear what you don't like, it's down with it. Stop it. eff'in hypocrisy.

Hannah Rymill : Teabagging?

Allison Cross : sodomy includes oral just saying

pstrzel : Song of Solomon uses allegorical language to describe a soul (or people) longing for its (or their) beloved God. It has nothing to do with spouses and sex. Do you honestly believe that the Jews of old and the early Church councils included it in the canon of scriptures for its eroticism?

rosepetal34 : what about 69ing?....cause some people seem to like it

Juli Ane : Why would someone want to be submissive to someone else?!

Awakened Saint : Don’t listen to the haters. If they are not born again they cant understand why we would even care what God says. 1Co 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

paws paws : is it biblically okay for me to pee in my boyfriends mouth? were both guys also...

Nicholas Flamel : Why do you think YOU have the right to tell others what to do in THEIR bedrooms? You have ZERO evidence for your god existing. You are just a fraud, pretending to know things you do not know.

Jade : WHY. Would somebody who loves God, marry a person, become one flesh with somebody, WHO DOES NOT LOVE GOD! This is despicable!

Justyna : I hate how they said "you need to submit to your husband". it seems so toxic. I know its not supposed to but please, dont you see that?

Iris Chillin : I think is perfect for all the confusing points on the Bible and you guys are amazing presenting your guidelines. And I love how your responses are straight from what THE BIBLE SAYS. And people in the comments keep saying that you guys shouldn’t tell people what to do. But I think they forgot that people ASKED you guys these questions. And they’re really blind and clueless to what Gods creation of husband and wife is and how the two should act as one. And I loved your point on the aggressive side of sex. How you compared it to, how husbands and wife’s are representing Jesus’ love to the church, and by doing those aggressive actions, it turns a beautiful love story very twisted.

Abigail Goliath : this is a topic that born again believers do not talk about as a newly wed I'm glad you have this podcast

Lep P : So, no imagination, phone it in if you're not in the mood, no kink even if you both want it. Basically, all vanilla.

Danae : i hope god tells them to get the draped steamed.

Ananda Mañana : ´´It is not what goes into your mouth but what comes out that will defile you.´´ Kind of takes on a whole new meaning, doesn´t it?

chloe elizabeth : For everyone being mean in the comments.. They’re not demanding anything or withholding anyone from what they wish to do in their own sex lives. They’re simply giving their opinions for those who asked. I’m not religious, but I will ALWAYS respect others’ beliefs. They did nothing wrong here. If you don’t like watching this kind of content or agree with it, then don’t watch it. If you do not like for someone to push their religion on you and be hateful toward you because you think otherwise, then do not go out of your way to do so to others. Im astonished at the lack of respect people have for each other.

pwk22 : "Oral sex" is a form of sodomy. Pull out your dictionary if you think it's not.

Michael McIntosh : Love you guys very very sound responses as marriage officer and counselor I appreciate your approach.

Rupert Nubbs : She acts like she's wearing the pants in the family and the poor husband is on her leash. How about this phrase to the wife, "you need to shut up and read your bible". A dose of her own medicine. The husband is humble and just takes it (the usual stance of men), however, as the wife seems insecure when husband mentions, "we're visual and like to see the woman's body". My goodness the wife tongue whips him immediately. He responds with, "of course". Then... Of course she tongue whips him for saying, "of course". The wife definitely needs to take a lesson on humbleness, submission, repentance to Jesus and her husband.

Georgia Martin : When married our body is not our own , my body belongs,to my husband according to the Father. Of course its loving mot other wise , however when not equally yoked this can be difficult at times, however , love works things out. Also its best to pray to the Father for direction concerning your spouse, as far as porn ect , i would think its common sense.the bible says no sodomy so theres your answer lol . I would pray about the rest because your biblical refferences are not about oral sex , do to my experiance i would not discuss my bedroom relations with anyone , when we have a Heavenly Father who will tell us what He approves of .

Jenny G : Everything. Everything is ok.

Madelyn Gutierrez : Excellent talk.

Sheldan Clerge : 6:43 wE lIkE nAkEd WoMaN

MT account : First video I've seen, some "free" advice Jolene, you DID over-talk your husband several times (I think) while he was speaking....imo that's not cool, particularly when presenting something publicly. He, on the other hand, never did. I think a little growth in that area is suggested.