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Ellen Fisher : it looks beautiful there!!

Monica D : That little brown cow was the cutest ever and I honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to eat him. 🐮

Christina Marie : I have always wanted to go to Switzerland! My parents went there on their honeymoon and said it was like something out of a fairytale :) Every since then I have wanted to go! Lots of love from Canada! xo

TheJmk1962 : "I'm not excited because that means something different" ha ha Hannah, I get you!

Sophie Anastasia : What you wrote about the cows is so true. Here in Switzerland people are always saying "well I just eat Swiss meat". But what does that say? Of course we have a pretty good law of not hurting animals. Still for example it says that a pig only needs 0.9m2 to live. Often they have more space but sometimes not. And yeah you are right animals are not there for us or to be eaten by us. That's the problem with Switzerland and Swiss meat and dairy. We think we're superior to other countries therefor it's ok what we do to the animals. Our whole marketing for meat and dairy is like that. That's the problem.

rm uk : This was beautiful!!! for some reason these types of videos are having me seriously consider learning French 😂

PSchmt : I'm french and I have to say hearing you speak my language is so cool, you're the cutest

Amelie Zöllinger : You inspired me to go Vegan! Lots of love from Austria <3

Sophie Anastasia : Is there going to be a meet up here? I'd totally come. :D

Linda Celina Meier : Wow you visited Switzerland?! I am from there, but I live in the german speaking part near Zurich, but now I'm an exchange student in Colorado in the States. I loooveee your videos and I'm super happy you had a great time in my home country! :))

Emily Mosley : Technically, I’m now cool.

DaisyV : You’re so close to Germany!! It’s driving me insannneee!

Clarissa S : hearing you speak français throughout your videos helps me so much better than duolingo haha merci beaucoup mon cheri hannah!

Lisa : I just realized that my french skills suck. Greetings from a Swiss person from the German part of Switzerland 😄

vegan kristen : omg the view !! I with I could be THERE! so amazing! what a beautiful world we have

Katie C : Yeah us subscribers are pretty dang cool!! 💕✌️

Naturally Jessie : I love you Hannah and I look soooo forward to your videos every time you post! I patiently and then impatiently wait every single day until you post one! Hehe I LOVE YOU!😍🤗💙😘✨

LiLi : Hi Hannah! :) Lately I've been really loving your videos!! Especially as I'm from Germany and I'm learning French and English at the same time with these videos et j'adore ces deux langues! But as I'm seeing this I also get kind of sad, because I did un échange scolaire avec la Suisse, dans cette région ( à Genève) dernière année et j'ai trouvé beaucoup de bons amis, qui me manquent maintenant. Bisous :)

Jen : Please post more like this!

Sofija Ilic : There is a huge vegan community, it’s sad that you’re friend hasn’t met anyone :(

poooodfly : Waaah! Tu étais à montreux ce week-end?!!!! :) nous aussi on y était avec mon fils et mon mari pour le week-end dans un chalet au dessu de montreux!!! Quelle coincidence!! :D Si tu reviens en suisse: Fribourg est une super ville médiavale! Un "must-see" à visiter (haha, je suis de là-bas ;) ) Je te souhaite tout de bon pour le reste de ton voyage et merci pour tes belles videos super inspirante!

The Kirrane Family Diaries : You trying to let the cow was awesome 😂❤️ So so so beautiful there ❤️ I love all the vegan friends you are meeting, so wonderful x

nadine jacques : I'm in northern Norway Hannah! LOVE your content! If you think about coming up this way to explore the incredible landscape here let me know :) :) :)

Olga Kocab Harp : Pourtant il y a beaucoup de personnes vegetariennes/vegan en Suisse, surtout dans ma faculté à l'uni de Genève (sciences de l environnement) :) c'est très beau Montreux, comme le reste de la Suisse :)

Jaclyn Lowe : I never knew Switzerland was this beautiful!

maria kara : awww this was such a cute & enjoyable vlog!! ☺️💘 also you've become so great in french!! pretty fluent in my opinion! 👏🏼💜

dawn for life : Very nice Hannah :) Wish you were here longer and do a meet up! Maybe in the future :)

Celimene : Switzerland is so beautiful! Lots of fresh air, good and quality food and nature. I'm so happy you came to visit my country Hannah! You should come to Geneva as well! =)

Shae P : Wait I’m really sad I didn’t get to see the grocery!

Emilia Scott : These videos are just the best.

damenaoo : Ton français s'est tellement amélioré bravo à toi !!

Gina LaFionda : My favourite place in my home Switzerland! Montreux and the surround area is incredible. If you can visit where I grew up (Ticino) go! Also, be careful around cows! They can be aggressive especially if they have their young.

Laëtitia Leonetti : Excellente vidéo Hannah! Je suis ultra agréablement surprise des passages que tu filmes et que tu choisis de montrer dans ta vidéo! Je te trouve comme différente... enrichie, consistante! :) j'espère te rencontrer au pic-nic au parc Monceau, bise!

Music & Munchies : This is seriously so many of my favorite things in one video: Speaking French, Switzerland, vegan food and travel ❤️ I miss Switzerland and need to go back ASAP!

Christy A : Cows are pretty nice.. but after you ruched it did your hand smell? Sweet but they stink and the stench lingers lol

Collyre : That looked so fun, i am happy that you had a great time. :)

Shannon Blankenship : Your French is growing so fast!

JackJacklover33 : I’m not vegan but I did go to Switzerland and saw so many vegan items at the grocery store that were store brand! I bought a few chocolate bars to bring home for my vegan cousin :)

Stephy Dippolito : UMMM its amazing knowing one of my favorite vegans is also a hufflepuff!!!! #hufflepuffpride


Janka Horvath : I did not want your video to end but it is ok, beautiful place, xx

Betsy B : So fun! What's up with your other friend (not Emilie)? She has rbf.

Justin N : Wow cool Montreux! Freddie Mercury used to stay there a lot. Love to go there one day.

Rikke Hawkins : Will you do a meet-up in Switzerland?? I live in Geneva!

Savanna Rivera : You are so blessed to experience this! I'm French on both sides but dont know the language well you have inspired me ! 😆

Jaclyn Steele : ❤️❤️❤️

aumpo : <3

Sara Schild : yay switzerland😀 i live here but near germany, soo crazy u travelled so near the videos and ur family❤️

Ines G : You’re so cute ! Indeed, « I’m so excited » and « Je suis excitée » are quite different ;) Bisous 😉🧡

Madeleine Matter : OMG! I can't believe you were here! I work in Montreux <3 So exciting. The cows just wanted to say hello to you :-)