We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Travis Scott Cheating Photo

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ChristianAdamG : (DISCLAIMER: this video was NOT made to intentionally hurt Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner or any of the entire Kardashian family in ANY way shape or form) Travis Scott is NOT actually a cheater....... so now that's out of the way... Gotcha' internet!

dandre altedo : Lmfaoooooo

Reelapze : The guy at 10:04 is retarted androids are way better

FishSkillz S.C. : 6:50 no, I’m already Tracer.

TheMedic06 : Low life YouTuber

Mingty : 10:00 he’s stupid for saying an android has a “low quality” camera

Andrew Lightfoot : I heard about i on he radio

Uncrypt Fall : Nice vid

Avocado Love : Wowowowowowowo on instagram i was like wow then i tagged kylie so she could see it. I FEEL SO DUMB

Caterian : Yoo i thought it was real

diss e : do xxxtentacion

The PurpleViper : Why did you get so much hate for this

The Rabble Rabble Show : https://youtu.be/J1XhT-yUeYM

Adam Westberg : You are a fkn legend bro!!!🔥🔥

Panda Apocalypse 911 : Aka how to ruin people’s lives when you don’t have one lmfaoooo

Sensational Finds : One thing I did learn, is I won't be watching Unwine with Tasha K... she was stating big facts with conviction and was way off. Sheeesh

Denardo Coverley : I from Nassau pull up bro

Hailey Ibsen : Finna ruin people relationship I swear

Jared DeLong : So many ads

Elyas Touati : His coming for you 😂😂

Fluffyybacon : Plot twist: Travis actually cheated and paid Christian to make this video

HonestlySame : all the comments have the words sheesh. sheesh 😹

Aaliyah Destry : Ok don't call her the "lip kit creator" she's more than that. She has changed they way people think about their bodies. That was really rude and low to label her as the "lip kit creator" She works harder than you and has more cash than you, she could buy YOU if she wanted to. She actually has a job and she doesn't have to rely on on someone else to go be nosy and snoop through some else's life and then take that gossip and post it. She before you wanna label someone ask yourself "will this come back to bite me in the butt later on?" Make sure the chick who said this gets my message thanks :)

Chaloe Pike : Omg I had no idea that Justin Bieber thing was fake!😱

kamile kamile : I hate these people

I Drink Clorox : The fact that Christian is getting hate over this is terrible, all he is doing is showing how easy it is to troll the internet

ace master04 : Travis scott has left the chat.

KING o1 KING : I'm not trying to be racist but, He sounds like black panther

KING o1 KING : Next vid Logan paul hanging a guy in a forest

PilotBoyJay : Bui u goated.

Tiffany Mayer : This is so wrong in so many levels. I know it’s not you’re intention to hurt anyone but you did, you ruined someone’s reputation, raise conflict between a family. Where’s your conscience?!

smoochybear 298 : I don't really think a cheating one is something you should have done but like any other one is good

Roj Gabriel : Lmao i was gonna say “booooh you just ripped off Yes Theory” but he clearly stated I got the inspiration from Yes Theory. I respect that.

Sasha banks wwe fan : Next time I hear a cheating rumor I'm gonna check this Chanel first lol 😂😂😂😂

Dziugas Pukas : 2019

Tiffany Mayer : Yeah I knew he wasn’t a cheater. I knew something was off

SMG3 Gaming : *travis comes with a gang*

Hannah Smith : tbh love these videos. Just shows how how we can believe fake news. I think this is why celebrities go crazy.

Savage Fungi : Wyf, this is to far, you know they have a baby

anne veski känd : 11:35 boi

Karen Nyirenda : People are mad for celebrities that don't even know they exist 👀😂

Kgosietsile Tlholo : Your cousin looks like YG

mxppy : Bro do you know kylie saw this, it's actually viral, mam messed up

Sejjad Jalal : Wannabe

NoRest _YT : Lol

Noob Life : Imagine if kylie broke up with Travis but found out it wasn’t him in the photo😳

Venom_Mouse : Omggg dont do this they might break up with eachother

Thomas Scheffrahn : 6:50 GENJIIIIIIII

Andrew Lwanga : don't be ratarded

Emīls Dimiņš : You couldve ruined their relationship