Comic Relief 5 Robin, Billy and Whoopi and the introduction from hell!
Robin Williams Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal pulling comedy out of their asses

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This is an introduction that is hilarious! Robin and Billy at their best!!


thuy tran : No one could keep him on a leash! And when he bursts it's nothing but fireworks!!

G K : A reverse oreo. I died :P

Dan Egan : Thank you so much for uploading this. Those three are an absolute hoot. Only Mr Crystal and Ms Goldberg could could handle Mr William's energy.

TheGACKTfan : journey to the center of Uranus twin cheeks coming to a theatre near you lol

gracegau36 : If these 3 hosted the Oscars together, it would last 6 hours long, commercials not included, no musical numbers, and it would have been the best 6 hours of Oscars ever.

Misael muniz : omg this is so much cheaper than therapy jajaja lol

Who Am I, Who Ar You : The _comic chemistry_ in between these three geniuses, wow. RIP Robin, we all miss you.

MegaRad37 : Try and imagine the Genie, Mike Wazowski, & Shenzi the Hyena in this video

Eng Siang Ang : Longest introduction ever! Funniest too! We'll all miss the great Robin Williams. God's having a great laugh with him right now

Siza Mthembu : My gosh Robin was everything!🤣🤣🤣🤣. I love him. RIP Mr Williams

Joe Kaput : My god, I miss this man. He was so fast. Once he got going, he couldn't stop. And it's like he was planning how to get to the introduction the entire time. God I miss him.

Shawn Andrews : this has to be the greatest 9 minutes of pure comedy gold in history.

Thien Thuan Tran : "cheaper than therapy" I laughed too hard but :( that's just heartbreaking.... and that point when Whoopi gave up being serious "Oreo... aren't we gonna lick it ?" lol .

Jennifer Coleman : A reverse orio, love it. Whoopi actually got into that joke

shai062607 : Billy Crystal was never funnier than when he played straight man to Robin Williams. The world is a sadder place...

Wiccan Priestess : Billy: I love your hair Robin: Let me tell you what i am using in my hair..I am using a combination of sperm and moose..Billy: what's it called? Robin: Spoose I died.

Leigh Ann : Robin's laugh.. that's pure love.

Strange Worlds Unlimited : Nine minutes of pure GOLD!  We will not see the likes of that again for a very long time (if ever).

WICKEDLEE LOOPY : And the winner is 🤔..... This is the most fun whoopy has had between 2 white guys in a very long time😂😂😂 Reverse Oreo cookie 😅 love it

Cindy beals : Oh, there is no one, no one like Robin. How I miss him.

thomassmile : Maybe among the best 10 minutes of pure improv' I have ever seen

Nicole Kerr : Its July 2018, as I watch this I find my self smiling, laughing so hard it hurts and welling with tears such mixed emotions, I never knew robin personally, I never got the privilege of meeting him, but he was there my entire childhood, my teenage years and adult hood, knowing he's gone still hurts my heart I wish it was a dream a really bad dream, I hope he knows up in heaven how much around the world he's loved and missed

Tamara Andersson : He must have been hell to work with sometimes, but in the end, no one could help loving Robin Williams.

GBTekk89 : They can't keep up with Robin..🤣🤣 great friends aside

Michael Swinton : "I'm Rumpleforeskin!" Dead. Thank you for so many years of funny Robin. We still miss you.

Lee GaryB : The thing that still blows my mind is Billy and Robin only did 1 movie together, and no movies exist with all three of them... Hollywood screwed us all!

momcrowe : Thanks for posting this!  I haven't laughed so hard in my life!!  God, I miss Robin every day  :-(

Rainbow Writer : They were the best of friends...and they were comedy gold! Robin, the world misses you so much. It is difficult to understand how deep your suffering was. But you are free from pain now. And I pray you are making God laugh his a$$ off everyday.

sevadaj : Poor Billy Crystal, he was trying to do the Intro, but Robin was relentless, LOL!!! R.I.P. Robin.

Ez-8 : Robin was to powerful for billy and whoopi combined. Mr. Williams you are missed.

Kelly Barrientos : Omg, im rolling on the floor here, they are hilarious, comic geniuses, miss you much Robin, you were the best of the best.

Jon Hlasney : when robin was feeling slightly embarrassed or regretful of how far he just went with a joke he would say, don't be afraid. (Don't be afraid to be yourself, was what he was feeling) REPLY

Russel Murphy : And yet another master class in improv from The Master of the genre. We're still missing you, Robin.

Timo Majere : Watched this life when i was younger.. This kind of improv you will NEVER see in modern Television again. No one can be trusted to entertain and not slide some political opinion or something in the process. Crystal and Williams are 2 of the best in history. Bar none.

Jay Sins : Robin Williams isn’t high on cocaine but life. A genius, who was too intelligent for his time.

Kristin Lee : These guys are so great! What a joy! Robin is just so nimble and Billy and Whoopi are right there with him. 💜

TheGACKTfan : oh Robin why did you have to leave us.

Stimulator7 : as soon as he says rumpleforeskin....

Sherman Hatch : Shenzi, mike wizowski, and genie together!

Imca vdB : I bet loosing Robin is like missing a limb.

Primo Asis : Whoopi had the best line ever!

#WorldChanger : in case anyone was ever wondering.. This is what Michael Jackson would have been as a comic.. This was the Sinatra the Gene Kelly the Fred Astaire the Michael Jordan the Babe Ruth that Muhammad Ali,, the true brother from another planet man on the moon m*********** and untouchable genius

Jeff Narrow : Oh my god, I can't stop laughing. That was funny as hell.

Ricky Lyon : I've always seen bits of this video and never got the reference about "The introduction from hell" joke. Now that I've seen the whole number, I get it. Thank you Robin! And thanks for the upload!

Keith Meeks : Cocain is a helluva drug!

Groundhog Day 1993 is AWESOME! : Loved to have met all three of these comedic genius! xD

Inu : What great siblings that couldn't control their youngest sibling xD

brian bogansky : spoose, coming soon to a bedroom near you.

Pauls Freundin : This is so much cheaper than therapy