Jeff Ross Roast of Emmitt Smith

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David : I watch this and I can't believe Jamie and M'onique won an Oscar each lol

A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary : The Wayan's Brothers family picnic joke really got me

Zach G : "Your knuckles are scraped, did you walk here?" LOL'd so hard

Old Gregg : Jeff Ross is one of the best roasters I've ever seen, surprised he could walk with balls that big

Local African : That Monique joke was hilarious

Mad Flavor Disciple : Jesus, can't Jamie ever not be the centre of attention?!

jert opp : Some black people can't stand when a white guy is being funny. Props for Jeff Ross for not only having the balls to do this, but actually killing as well.

tfair5 : Monique is not funny in the least.

Spitshine Tommy : Emmitt Smith has to be the worst target for a roast, not surprised Jeff focused on everyone but him.

DukeFan1971 : "Hey Shaq...your knuckles look scraped...did you walk here?" Funniest line ever. His whole roast of Shaq was hysterical.

Alessandro Perciasepe : "You were great in the Green Mile"  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

IfYouDontReplyToThisPost YouWillForeverBeSingle : Can someone please just cut off Jamie Foxx's and Monique's mics?

Vince Galarza : i love how at the end when Jeff is trying to be serious Shaq is just over there dying XD

Michael V : monique doesnt understand what a roast is

Luis Morales : the Waynes brothers family picnic xD

Dwight Mitchell : that "Troy Aikman got a concussion opening the envelope" line was GREAT. Emmits reaction was priceless

Fred Rodrigues : I'm always by amazed how black people feel comfortable and laugh their asses off those "racist" jokes. They are always a good sport about it. Seems like that the only ones that find it offensive are those white liberal wackos that like to tell black people how they should feel. I love watching this Roasts, not for the offensive humor, but too see human beings laughing and cracking jokes at each other. Unfortunately, with SJWs taking over, its likely we won`t see that again.

CheddarBob39 : Gotta give Ross credit having the balls to do that, especially when you have mic'd up people ready to heckle whenever they want. 

Danny Cardona : Dude looks like Muammar Gaddafi

jakethemuss3 : Monique makes me sick

MuzicthatsStrange : Shaq im kiddin with were great in the Green Mile lmao

sam me : Roast Master General!!!

Mandroid321 : LOL. Jess Ross might have a small penis, But he has some big balls. For a second there I though there would be a riot.

Saint Heretic : Jaimee Fox was by far the most annoying host yet for these roasts, i couldnt even finish watching the whole roast when it aired because of him,he did that shit through the whole thing up till i turned it off. he's acting like a 11 year old girl desperate for attention, especially when Jeff Ross doesnt talk shit about him, its almost as if he was expecting all the roasters to revolve their jokes and the show around him!! he shoulda just stood on a stool and yelled "roast me roast me"

TheOne&Only Deanzinski : Mo'Nique, It's called a "Roast" for a reason, idiot.

Luis Rojas : This ain't a roast. This is a BBQ! buahahahaha!!!

Sebastián Marín : These black people should just lighten up and just enjoy this great comic. It IS a ROAST after all. :)

Hampus : Jamie is so cringe...

COMMANDRofAWESUM : 2:07 Ladies and Gentleman, Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx

timmy D : jamie foxx needs to calm down

Sergio Lobato : "Is he laughing?" is a Don Rickles bit...

pizaz1001 : jamie fox is cringeworthy

Sean Hernandez : I'm pretty sure Monique wasn't mad. She was just playing up to her sassy persona for the crowd and it seemed to work. It added to the performance.

dahDougieBoy : Jeff Ross > All other roasters

adam ortega : your knuckles look scraped did you walk here haha that's insane

Trollsif Stalin : This is how race wars should be fought. At a roast, on the mic. 

Karbonation : not to mention shaq laughs his hardest at jeff ross's ending, which wasnt supposed to be funny. he was expecting some big punchline! its hard not to laugh when you hear shaq just start busting up when jeff mentions emmit smiths family giving support

Trevor Cory : Jeff Ross is king. your knuckles look scraped, did you walk here?

hbilha : Jamie fox is so annoying

Lord Hagar : Jamie always has to make it about himself

Eric Viola : Commenters on here who thought monique was actually offended. How dumb are you people?

manthedestroyer : Jeff skipped past what he had ready for Monique. He's smart enough not deal with that buzz kill as soon as she started getting defensive. Nice save Jeff.

Edgar R : This is a shaq roast lol

RogueHedonist : monique must've been on her periods, touchy hoe. Greg giraldo wouldve ripped her to shreds. Greg would go where Jeff feared to tread

PositiveLastAction : Jeff Ross = Master of Roasts 

Luke Skywalker : Why all the hate comments for Monique ? Her dreams almost came true  She just fell short to  become a Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys !

anthony servedio : shouldent have kept the blacks mics on. thats never gonna end well

PrinceKwaku : Monique is a poor sport Smh

Pukis18 : I lost it at the Green Mile part :D Jeff Ross is fucking awesome

Cam ovieboy : Jeff Ross is the cheesy version of Greg Giraldo.