Shooting Stars - Series 6 Episode 6

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David Philips : You can tell Noel Fielding is a huge fan. He's just giggling the whole way through.

David Power : noel is right at home in this vic and bob style

Darth Daver : The kind of genius irreverent humour that Noel Fielding can only dream of coming up with.

Tristan Lewis : Vic and Bob are the funniest blokes going :')

Morwenna405 : Just when I thought I had found everything Noel Fielding was on. Suddenly this! :)

Retrovirus : The Tiny Eyes song is timeless comedy brilliance.

Yoadel : i remember the original in the 90s. possibly the funniest thing ever to hit a TV screen. Vic cracking a joke and everybody quiet and looking awkward when he'd finished, tumble weed blowing past then bob pulling out a frying pan and battering hell out of him with it. lmao. I was on the floor crying

sunglasses ron : this is better than anything on tv now

Kirsten N : tbh, I understood Noel's Luxury Comedy show better than this one. What the hell is going on here.

Sarah Quebral : How have I never heard of this show? This is the best thing I've ever seen!

ELPaso1990TX : Liked the dolls house scene at around 18:00 hilarious !

Controversy Owl : The hosts have a very unique type of comedy. It's funny because what they are saying is so stupid, lol, so I don't think anyone else can keep up. Usually, the guests are a bit silent, but I think it's better that way.

phil : Noel with his little sausage bat at 13:54 ... too cute!!! <3

Anna Helander : LOL Noel looks genuinely disappointed that Batman never asked Robin to bring soup for the journey.

BethIsNot AHatter : Jack Dee is just the human grumpy cat XD

GhostPanic : Noel is perfect for this show!

ReDeV7 : "Tiny Eyes" FFS, i am howling LOL! Vic n Bob funniest ever. Am working away from home and love to get these old episodes up on YT. Well done boys, you are the best!

Alice Nilsson : I have no idea what's going on but I am excited

rick66649 : can see where Leigh Francis gets his ideas from

gerrabath : That Star Trek joke as it should be... Why did Lieutenant Uhura? Because William Shatner!

Chris Telford : I MISS THIS SO MUCH

jimpeters04455 : brillian british humour

4injustwetrust : Poor Tony Blackburn.Not a scooby doo whats going on.

lammy1234567890 : 14:34 Ulrika's face when Danny deVito's tiny hand emerges....

sunglasses ron : that club singing round hahahaha genius

fullswing : No matter how much Fielding pirates Reeves and Mortimers ideas he will never come near to being as funny as them. In fact he will never come near to being funny.


dugwyler : If you type in "swan lifespan" the first suggestion you get is the query "swan lifespan 102". Internet doesn't lie, and neither do Vic and Bob.

James Field : 2:35 LMFAO

Moh k : cool channel name lol

YUnodiezombie : What the hell did I just watch.

Sharriska : The only good moments are when they show Noel...

Declan McCluskey : if they ever got commissioned for a new series, they would need to get rid of ulrika

Aperson950 : I used to love this show. I will forever miss it.

Tony Seller : who gives a **** about Noel Fielding! It's Shooting Stars! It's Vic and Bob!!!

vincent marandola : Brilliant

James Field : Died at full on blow off love these guys.

domjl17 : Vic looks like what Will Ferrell has become in the Simon and Garfunkel (or perhaps even Hall and Oates) parody.

MIDImorphosis : Pretty sure I was having a blackout for the first 3 minutes

nightw4tchman : 4:20-4:32 Jesus Christ Bob!! I'm using that as a chat up line at some point...

pussi destroyer : thought it was the music dun dun dun dunu dun dun dun

SteveDave Steve : 'Jack D with a face like a Galvanised oil drum'..... hahahahaaaaa

Morwenna405 : Oh and Matt Lucas!!

Skeetothecheeto : Came here for the memes but whatever

David t : What song do they play on the tubes please?????? At just before 24 minutes.

Neon Ninja : Wut is this.. I just wanted to see Noel.. D:

arfer : Zoe Salmon should be seen and not heard.

andyfirthmusic : What is this shite?


Jimbob1192 : It's not everyday you get to see a panel show involving songs about baked potatoes. LOVE IT