Coach Hines Oliver Rant - MadTV OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!!!

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J Weezy : Who's here in 2018 still funny AF

IT WASN'T ME : I just realized his hair is covering his ears LMFAO

The Lukeas : "Yaminashi, I dream of the day when medical science will allow me to be shrunk into a microscopic size, and injected into your spinal fluid. Once there, I will travel in a miniature sub, through your body, and into your brain meat. Then I will take a pill that will allow me to grow into a normal size, exploding your skull bone, and rendering your body into a pink mist"

Aaron Javier : i find mad tv much funnier than snl

musicisbrilliant : Key and Peele were meant to be together. Theyre the best.

mechaart : "I dont give a fat fartsicle if youre Asian ,Malaysian or caucasian, I dont care youre an actor" 😂

rob40throy : I have ne-he-he-he-huh-EVER! seen a performance like that... NUH. EVER!!! Man, how I miss Coach Hines and MadTV. 

diulikadikaday : How can these students talk like this to their teacher? Insubordinate and churlish. Chicanerous and deplorable.

bsl103158 : Coach Hines is the most hilarious character I have ever seen

dahbomb dude : I don't give a fat fart sickle

Kenny Kelly : "Do you think I give a rat's ass if I used the wrong theatre term or not?" LOL! And the prance over to his face, and then the kick over his head, hilarious. Haha.

leonticonderoga2 : The choreography explanation part was brilliant.

ranchdressing : I want to break into a high school gym, bust through the double doors, toss a chair out and shout "SON!!! OF A MOTHER!!! DUCK!!!"  And then just leave. That would be the best thing for me.

vonshtoyven : one of the funniest characters ever

323 2jz : "do you think i give a rats ass" lmao!!😂

EhT German : How does Coach Hines remember so many lines in one take?!

SilentEchoesXX : This is why I live. Mad TV is nothing but greatness.

nocontrol628 : I don't give a flying fartsicle!

Marc Klein : Who Will Buy Choreography: (Sunday Morning in London?) Sweet Red Rose is gonna move over here in the flat. Ok? You're gonna run this right here down the ally. I need a couple of brothel girls to move up here like this. I need a bar maiden to seal off this section right here. Ok ? When you get over to Sweet Red Roses, then Ripe Strawberry Ripe's gonna cut over here, into a slant to the corner. You're gonna move it back over here to the point. Rock this over here. You got Pi like that. Then you gotta move this to this situation. I need six guys, I need two horse carriages here and two horse carriages here, To BLITZ. YOU GOTTA BLITZ 'EM. Ok? You gotta BLITZ the town. Hammer and end here. We're moving that over here. Back to a bye, with the Sweet Red Roses. You come in here I need gibbity, gibbity, gibbity, gibbity, and HOOK. Ok? gibbity, gibbity, gibbity, and a button hook here, and you come back down. And that's when the Bar Maidens move across, they tackle the Artful Dodger. We got a knife here. And send you dad into Hail Mary. Now, what is so hard about that?

Super Nerd Daniel : Just once, I'd like to see some horse carriages storm into a town in blitz formation. Just ONCE, man.

Cade D. : Key and Peele before their own show :D

J D : "do you think i give a rats ass" that was perfect

Jake Squire : "It's called intermission." Do you think I give a rat's ass?!?

Erra Titan : "you gotta blitz em! YOU GOTTA BLITZ EM"

Cody Blane : Thank god the cream rises to the top----key and peele CARRIED mad tv in its later years after all the legends left (sasso, spears, debrah, collins, etc)

Connor Delrio : Lines memorized and everything. makes sketches so much better. LEARN FROM THIS SNL!! 

Bianca Caro : Rofl when that kid jibbity jibbity jibbity's over to coach Hines!!!

unnamed715 : I died at "Mr. SPATS!" XD

Kidany Ramos Gonzalez : "I am gonna remove your duodenum" I LOST IT xD

Super McNasty : he said i will remove your duodenum lmao

gomerpyle : They need to do a coach Hines Movie  That be a Hit movie.

TheMongex : this cast beats the crap out of snl owns any day, any time.

4640jds : "Now what's so hard about that!?!"

Best Braai : Son of a mother Duck LMAO!

Melanie Smith : I can't even kick that high lol.

nopotential : Do ya think I give a rats ass if I used the wrong theater term or not?lmfao

Sub Gunner : He does sound like matt foley (chris farley) but coach hines is much funnier in my opinion. I love chris farley dont get me wrong. (Rip)


vwa 98 : love the coaches character. thats right up my alley as far as comedy goes

Noel Leong : the chalk board changed at 3:10 to 3:16

Karen Hylton : You gotta blitz to the sweet red roses!!

Gwayne Graham Gan : bobby always coulnt control his laughter to coach hines LOL

Tomeka Haywood : I so miss Mad TV! Good times

kidecchi : when i first discovered my favorite mad tv actor lmfao

rubytuesday247 : 164%... !!!

John Brown : What I need you guys to do... is Sweet Red Roses is gonna move over here. In the flap okay? You're gonna run this right here down the alley! I need a couple of brothel girls to move up here like this, I need a barn maid to seal off this section right here! Okay when you get over to Sweet Red Roses then Ripe Strawberries Ripe's, gonna come over here into a slanted corner! You're gonna move it back over here to the point, wrap this over here, you got pi like that, then you're gonna move this to this situation! I need 6 guys, I need 2 horse characters here, and 2 horse characters here, TO BLITZ! YOU GOTTA BLITZ EM! OKAY?! YOU GOTTA BLITZ THE TOWN, HERE! AND IN HERE! WE'RE MOVIN THAT OVER HERE! THAT'S WHO WILL BUY, BUT SWEET RED ROSES, YA COME HERE! I NEED JIBBITY JIBBITY JIBBITY JIBBITY, AND HWA! OKAY, AND JIBBITY JIBBITY JIBBITY AND A BUTTON HOOK HERE! YA NEED TO COME BACK DOWN, AND THAT'S WHEN THE BARN MAIDS MOVE ACROSS, THEY TACKLE THE ARTFUL DODGER! WE GOT A KNIGHT HERE, AND SEARCH YOUR DAD IN THE HAIL MARY! Now... what is so hard about that?!

Quan Guy : why did i actually understand parts of that play😭😂😂😂

Carlos Anthony : who's here in 2017?

Journeyman : Everybody knows a Coach Hines LOL!

Eric Hardric : Key is wearin them shorts! I knew he was crazy, but now I can see his nuts!