the comeback story of kim kardashian
Let us never forget one of the best bloopers ever from Parks and Rec

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as told by chris pratt on parks and rec


Jimmehford : aubrey plaza IMMEDIATELY got the joke before he finished lol

Keishen Lloyd : Look at Chris. He's looking around smiling like a class clown in 4th grade. I love it. Lmao

sam aldred : Somehow, I always end up here.

I am watching you : This is the best blooper in the history of everything.

ColinZeal : The Dog clearly doesn't get it.

Superjosh132 : Keep in mind that this man saved us from dinosaurs

mrtalkative91 : the best part is how Nick Offerman breaks

Raymond Corona : I love how Aubrey smacks Chris Pratt lmao

morcova : I love how after he says it he just sits there like a little boy. I DONE GOOD! Yes Chris, you done damn good!

Ignacio Guamán : i've repeated this video so many times just to see each person's reactions

Matt Damon : They should have kept it in the show, that shit had me on the floor

Quillo Manar SFM : The dainty slap makes this worthwhile.

Frank Bishop : Somehow this makes Aubrey Plaza even more attractive how quickly she was on to that joke.

DrinkDipSpit : Jerry's laugh is hilarious

Gary Stevens : The only reason anyone needed to make him Star Lord.

Aaron Alphonsus : OK so I'm rewatching this episode, and as soon as Amy Poehler says 'comeback', Chris looks right at the camera and gives this huge smile like he's thinking about the blooper :D Everyone else is in character and looking elsewhere

artix latix : you can SEE the moment when it clicks in everyone minds, every single one of them thought "did he just? OH HE JUST!"

Mahmoud Waheed : Chris Pratt is a comedy genius.

Adrian Sanchez : I feel safe knowing this man is guarding our galaxy

heyyyyyynow : That slap

Michael Murray : I love how everyone is a child while that dog works hard to keep it as professional as possible

piebaldify : kim kardashian disliked this clip. and kanye created 12 extra profiles to dislike it too.

JustAnotherSwede1905 : One of the greatest lines of all time. Too bad it didn't make it into the episode.

im a mod96 : How did he straight face that?! I can't breathe.

TheDarkishKnightro : The dog is clearly the best actor there. He didn't even break character.

NSIEGS94 : Chris Pratt crossed of something from his bucket list with this line: make Nick Offerman laugh.

Graeme MacLeod : if you look closely, you can see the exact moment everyone's brain finishes processing what he said XD

Tie Roberson : Jerry's laugh is probably my favorite part of this whole video 😂😂

nuraH S : Nick Offermans (Ron Swanson's) first reaction is hilarious lmao

Jonathan Campbell : April(Aubrey) knew what he was gonna say. She hit him before he finished talking

no1bandfan : She said: "I'm ashamed of Pratt right now."

Vishal Singh : You can just call me Kim Kardashian because I keep coming back to this video

Joo-Hwan Jun : I tried saying it, but can't keep a straight face..... How does he do it?.....

fanofeverything : Love how Aubrey Plaza saw it coming

Mustafa Khan : Camera man at 0:17 is laughing so hard, the camera is shaking

Matt Damon : This will never not be funny

Duck Duck Goose : 0:15 I love Amy’s disappointed “Mom Face”

Callum Brankin : I just love the way Aubery slaps Pratt

everestfalls : Damn....than punch line hit them like a ton of bricks.....great stuff.

ZeroFox75 : Chris Pratt’s finest role is not Peter Quill it is Andy freaking Dwyer I love how Audrey hits him after he says that 😂

Jon R : about 100 of the views of this are mine...   Simply awesome!!

Sad Affleck : Ironically this episode is called the comeback kid

Lady Nieto : I cant believe he delivered that straight-faced....This is gold

comicmaster217 : Chris Pratt just sitting there with that adorable smile after he says it

Mo 2k : So funny how Chris is this huge Christian but he has this sick sense of humour too.

SycheRyder : To this day, the silliest best piece of comedy I've seen.

D E X I L : They are talking about RDJ and star lord's there.

SKOOOTER17 : I love how April knows the joke before Andy finishes telling it lol

oof : He looks so smug at 0:16