Do you know who I am? I'm Ronnie Pickering! Who? - #doyouknowwhoiam?

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Fortify : First date ruined.

Kay Jay : I fear for the wife :-(

They all knew : This is a very rare Citroen, both the front electric windows still work.

Ya Mum : The wife’s like he we go again

Huggy Bear : Biker could be a comedian.....his responses are hilarious

Ben Silva : Ronnie Bickering.

Pokerclown 79 : That poor woman.... First and last time she uses Pickerings cabs

Grandmaster Gus : "Ronnie Pickering" three times... biker still calls him Jonny Pickering :') classic!

Henry Garnett : wtf he opened his window a 1/4 ,so he never got punched,then opened his missis full wide,

Balls to the Wall : Legend has it Ronnie Pickering died many years ago, but death can't build up the courage to tell him

Darren Finnerty : You can't take a man seriously if he driving a citröen Picasso ....

Sparky Malarky : Never seen a car change gear so many times without going anywhere 😂

Elder1 : Still funny 4 years later... a timeless classic. Ronnie you are a wanker, mate.

Herohammer Studios : This is the most English thing I've ever seen

DudeAbides8519 : Scientists say there’s a Ronnie Pickering at the centre of every galaxy.

Ian Matthews : "Give yourself a pat on the back" "Yeh I will" 😂 😂

Russ W : Short term memory loss is no joke.Ronnie is still driving around asking complete strangers if they know who he is.

snortyhog : Poor Johnny Bickering had been driving around all day looking for an argument when he decided to pick on a guy on a bike. Meanwhile his wife was on a valium cruise in the passenger seat!

Keira Emmerson : Today in science this kid was mucking about and the teacher shouted who do you think you are and then this other random kid at the back of the class shouted “Ronny Pickering”

Just busting your balls : Women went to her happy place. She was gone.

Lee green : Imagine 7 million people do know who he is now...but for being nothing but a Sausage 🤣🤣🤣

Adam Taylor : "Go on then, who are yer" "Ronnie Pickering" "Who?" "Ronnie Pickering" "Who?" "RONNIE PICKERING!" "Who the fock's that?" LOOOL The bikers and absolute legend

wally west : That Tinder date went south real fast.

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : Ronnie Pickering came off worse, he got 7 million hits...

Tom Nelson : Legend has it that pickering is still a complete TWAT

stevemrmusic9 : The one moment that changed Ronnie Pickering’s life forever. ....

King Jae : Do you know who i am??? Ronnie Pickering !!!!!!

Martyn Scotton : I don’t know what’s funnier, the video, the comments section or the fact Ronnie Pickering is still probably asking random dudes if they know who he is 😂

dazhibernian : Get Ronnie driving in London city centre at rush hour. What a show that would be.

FearlessEgg : When Ronnie Pickering does push-ups, he pushes the earth down.

Dan Mcwhinnie : "Do you want a bare knuckle fight"? Actually Ronnie, I've got a fold out boxing ring and two pairs of gloves in my seat box! I was hoping we could do it that way! 😂

JayT : I tell my kids when they're naughty that Ronnie Pickering will get them. That does the job.

Sal khan : His car MOT is due this month July 23rd. I can just see the mot tester telling him it's failed then he'll have to use his 'do you know who I am' crap

Colin Macfarlane : This is why I don't use Uber

Odious Green : Citroen Picasso executives were horrified at what marketing came up with after been told to come up with something radical to appeal to the everyman.

Mateo Brown : The biker is the funniest he’s so blunt 😂😂

Lee Morris : World War II ended when they dropped Ronnie Pickering on Nagasaki.

Adam W : "Someone famous are ya?" Well, he is now.

Prodigy : One punch pickering

Christobel Carloff : Blood pressure tablets for Ronnie Pickering

Smells exquisite : Ronnie pickled onion breath.

Splitter S : I've come across this Pickering bloke...he cut me up on heddon road in my truck,(while i was fully loaded at 44 ton)I jumped out,raging at him,and he locked all his doors,he wouldn't get out of his car!! The guy seems to pick on the little guy's.....Im 20 stone,ex muay thai, 5 ft 11....The guy is a bully....

Max Lumsdon : Biker uses reason. It's super effective!

Grunge Theatre Studios : Ronnie Pickering Who? Ronnie Pickering Who? RONNIE PICKERING!! who's that? ME!!! 😂

Charlie Brown : That was Mrs Pickering's little boy Ronnie. My, hasn't he grown.

Souther : These two make a great comedic duo.

G7A8Plasma : You already know this guy had nails without milk for breakfast

Tom Forbes : Wait a minute,............ is fu$%ing is,'s Ronnie from Pickering, North Yorkshire..........good ta see ya Johnny............hasn't changed a bit has our Donny.....

Stuart Cooper : Go back to your cave Ronald in your school run mums car

Matt curry : This is one of the funniest YouTube clips ever. Imagine if this happened in the USA, someone would have pulled out a gun and shot the other person. Thereby turning the funny and trivial into a murder scene. Love the UK.