Shooting Stars - Series 6 Episode 6
Shooting Stars British comedy panel show

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feat. panelists Noel Fielding, Zöe Salmon and Tony Blackburn


David Power : noel is right at home in this vic and bob style

Tristan Lewis : Vic and Bob are the funniest blokes going :')

Retrovirus : The Tiny Eyes song is timeless comedy brilliance.

mr gwanson : this is better than anything on tv now

Sarah Quebral : How have I never heard of this show? This is the best thing I've ever seen!

Morwenna405 : Just when I thought I had found everything Noel Fielding was on. Suddenly this! :)

Aperson950 : I used to love this show. I will forever miss it.

ELPaso1990TX : Liked the dolls house scene at around 18:00 hilarious !

nightw4tchman : 4:20-4:32 Jesus Christ Bob!! I'm using that as a chat up line at some point...

Anna Helander : LOL Noel looks genuinely disappointed that Batman never asked Robin to bring soup for the journey.

gerrabath : That Star Trek joke as it should be... Why did Lieutenant Uhura? Because William Shatner!

nick wilson : How can 58 people dislike this? Perhaps they've undergone the infamous 'ice pick' lobotomy?

Alice Nilsson : I have no idea what's going on but I am excited


At Hunkydory : Noel is loving it bless him.

Marty theMartian : The last time I saw Tony Blackburn, was on the Goodies :)

T P : "Which one of you arseholes stole my crisps?!" Classic.

BethIsNot AHatter : Jack Dee is just the human grumpy cat XD

Cruithneach : Fun fact sports fans: the summers of both 1983 and 1995 were long and hot. Vic wouldn't have known that, but Jim Moir would. Good old Jim, I haven't seen him since the pole vaulting accident

All_is_1 : Danny devito/Barack Obama song 🤣🤣🤣

Chris Telford : I MISS THIS SO MUCH

ReDeV7 : "Tiny Eyes" FFS, i am howling LOL! Vic n Bob funniest ever. Am working away from home and love to get these old episodes up on YT. Well done boys, you are the best!

jimpeters04455 : brillian british humour

joseph : With your face like a grieving cod 🤣


Jimbob1192 : It's not everyday you get to see a panel show involving songs about baked potatoes. LOVE IT

Hattie Jackson : Noel Fielding!!!!!! Love him!!

Nicole Gray : I am crying laughing :)

CelticWales : Why did the BBC axe this series a 2nd time around? It is so funny and unique. It a lot better then the twee crap the BBC calls comedy at the moment! With junk like "The Wright Way"

maximumtheandy : bob mortimer looks oddly like kevin spacey.

David Menzies : shut up you pig

TinyEyes LikeTwoTinyButterbeans : Noel Fielding reminds me of Floyd Stone from Dead Rising 2.

ThePalaeontologist : Stupid girl doesn't get British humour. This show wasn't broadcast in Mexico. It was, strangely enough, shown in Britain.

ThePalaeontologist : American -.-

Dvdsky : LOL this is fucking weird. I...just....have no idea what this is. It's brilliant though! I came for Noel, stayed for more Matt Lucas.

wilburjmc : what the fuck is going on

James Hayes : You are literally too stupid to insult

Liz Cahill : hahahahahahahaha 13:53

Liz Cahill : hey noel guess what my favourite film is 13:31 hahahahahahaha

Anthony Hobson : "The Jack Dee Doo-Dah Band!"

lordhoot1 : He's probably overawed at being in the presence of two masters of dadaist comedy

TheBaalsv : Well, this was not funny at all . . . except for Noel's little sausage and the baked potato song. Our Noel looks sooooo bored here haha

kandeesfan316 : Yay! A Noel Fielding video i haven't seen! Thanks for the upload!

Stephen Moore : lol

dontsqueezethecheese : Zoe Salmon, so sexy.

TheHoffbill : Is that the singer of Oasis?

Saphron Proudfoot : love shooting stars

liam thomas : Anyone else notice that it says Blackbird under Tony's name?

trippinontussin : I actually have seen this before, and was not impressed, Noel looks sooooooo bored LOL